Sam's hands are beautiful, huge and warm. I like it when he holds my hand, with mine completely covered. His hands are otherworldly. Hands that hold me when I'm feeling upset. Hands that cup my face so he can press a soft kiss to my lips. I love it when his hands caress my sides, gripping my hips when he makes love to me. His gentle fingers stretching me open. The way he holds me close to him even as he sleeps. The way his hands explore me on lazy mornings, like he's never done it before. How he'll trace my veins and my muscles as if its some beautiful work of art he's getting to touch. His hands make me feel beautiful. Really beautiful. His hands will brush my back and hips as I ride his cock, urging me on. The feel of his warm hand tightly wrapped around my cock is-there are no words!

His hands don't just make love to me, but they fight monsters, fire guns, even just him holding a bottle of beer is beautiful. The way they curve around it, his thumb wrapped around the neck... His hands also heal, sewing me up after I'm ripped open, snapping my joints back into place as quickly and gently as possible. The way he cleans me and wipes up my blood, disinfecting it with gentle touches. The way he stitches me up, his massive hands delicately weaving the small needle back and forth until he's done.

His hands are beautiful and mine.