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Chapter 14: The Spy

Shin Makoku, the second day of the promise day between Lord Ansgar and King Saralegui.

The three Maou's advisors were having a meeting with the Maou at the Maou's office. Unlikely his usual poise self, the 48 years old double black was pacing, back and forth, in the middle of the office. His lips pursed in a straight line and his brows furrowed together. He had both of his hands on his back, clasped tightly together. After he had given the order, all his trusted retainers have gone to carry out his command but the preparations still hadn't finished.

"What is going on? Shouldn't the army preparation be done by today?" Yuuri asked and stopped pacing. He looked expectantly for an explanation of the three; demons and half-demon.

Gwendal had frowned and he sighed at the Maou's impatience, Gunter was fidgeting on his feet – not used to the impatient Maou – and Conrad just smiled warmly at his godson's demanding behavior. It was so improbable for him to act like this.

"Conrad!" Yuuri called, not amusing with the soldier ever-lasting-smiling face.

"Yes, Your Majesty?" The brunet said, still smiling.

The double black Maou frowned even deeper than Gwendal's as he narrowed his eyes at the half-demon. "It's Yuuri for you. You're my godfather for Shinou's sake."

"Yes, Yuuri," the brunet chuckled. 'Ah, he's still the same as ever. How could I think that this isn't like him at all?' He thought in his mind. He then smiled inwardly when he remembered how Yuuri had matured from the young boy that always needed his protection into a dependable King. Though, some time he could see the double black actually acted strong through the façade he had developed after losing his fiancé.

The last thought, making the brunet soldier frowned.




"Yes, Yuuri?" the brunet was forced back to the present by Yuuri's voice.

Looking worried, the young King gazed at his godfather. The man had frowned and it was very unlikely for him to keep frowning – certainly, he was frowning before but not openly like this – and this invoked a real concern from Yuuri. "Are you okay?"

Conrad stood straight and smiled, though he cursed himself mentally for letting Yuuri saw his worries. "I'm okay. I just thought about the past." He said as he gave his best smile, don't-ask-me-any-question smile.

Nodding uncertainly, Yuuri let out a loud sigh. "How long it will take for the preparation to complete?"

The grumpy demon placed both of his hands on the table together. He stared hard at the Maou and said, "Your Majesty, it'll take at least one day to prepare for the normal army. Since, you'd order an entire military force, it'll take at least two days preparation. Please, just let us handle this matter."

"Two days?" Yuuri exclaimed, loudly. Eyes widening in disbelief. "According to Sara's letter, the war will happen after three or four days at most! And now it's already the second day! How could you expect me to just sit down and watch all the preparations?"

"Yuuri, calm down," Conrad said, smiling reassured. "We'll do our best to prepare for it and make sure the military forces are ready by tomorrow morning."


"I know why you're in such hurry but what with the military forces are? I thought you hate war." Gwendal questioned. His face was grim and hard. "What has happened to the old you?"

Yuuri fell into silence as Gwendal touched that topic. Yes, he hated war. He of all people, hated war so much that it pained him just looking at the casualties that it brought upon with it. Even now, the Maou still hated the war.

"Your Majesty?" Gunter asked worriedly. "Are you okay?"


Yuuri shook his head slowly and with sluggish motion, he walked towards his chair and sat on it. "I'm sorry," he said regretfully and buried his face in both of his palms. "I'm sorry for acting like this," he repeated again. "It's just… I… Wolfram…" he trailed off, head lowering down.

"Yuuri, it was not your fault." Conrad tried to comfort the distressed double black.

The young King shook his head – face still buried in his palms. "It was my fault, Conrad. I'm worried; I'm worried if I'm not being able to help Sara and there are many innocent lives costed from the useless war." He said gravely. "I can't… I can't let anyone dies. No, not again. This time I won't fail anyone. Not after that."

'Not after I failed Wolfram.' Yuuri thought miserably.

The whole office was silent as their Maou eaten by his grief. They knew what the Maou meant by his words – even without he said it out loud – because they too felt the same grief as the young King in front of them. All of them – Gwendal, Conrad and Gunter – had failed to protect late-Wolfram and now the young fierce demon Lord had gone and left his country, his family and his beloved.

Gwendal broke the uncomfortable silence as he spoke with a firm voice. "You're not going to fail anyone, Yuuri." He said. "We'll make sure of that; just believe in us and the people of Shin Makoku. You're not alone in this. We'll help you the best we can."

Yuuri slowly lifted his face from his hands. "Gwendal…"

"Gwendal is right, Your Majesty." Gunter continued, hoping to help cheering the upset King. "You've done many things to help people; helping Caloria, the box, Janus, Queen Alazon and King Sara. You're not what you think you are. You're not alone. You're our Maou and for us you're the best Maou we'd ever have."

"Gunter… I…" His eyes were shimmering with the unshed tears. The usual praise from the lavender-haired demon sounded so sincere that he didn't feel like vomiting whenever Gunter singing praises for him with his daily eulogizes.

Conrad smiled as he placed his hand on the Maou's shoulder. Gripping it in an assurance. "It's going to be okay, Yuuri." He said and mentally thinking. 'If anything happened, I'll protect you with my own life.'

The double black Maou looked up to see his godfather's warm smile. He then looked around the faces in the office, all of them gave him reassured smiles and it did help manage to calm him down. Letting a small smile formed on his lips, Yuuri nodded his head in positive reception. Blinking back the unshed tears, he sat straight with regal posture of the Great Demon King.

"Thank you, everyone. Thank you for supporting me."

Meanwhile at Small Shimaron.

At the harbor of Small Shimaron, an old man with a big fluffy cotton ball was eyeing the whole dock. His ocean blue eyes landed on a certain fleet of warships. Munching on his bread, the old man kept his sharp gaze fell upon the soldiers with Big Shimaron uniform that was carrying weapons in the deck of one of the warships.

A gentle nudge from his side, making the old man with the blue ocean eyes changed his gaze and smiled at the fluffy cotton ball that was looking at him expectantly. Understanding that expectant look, the man took some of his bread and gave it to the awaiting mouth.

The white sheep with 'T' brow on his brown-colored head made an appreciation sound and eagerly, munching on its bread. In just a few seconds, the bread was gone and again it nudged its master's side with its head, gently.

"Mouu~" he called for his master's attention.

Said master smiled and shook his head. "T-Zou, you're going to get fat like this. Just this morning, you'd eaten five bowls of rice porridge."

"Mouu~" was only the sheep's reply. While, nudging his head to his master. "Moo, Mouu~"

The old man laughed and patted the animal's head lovingly. "You'd surely grown up to be big and now, you're almost as big as His Majesty Yuuri."

At the mentioned of the Maou's name, the white sheep perked up and stood up excitedly. His eyes shone with excitement and anticipation that his friend had come to visit him. "Mousakashitte!"

"Ah, no, no! I'm sorry to inform you this, T-Zhou, but His Majesty isn't going to come today," the man named as Yozak apologized, shaking his head so the sheep would understand.

Understanding the meaning of the words, T-Zhou's ears flatted against its skull, losing all his excitement at the expectation of the friendly Maou. Curling on the floor, the white fluffy cotton ball made a frustrated grumble sound and closed its eyes, attempting to sleep.

"Oh? Are you not going to eat anymore?" the spy that dressed as the human old man asked. There was a bit of guilt in his voice. "T-Zhou, I'm sorry but Yuuri isn't going to visit you. Maybe, he'll visit you after we manage to stop this meaningless war between Big Shimaron and Small Shimaron."

One of the white sheep's ears perked up at the mentioned of the Maou's name. Opening his eyes, he stared at the disguised spy of Shin Makoku as if to say, 'Are you talking the truth? Do you really think that Yuuri would come later?'

Yozak nodded his head.

"I'll tell His Majesty that you missed him," he smiled and gave another bite of his bread to the sheep.

"Mouu~!" T-Zhou said excitedly and munched on the bread that was placed on the floor. Now, he knew that Yuuri would be coming soon to see him, he couldn't contain his appetite and the level of happiness and joy made his hunger flared. Another second was spent and the bread was vanished in a blink of eyes.

"Moou~!" the sheep again nudged his head at the 'old man'.

"Really, T-Zhou…" the disguised spy sighed and gave his last bread to the white cotton ball that ate it eagerly. "Just when you're assured that Yuuri is going to see you, you'd forgotten all your worries." He chuckled.


"Again? My bread has finished by you and I'd none left." Yozak sighed and showed T-Zhou his empty sack. "Look there's nothing left here."

But, the white sheep wouldn't budge and kept nudging Yozak's side. Anticipating the next food to enter his awaiting mouth.

Sighing in giving up, Yozak promised to bring him food after he met with the Small Shimaron's King. "Okay, okay. I understand. I'll bring you a lot of food after I'd finished my business with his majesty Saralegui."


The young man with a strong built was standing in front of the King's throne. His sharp, eagle-liked eyes stared at the man with such intensity that the young King barely controlled his calm and poise under the hard stare.

Not liking the silence, the young King spoke. "Lord Ansgar Adler," Sara said. "I believe you are coming here to speak to me."

The man with the name of Lord Ansgar Adler coughed; he – again – had been staring at the lovely young King. He wasn't sure if the man was thinking what was he thinking. He frowned. He had told the man in front of him about his feelings and he was very sure that King Saralegui knew it, though, he was trying to avoid it.

"Sire, this is the second day and I'm still waiting for your different answer." Ansgar said. "I'm willing to give you a chance."

Saralegui's purple glasses lit with sunlight. His emotions were deep stored in the locked chest that was his heart. He would never show his real emotions when he was dealing with the other people, even to Yuuri he had concealed his true feelings. It was a crime if he was ever shown his real feelings.

Lacing his fingers together while his elbows rested on the armrests, the Small Shimaron's King smiled his infamous official, fake smile. "I believe that I'd given my answer to you yesterday."

"Are you sure, you don't want to change it for the sake of your people, for your country, Sire?" Ansgar asked softly, though, his voice still sounded rough and hoarse. He loved this beautiful man and he would try to persuade him. After all, he didn't want to see blood painted on that beautiful figure.

Sara just smiled. "I'm doing this for the sake of my people and country, Your Excellency."

Ansgar let out an exasperated sigh. His sharp eyes, became even sharper. "Sire, you still have one day to change your answer," he said. "I hope tomorrow you'll agree with our terms."

With that said, the dark gray haired man turned on his heel and began marching down the red carpet, when he was about to open the doors, a soft voice spoke out.

"My answer will never change, Lord Ansgar Adler. Tell your King that Small Shimaron would never betray their alliance with Shin Makoku."

Ansgar halted his stride for a second before he gritted his teeth in annoyance and walked out of the vast room.

"Excuse me, I've some information from the Commander about the recent situation in Small Shimaron's waterfront. The Commander wanted me to report this personally to His Majesty Saralegui," Yozak said, dressing in the Small Shimaron's uniform.

The two guards in front of the throne room, looking at each other before one of them raised his hand up, signalling for Yozak to wait. "His Majesty is now meeting with Big Shimaron's Commander, Lord Ansgar Adler. Under His Majesty's direct order, no one is going to enter the room until this meeting has come to its end. You'll have to wait until His Majesty finishes his business."

Yozak mentally groaned in his head while he was smiling on the outside. "I understand, thank you," he said and stood erect at the wall next to another guard. "Do you think this mess with Big Shimaron is going to stop without any casualty?" he whispered at the man.

The first guard's expression was grim and sighed while still standing straight. "Who knows?"

"Hm…" was Yozak's only reply as he looked as if he was bored.

Meanwhile, one of guards stared at Yozak suspiciously. He never saw this young man, his bright blue colored hair and light blue eyes were all foreign to him. Curiosity ate him; he asked the dreaded question. "Are you the new soldier?" he asked as he eyed the burly looking man for any reaction.

Yozak merely smiled and nodded his head. "Ah, yes. Commander chose me from the village near the town and offered me this job. I need money for my mother since she's sick of the poor health. I want to buy her more quality food but we didn't have money and at that time, Commander saw me when he patrolled the border and offered this position."

The guards just listened to the orange-haired soldier's story and nodded their heads. The one that asked the spy the question, spoke. "That's great to hear. The commander is such a kind-hearted person," he said, patting Yozak's shoulder. "I hope your mother will get better faster."

"Yeah, thank you." Yozak smiled and mentally smirked. They were too easy to lie to. Those humans called soldiers were much more naïve, just like His Majesty. He thought and grinned. Well, His Majesty Yuuri had changed but his naivety was still there with him.

He smiled sadly remembering the boy's changed of attitude.

All of that happened after His Highness Wolfram passed away. Poor boy. He was crying day and night for days and hadn't touched his food. Seeing the cheerful and energetic boy King changed into a gloomy and depressed soulless figure, Yozak could only sympathize with him.

He knew that no word could offer him peace of mind and they just had to let him alone, waiting for him to regain his usual self. But, as the days passed on, he still hadn't changed. All were worried until one day he changed back for good. Though, it wasn't like his usual self but better that than none.

It was all thanks to His Eminence Murata Ken.

His long thought cut short when the door to the throne room opened. Walking out of the mahogany doors was a buff looking man with dark gray hair and storm gray eyes. In his hand was a spear. With just one look, Yozak knew that this person was strong and none could be joked with.

Lord Ansgar Adler.

Commander of Big Shimaron.

At that moment, their eyes met with each other and Yozak bowed down at the man. The man's sharp stare as if pierced through his heart and disguise; trying to uncover his disguise. He frowned.

'Dangerous man.'

"Who are you?" Lord Ansgar asked Yozak. During his two days stay at the castle, he never saw this soldier. He narrowed his eyes. "Are you the new recruit?"

The orange haired spy disguised in Small Shimaron uniform, just lowering his head. "Yes, Your Excellency. I'm Yoland Gurrer. The new recruit."

Ansgar just watched him warily. "What's your business with the King?"

"I have some report from the Commander of this country." he answered. Mentally, Yozak grimaced. This person was dangerously quick. His sense was very sharp. This was the first time he met the person like Lord Ansgar and it made Yozak a tad nervous.

"Hn…" the Big Shimaron's Commander was silent before he spoke again with high influence. "You'd better not poisoning the King's mind and don't stick your head to where you're not belong to." he warned before he stormed of the place.

Yozak waited until the big sturdy man left him before he lifted his head and scowled. He however changed his face's expression quickly when the two guards sighed in relief.

"He scared me." one of the guards said, placing his hand on his chest.

The other nodded. "Indeed, Lord Ansgar is scary. I heard that he was trying to win our King's love."

That one fact made Yozak interest. "Really? A big guy like him loves King Saralegui?" mentally he smirked, planning a secret scheme. Heh, even a tough guy was weak against love. Maybe, King Saralegui could persuade the man. He grinned.

"Yes, I heard it when he walked out of the dining hall." the first guard whispered.

"Ohh~ interesting~" Yozak… no, Yoland grinned.

The other soldier shook his head. "Anyway, new guy, don't keep your nose into His Majesty's affairs too much. Though, His Majesty Saralegui is always smiling, behind that smile is a scary façade."

Yozak just grinned and laughed lightly. "I'll be fine beside I need to see the King now."

"Well, take care of yourself, Yoland." the two guards smiled, opening the door to the throne to the spy.

Marching down the blood red carpet, Yozak kept his head bowed low. He stopped when he arrived at the downstairs of the King's throne. Bending his knees, he brought one hand and placed it on his left-side chest.

"Your Majesty." he said, bowing lowered. Esteem for his King. In his case, a spy wearing a Small Shimaron's uniform bowing as a respect to the alliance's King. King Saralegui Gilbert.

The King raised his eyebrow at the new soldier, wondering if he ever sees the brawny man – though, he wasn't as burly as Commander Ansgar. 'And… Commander Ansgar is much taller than this man.' Sara thought of himself, staring at the man in front of him.

"What brought you here?" he asked. Golden honey eyes flickered behind those amethyst-colored glasses.

Yozak stilled bowing down at the King, smiling. "Well, I've been ordering by Commander of this country to come and report to Your Majesty Saralegui."

"And what is that, young man?" the King said while placing his chin on top of his hand lazily as he was sitting on his comfortable chair.

"The Commander has ordered me to tell and report to you about the things that happening right now at the waterfront of Small Shimaron."

Staring down at the uniform clad man, Saralegui's mind clicked. The man's voice and strong-frame reminded him of someone. Someone from Yuuri's country. A demon… no, more precisely a half-demon. He smirked and mentally smiled in glee. A spy from Shin Makoku. Meaning a help from his dearest – beloved – friend.

"Yozak." Sara called with a regal tone of the King.

Yozak grinned and lifted his head up to look at the King's face. "You're quite faster, Your Majesty." he smirked and stood up. There was no need for formality. Especially when he knew that person. That was Yozak's self-principle. Even to his King. Dusting the imaginary-dust from his 'borrowed' uniform, Yozak stood rigid. He stared into the King's glasses covered eyes. "Looks like my disguise didn't manage to deceit you, Your Majesty Saralegui. I'm impressed."

Sara laughed light-heartedly. Indeed, his heart felt a bit lighter after he knew that man was Yozak Gurrier, Shin Makoku's spy. Though, he worked for Lord Gwendal von Voltaire. The burden of having thought of the incoming war between his small country and Big Shimaron made Sara a bit restless this few days. Precisely, a day and half. That left another day and half before the Commander of Big Shimaron commenced a war against them. He frowned. No way, he let his people suffer because of his lack of power.

"It tricked me for a moment there," he smiled. "With your bright blue hair and light blue contact lenses, it almost tricked me. You'd made a good choice of cover up, Yozak Gurrier."

"It's my pleasure Your Majesty." Yozak bowed a bit. He then straightened his back, locking gazes with the Small Shimaron's King. "I'm sure that you know the reason why I came here, don't you, Your Majesty?"

"Yes," Sara replied. "I assume that Yuuri sent you here, didn't he?" he smiled, remembering his first friend. Also, his first love. An unrequited love. A haze of melancholic painted his face before it was gone in a second.

"Yes, Your Majesty." Yozak said. He had seen the longing look on King Saralegui's face when the beautiful King mentioned the Demon King's name. Knowing the blond King's soft but sly nature, Yozak knew that the Small Shimaron's King had first fallen for the Demon King when he saved by King Yuuri when he was losing his control and released Janus, causing his own mother to almost death state.

"What is the news from Yuuri?" Sara asked, trying to hide his eagerness behind his calm façade. His glasses flashed the afternoon rays, making his expression unreadable with his tranquil, serene mask.

Yozak just smiled his cheerful smile. "Shin Makoku has been preparing for the war. It's His Majesty Yuuri's command and we'll be ready by tomorrow morning at least."

"War?" the pale-blond haired King asked. Yuuri never liked war so why with the war preparation? His lips pursed in a straight line while his glasses flickered with the sunshine.

Yozak just grinned. "Though, His Majesty Yuuri ordered for a war preparation, he'll not commence a real war. It's just a precaution so when we brought our whole armies and warships, we'll manage to scare off the Big Shimaron." he said. "Your Majesty don't have to worry. His Majesty Yuuri never would involve innocent people's lives. After all, among all of us, he is the one who dislikes war foremost."

"That's so like him," Sara let out a soft smile. Adjusting his sitting, the feminine looking King stood up from his throne and walked to the window, eyeing his whole country from the white, transparent glasses. Fiddling with his glasses, Sara spoke with his back faced the spy. "He's still doesn't change. That's good to hear." he said softly and added. "What about Yuuri, is he fine?"

"Yes, he's fine Your Majesty." Yozak replied, looking at the King's small back before his eyes fell on the straight face of the King's bodyguard. The King's uncle. Berias. The swordsman still hadn't changed at all. He was still as stoic and emotionless as ever. 32 years had passed and there were some people who were still unchanged.

The double-twin sword master glanced at the spy and nodded his head in acknowledgement before he focused his attention to his King. As usual, his posture was straight and readied to attack anyone or someone who threatened his dearest nephew, the King. His sharp dark green eyes full with a loyalty that was prepared for his King's order or command.

"Is he…" Sara paused, looking for suitable words to express his question. "Is Yuuri still single?" he asked, unsurely.

Another word from the Small Shimaron's King sent Yozak's attention back to the long haired King. He smiled at the King. King Saralegui did really love His Majesty Yuuri. He smiled in sympathy. No matter how much this feminine looking young man loved the demon King, he could never beat late Lord Wolfram von Bielefeld that still stayed in the double black's heart.

Shaking his head, he spoke firmly – though, there was tad empathy in his tone. "His Majesty Yuuri is still single and I don't think he'll marry anyone soon."

A bit of hope in Sara's heart. Yuuri still hadn't married and he was still single. Maybe… just, maybe, he could force his way, his love toward the young half-demon. It wasn't wrong right? After all, he too loved the Demon King. But, remembering how Yuuri loved late Lord Wolfram, Sara felt a small disappointment in his heart. It was hard to forget your first love. He understood that since he himself still loved the man.

His first – unrequited – love.

"Did Yuuri still love late Lord Wolfram?" Sara finally asked, jealousy could be heard from his soft, high-pitched voice. Quite a feminine voice for a guy, a King. But, that was him, his figure never grew up since his 16 year-old self, thanks to the Shuusaku blood in his body. Even his voice didn't change. Only his hair was longer than his old self. It almost reached his firm, small buttock. Though, he had been trimming it since years ago. Else, it would reach the floor.

Still locking his gaze on the King's back, Yozak let out a silent sigh. "Yes, he is." was only his answer. Many people loved the King; some of them were sincerely like King Saralegui and Lord Gilbert but some of them just wanted his title, fame… for example, Lady Aloisia von Bielefeld. Lord von Bielefeld's niece. That cunning Lady.

Yozak frowned. He didn't like the Lady. Yuuri had been better with anyone other than that cunning fox. Maybe he could play as a matchmaker for King Yuuri and King Saralegui. No, he better hadn't involved himself in the kings' love affair.

Hearing the fact… Sara felt a knife slashed his heart but forced a smile upon his face. Yuuri was loyal. Too loyal to his love. Oh… how he wished that Yuuri could spare him a small space in his heart for this overflowing love in his chest. His chest was too heavy for bottled up all those passionate feelings for the double black. Turning around to face the spy, Sara walked back to his throne and sat.

"So, Shin Makoku's warships would move tomorrow morning," the blond King paused. "At most, Yuuri would arrive during the afternoon and if that's really happened then we can avoid the war."

"Yes, I hope that'll be the case but…" Yozak stopped.

"You worried if the information reaches Lord Ansgar's ears." Sara finished for the spy.

The disguised man just nodded his head. "Let's hope there's no mole of Big Shimaron in Your Majesty's castle."

Unbeknownst to the trio, in the hidden room behind the wall that Saralegui had used to hide Yuuri during one of his confrontation with Big Shimaron, a small, scrawny man was listening to their conversation. He nodded in understanding, before he flew using the supposedly King's secret way, heading for his Commander's room.

Knocking on the door to the Big Shimaron's Commander's room, Lieutenant Friede Klein shifted nervously on his feet. A moment later the door to the Commander's room opened. There, in front of the door, stood a handsome young man in his 35-year-old. His wavy shoulder length hair tied into a small ponytail while he wore reading glasses. In his hand was an official document.

"Lieutenant Friede," Lord Ansgar Adler said, looking down at his shorter companion, opening the door wide enough for him to enter. "Come in."

Friede nodded his head loyally before he nervously entered his leader's chamber. He waited until the man closed the door behind him and walked to his study. He followed the Commander to his table and stood rigid across the huge study table.

Sitting on his comfortable chair, Ansgar placed his glasses on the table and stared hard at the short and thin guy. "Did you hear anything?"

The Lieutenant quickly nodded his head. "Y-Yes!"

"What was it that you heard?" the dark-gray haired man asked. "Was my intuition about the new soldier right?"

"Ah, t-the new soldier that Your Excellency met before was a spy from Shin Makoku," Friede reported. "He was sent here by the Maou."

"As I guessed." Ansgar said, his eyes narrowing. "What's his business here?"

"He's acted as the messenger between the Maou and King Saralegui," the scrawny Lieutenant said. "I heard that he told King Saralegui that Shin Makoku's armies would come tomorrow. They would arrive at most by afternoon."

The Lord shifted in his seat, his hand fisted tightly. "King Saralegui, how dare he ask for assisting from that demon? But, I already knew that this will happen. Then, we've no choice but to force the war in advance than our early on-plan." he paused. "Anything else, Lieutenant Friede?"

Friede Klein shifted uncomfortably. Fiddling with his fingers, the shorter male looked uncertain. "Um…"

"What is it? Talk."

"A-Actually, my L-Lord…" the light blue haired man stopped, gazing at his Commander's dark gray eyes before he looked down again when the man gave him his deadliest glare.

"Talk and stop your stutter." Ansgar ordered. An eye twitched in annoyance at the younger man's fidgeting and stammering.

"I-I'm so-sorry, Lord Ansgar!" Friede bowed low. "I-I heard that King Saralegui asked for the Maou."

"About what?" an interest could be heard from the Big Shimaron's Commander.

"Um… K-King Saralegui asked if the Maou is still single," the Lieutenant said unsurely with a soft voice. "Also, when he said the Maou's name… it filled with longing and love… I guess…" he finished lamely. Not sure, if what he heard was right.

A low growl in front of him made the younger male look up at his Commander's face. There, the man was seething with anger. His handsome face contorted in pure hatred as his eyes narrowed in loathing. 'How dare he? That Maou! Demon! He tries to take my possession away from me!'

"My Lord?"

A fist connected with the hard table. "That damn Maou! How dare he seduce King Saralegui!" he stood, taking off his glasses and grabbed his spear near the wall before walking to the door in haste.

"L-Lord Ansgar, w-where are you going?" Friede asked in fear. Seeing the Commander in rage made him confused. Why the man suddenly got mad when he told him about that unimportant news? It wasn't as if the Commander was in love with the Small Shimaron's King. He frowned.

Turning around, Ansgar gave his glare at the stilled man. "We're leaving to the waterfront and inform the soldiers that we're going to launch our attack tomorrow before the Shin Makoku's armies arrive."

"Y-Yes, sir!"

Furiously, Ansgar marched down the empty hallways, thinking simultaneously while he walked with his scrawny Lieutenant that towed behind him. 'I'll conquer Small Shimaron and took His Majesty Saralegui as my war prize before that demon could even arrive!'

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