Dean's lips are exquisite. His smile kills me and his sexy little smirk drives me crazy with need. He knows it too, giving it to me all the time, especially during interviews where I can't steal him away and fuck him till he aches. Kinky little bastard likes it too.

But seriously, his lips are beautiful. They're feminine and pink, natural-born cocksucker lips. It's heavenly when he wraps them tight around my cock, sucking hard. They way they glisten and gradually become swollen when I fuck his mouth. The way they beg to be fucked and bitten, soft moans and whimpers coming out.

I love his lips against mine, so soft and perfect. They way they'll capture one of my lips and suck on it. How they suck on my tongue like its a cock. I love it when he kisses my jaw line, sucking on it tenderly before moving to suck on an earlobe. How he sucks on my Adam's apple, and my neck, leaving love bites. How he'll kiss down my chest, sucking on my nipples as if its the greatest thing in the world. How he'll suck on my fingers if we're out of lube.

He shows me his love through his lips and its amazing how much he loves me. I wonder how I got so lucky to have him love me back. Sometimes, on slow mornings or lazy afternoons, he'll spend hours just kissing my skin, covering my body in slow kisses.

And when they're wrapped around a beer bottle's mouth, its just amazing. The way he sucks on it and rests his lips against the bottle's. He also knows what this does to me and he uses that knowledge to drive me desperate in need. He loves torturing me with his lips and I can't deny I kind of like it too.

His lips are heavenly and mine.