Can't Say It by DD Agent

I do not own NCIS or any of its characters, or its settings - all belongs to the lovely folks at CBS.

This is for ncisdrabble100 , the prompt was "apology". Enjoy!

She's never apologised for leaving him in Paris. She never apologised for effectively stopping any relationship with him in the first thirty seconds she had been appointed his boss. He could see her think the words, but she has never apologised for not shooting Svetlana in the head.

He's never apologised for not saying he loved her when she did. He never apologised for leaving and going off to Mexico, ruining their newly formed friendship. She could see him think the words, but he has never apologised for not staying the night.

She's never apologised for dating his Doctor. She never apologised for running off and handling things in Los Angeles by herself. He has read the words she has written, but between the lines there was no apology for leaving him standing in the California dust.

He's never apologised for dating Colonel Mann. He never apologised for abandoning her when her world was crumbling inward. She has read the name carved on his boat, but between the lines there was no apology for making her think she was all alone in the world.

She's never apologised for waking him up in the middle of the night. She never apologised for taking off his shirt, and burying her hands in his practically white hair. He could feel her mouth the words against his skin, but she has never apologised for loving him more than she should.

He's never apologised for letting her step into his house. He never apologised for dragging her down to his sheets, and running his hands down the curves he knows so well. She could barely hear him whisper the words against her skin, but he has never apologised for loving her more than he should.

She apologised for being late. He apologised for letting Mike make his speech. After too many half written letters, sleepless nights and bourbon fuelled arguments, they added rule number six to the ever growing list of rules they could break. Neither of them was sorry to see it go.