Skipper stirred his cup of coffee with a fish tail, his norm. It was just another day at the Central Park Zoo. The zoo had closed for the day, so there were no visitors for them to entertain. When they had finished training, they thought they deserved a well earned, relaxing break. Everybody was just lying back on lounge chairs and enjoying the suns rays that warmed them pleasantly.

"Beautiful day," Sara murmured happily.

"Just like yesterday." Private smiled.

Flora looked at Kowalski when a thought struck her. "That reminds me. Kowalski, let's work on a weather machine later like we planned," she told the other intelligent penguin.

"You got the right parts for the machine?" Kowalski asked, remembering her going off yesterday to find some.

Flora nodded. "Yeah, I had got some yesterday from the mall around here." The female second in charge made a gesture to the city.

"Good, we'll work on it later," Kowalski said and stretched his flippers out to catch more of the suns rays.

It went silent again, until Madison's stomach rumbled from hunger.

The silent penguin got up from her lounge chair that was next to Rico's and went to get some fish for herself. She quickly waddled to the fishbowl and picked up one of the many fish there. She tossed it into her beak and started back for her lounge chair. By the time she got back, her vision got all fuzzy and blurry. She stopped walking and swayed around, like she was drunk. Everything was disoriented.

"Madison? Are you alright?" Flora asked, concerned. Madison lifted a flipper up and, before she could do anything, she fell over.

"Madison!" everyone exclaimed. Everybody jumped off of their lounge chairs and went to the fallen penguin. Flora and Kowalski; however, went to the fish and examined it.

"This isn't right…" Flora mumbled. "Look at this." She showed Kowalski a half cut fish, which contained an odd oozing liquid.

"This fish was spiked!" Kowalski exclaimed. "It has a chemical that is intended to make the target unconscious."

"Which means someone purposely spiked the fish to get all of us to a helpless state," Flora stated and examined at the fish more carefully. "A very heavy drug I might add. Someone wanted us all to eat it."

"What? Who would do something like that?" Sara asked. Immediately after she said that, a electric cage fell on top of her. "What's going on?" she shrieked. She attempted to touch the cage but it immediately shocked her, sending electrical waves up her spine. She yelped in pain, and retracted her flipper. She looked down upon her flipper and winced as she saw it steaming from the burnt flesh underneath her feathers.

"Don't touch that, it'll shock you!" Flora exclaimed pointlessly.

"Really now? I wouldn't have guessed!" Amber shouted with her voice dripping with thick sarcasm. An electrical cage then fell on top of her and Flora also. Amber looked around angrily and lost her temper. "Seriously? Can I go to one place without being attacked or abducted? It's Las Vegas all over again! I curse who ever created these damn things!"

"How do we get Sara out?" Skipper asked, scowling.

"You don't!" a voice shouted from above. All the conscious penguins looked up and saw two lobsters coming down from a helicopter.

"Lobsters?" Sara questioned.

"Why lobsters?" Amber growled in question.

"Well, they are capable of delivering pain with their claws," Flora explained, shuddered, and tapped her flippers together nervously. An electric cage went on top of Madison as Sara whimpered, "Meep."

One lobster took out a smoke bomb and threw it at the penguins. The two lobsters put on gas masks and went back up the ropes that were attached to the helicopter. The penguins tried to avoid smelling the gas but they couldn't escape and were knocked out from the chemical gas the bomb produced.

One lobster attached cables to the four cages and signaled for them to leave. The cages were lifted up into the aircraft and they left after that, no more damage done. The male penguins laid there, knocked out from the gas, unaware that the girls were captured and were being taken to a mad doctor.

(A couple of hours later)

"Uh…what?" Skipper groaned. He rolled over and laid on his back, blinking his eyes to get adjusted to the suns brightness. "That was a weird and horrible dream."

"It was no dream Skipper," Kowalski muttered sadly, appearing in his sight. "They're gone."

Skipper sat up quickly and looked around frantically. No sign of the girls. Private was sobbing; Rico was looking around like the maniac he was, while Kowalski was writing, or drawing, something on his clipboard.

"What happened?" Skipper rubbed his head. His memory was kind of fuzzy about what had happened.

Kowalski looked up from his clipboard and flipped it around so Skipper could see his drawings. It showed pictures of lobsters, penguins in cages, and a dolphin on an adjusted segway. "Lobsters, most likely from Dr. Blowhole, have attacked and captured the girls. They have most likely been taken to Coney Island for who knows what. They're trapped in electric cages, so there escape isn't likely in their favor," Kowalski explained.

Skipper clenched his flippers as he finally remembered what had happened. "Blowhole!" Skipper yelled at the sky.

"Why would he do that?" Private sobbed.

"Classic villainous act. They take what's most important to you," Kowalski muttered and looked down at the ground.

"It's a movie cliché." Skipper shook his head.

"Pen-gu-ins…" Dr. Blowhole's voice drowned out from the opened fish bowl hatch.

The four penguins shot down the hatch and looked at the TV. They were immediately greeted with the sight of Blowhole. Private wiped away the tears that were coming down his face and composed himself.

Skipper's eyes formed a dangerous glare at the bottlenose. "Blowhole," he growled.

"In case you haven't already figured it out, I have captured your flightless friends." Blowhole moved out of the way, so they could see the four female penguins hanging on a wall with metal braces on there flippers and feet. Amber was glaring at the screen, Sara looked like she was crying, Flora was looking around curiously, and Madison was trying to chew her flipper off to escape, which honestly wouldn't help.

"Stop calling us flightless!" Amber shouted at the doctor.

Blowhole ignored her. "I have captured these flightless birds-"

"Stop calling us that!" Amber interrupted again and eyed him with pure hatred.

"-And I'm going to make them suffer. I just dare you to save them my flightless foes."

Right before the screen shut off, they heard Amber complaining about the flightless remark, again.

The guys stared at the screen angrily for minutes. It was silent as they all had different thoughts. But most of their thoughts were about how they were going to destroy Blowhole. Their thoughts were also plagued with worry for the girls. The silence progressed for minutes until Private finally broke it.

"What are we going to do now Skippah?" Private asked.

Skipper straightened his posture and folded his flippers behind his back with a determined look, devoted to saving the girls. "We're going to save them, and then we're going to nail Blowhole to the wall!"

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