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"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."


Alfonso Residence...

6:50 p.m

"Trini, where the hell have you been?" Lisa Alfonso growled as she glared at her daughter.

"S-sorry, Mom. I-I was just-."

Trini Alfonso's mother suddenly grabbed her face and pulled it towards herself. "Are you wearing make-up?" Her mother growled at her.

"What?" Rex Alfonso growled as he popped his head out of the kitchen.

"Should I beat you now or later?" Lisa raised her hand.

Trini flinched and pulled her arms over to prevent the hit. "I-it was just a little cover-up!" She cried.

"Lisa, don't!" Rex said quickly as he grabbed her arm. "We have to go now. If she goes over there with bruises..."

Lisa snatched her hand away from her husbands. "Just you wait until we get back."

Trini trembled and nodded. She lowered her hands and took a step back.

Lisa looked her daughter up and down. "Are you really wearing that?"

Trini looked down at the extra large navy white sweater (even though she was way too skinny for it), demin capris, and black raggity Converse. Her long wavy brown hair was tied back into a bun; only her side bangs brushing against her forehead and covering the corner of her right eye. Right below her blue-green mint eyes was make-up to cover the small bruise on her left eye. "I-I have to cover up my scar a-and I have some bruises on my shoulders and wrists."

Lisa cocked a brow. "Huh. Whatever. Let's go."

Wilder Residance...

7:22 P.M.

Trini bit her lip as she entered the beautiful house. She looked at all the girls and thier parents that stood across the room.

"Trini!" Shouted a little girl's voice. Trini turned to see Molly Hayes running towards her with her arms wide open. "Trini, you made it!"

"Don't I always?" Trini giggled as she hugged the girl.

"Trini? Is that you?" Karolina Dean asked as she walked over to Trini. "You look so cute. Did yo ugrow a bit?"

Trini looked down to her breast; that's the only thing that ever grew on her. "Uh, not really." She smiled as she looked up at Karolina.

"ALEX! Get down here, please! We have company!" Mrs. Wilder called at the stairs. About two minutes later, Alex trudged downstairs.

"Al-EX! What's happenin', brother!" Chase Stein greeted as he spotted Alex Wilder walking down the stairs.

"Hey, Chase." Alex greeted back.

"I love how enthusiacstic you sounded there, Alex." Trini nodded with a sarcastic smirk.

"He looks so excited to be here, too, don't you think?" Gertrude Yorkes agreed as she crossed her arms.

"Sorry we're late all!" Mr. Minoru shouted as he entered the house; his wife and daughter in tow. The bags in his hands were held tightly in his arms. "Big pile up on cliffside!" He spotted Alex. "Alex! You remember our daughter Nico, don't you?"

"Holy..." Alex whispered.

Trini cocked her brow at the all black outfit Nico was wearing. Yeah, she'd known about Nico being all gothic and stuff, but the outfit she was wearing made Trini's stomach churn. All black. She noticed Alex checking her out and rolled her eyes; ignoring thier conversation. Trini never really did like Alex, he didn't seem to want to be around them and she couldn't blame Alex: Chase was a stupid jock, Molly TECHNICALLY wasn't in their age group, Nico always stayed in her corner reading or broading(which Trini never minded because there were times she did the same thing), Gert would always make sarcastic comments that seemed to tick off Alex, Karolina seemed a little...odd towards Nico and Trini most of the time, so no one really talked to Alex.

"Nico!" Karolina suddenly shouted from behind Trini. She ran up to Nico and tugged slightly at her outfit. "God, you are SO HOT. Where'd you get that outfit?"

"Oh, thanks Karolina. Actually, I made it." Nico smiled.

"Gert!" Molly called as she popped from behind Trini. "Could you talk to me about girl stuff?"

"Under no circumstances." Gert didn't even flinch.

"Gert," Trini chuckled as she slightly elbowed her.

"Well, now that we're all here, I believe the adults will be retiring to the LIBRARY for a few hours." Mr. Wilder stated.

"Why don't you kids hang out in the game room for a bit." Mrs. Wilder placed her hand on Alex's shoulder.

Alex shrugged and walked off.

The Game room...


Trini reached forward to grab another nacho. Nico yawned.

"What she said." Gert pointed at Nico.

"Listen, I know we'd all rather be somewhere else right now, but we're stuck here for at least another hour. So we might as well TRY to amuse ourselves." Alex stated.

"So what's the plan, man?" Karolina asked.

"Please be beer, please be beer please be beer..." Chase whispered as he grabbed the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes. Molly giggled.

"Oh, sure, Chase." Trini said as she grabbed another nacho. "Our parents would totally be cool with it."

"There's an idea." Alex perked. "Let's go spy on our 'rents."

"What?" Trini looked up. "How?"

"She's right," Nico agreed, "Our parents always lock themselves so they can...you know, whatever."

"Maybe," Alex stood up, "but my father's obsessed with surveillance, and he built all sorts of secret passageways throuought the house to keep an eye on stuff."

"Gross." Gert looked up at Alex.

"Oh, he's not a peeping tom or anything, just paranoid about security." Alex assured as he pushed behind one of the games. The console slid to the side, allowing a door to open. "My dad doesn't know I know, but I found this when I was snooping for Christmas presents a few months ago."

And that's when Trini heard it. It was always at random times, and when it did happen, she spaced out. She could hear their heartbeats. And she could tell who was who somehow. Nico's was racing slightly, Molly's was normal, as was Chase's, Gert's, and Karolina's. But Alex's...his heart was slightly off. Trini was suddenly able to hear their thoughts. But with all of them thinking at once it was hard to read who was talking about who.

"Okay," Gert finally said as she pointed at the passage way. "Lame secret passage way it is."

"Oh, we're goin?" Trini blinked.

"Weren't you listening?" Karolina raised her hand to put on Trini's shoulder. But Trini saw only her hand going up and suddenly flinched.

Karolina pulled her hand down.

"I-I'm sorry. Let's go." She said quickly as she walked towards the passage way.

"What was that all about?" Chase whispered to Nico.

Nico looked up and shrugged.

The Corridors...

9:15 pm...

"This is like the Haunted Mansion at Disney...only boringer." Molly said as she pushed herself through the corridors.

"The Haunted Mansion at Disney is boring?" Trini asked as Chase gently pushed her forward.

"Yeah, haven't you been to Disney?" Molly asked.

"No." Trini shook her head.

"Shush, guys." Alex growled. "I'm pretty sure these walls are sound proof. But I don't want to take the chance."

"What about those windows, bro? Wouldn't they be able to see us?" Chase asked as he pointed at the large windows to the left of the group.

"No, they're actually one way mirrors. Or is it two way? I always forget." Alex whispered.

"Oh, way to go on that one."

"Can I hold on to you, Alex?" Nico asked as she grabbed Alex's hand, "My night vision stinks."

"Uh, yeah sure." Alex blushed.

And Trini could feel it again, this time, all thier hearts were racing. Trini began to tremble at all the thoughts that were racing in her head.

"Trini?" Chase whispered. "Are you okay?"

"Huh?" She asked as she looked up at him. "Uh, yeah. I'm fine. Just a little dizzy."

"Very well, Ladies and Gentlemen. If we're all satisfied with Mr. and Mrs. Dean's plans for our OFF WORLD enemies, I suggest we move onto the Pride's final order of business." Mr. Wilder said outloud.

"Is that my mom and dad?" Chase asked.

Trini looked closley. Her parents looked like the old Japanese priest and priestesses; sitting near the end of the table.

"The 'Pride'?" Gert asked as she leaned over Trini carefully.

"Check out those costumes." Nico pointed out.

"Are you guys thinking what I'm thinking?" Alex asked softly.

"Yeah," Chase nodded as he placed an elbow on Trini's shoulder, "Our parents are totally GAY."

"No..." Alex adjusted his glasses. "Our parents are superheroes."

"Dear, would you bring out our guest of honor, please?" Mr. Wilder asked kindly.

"With pleasure, Love." Mrs. Wilder walked over to an old book case and yanked it open; revealing a young girl with blue hair and lips while wearing a full peink outfit.

"Whoa, who's THAT peice?" Chase asked slyly.

"Looks like a prostitue." Trini mummbled.

"Okay, this is starting to get a little EYES WIDE SHUT..." Gert cocked a brow.

"Karolina, I think you should take Molly back to the Game Room...NOW." Alex ordered.

"But I wanna see the Superheroes." Molly protested.

Again...Trini could hear it. A heartbeat. But only one. It was the girl's. She was scared out of her mind, unsure, and somewhat excited. Her heartbeat was all over the place. Trini placed her hand on her head; feeling the thumping of the girl's heartbeat in her head.

"Is that a WORKING GIRL, Wilder?" Mr. Yorkes asked. "I thought you and your wife only handled drugs and gambling in this town?"

"Why not add prostatution to the list?" Mr. Alfonso offered with a sarcastic tone.

"Local matters are none of your concern, Yorkes. Nor yours , Alfonso. I don't question what you do, do I?" Mr. Wilder grabbed the young girl by the hand and led her towards the center of the room.

"Did...did he just say DRUGS?" Alex whispered.

"Alex, what if they're NOT the good guys?" Nico looked over at him.

"Oh, what a shocker that would be." Trini rolled her eyes.

"I second that." Gert agreed. "I've known our parents were evil since I was FIVE. This perverted little gathering only confirms it."

"Speak for yourselves, Freaks. My parents are practically SAINTS." Chase defended.

"Relax, you three. We still don't know anything. Maybe that girl is some RUNAWAY they rescued." Alex guessed.

"Dr. Hayes, will you and your husband kindly restrain the girl?" Mr. Wilder ordered.

"Already on it." Mrs. Hayes and her husband's eyes glowed a light pink as the girl's arms were pulled to the side of her body and her head slightly tilted back. She was frozen in place.

"W-What are you-?" The girl started.

Trini could feel their hearts race. It sent shivers down her spine and a pounding pain in her head.

"Does your machine need time to charge, Stein?" Mr. Wilder looked at Mr. Stein.

"It runs on self-replicating string of unstable molecules. We're ready when you are." Mr. Stein confirmed.

"Mrs. Alfonso, you may now cleanse the girl's soul of any sins." Mr. Wilder stepped aside as Mrs. Alfonso stepped in front of the girl.

"She's full of sins, Wilder. So this is gonna sting." Mrs. Alfonso grabbed a golden cross that dripped a form of liquid. She raised it and pushing it against the girl's head. She cried out in pain as the cross glowed brightly.

"What the hell!" Chase gasped.

"I didn't know your mom was a Priestess, Trini?" Nico blinked.

"She ISN'T! She's a FILM PRODUCER!" Trini whispered loudly. "What the HELL is she doing!"

Mrs. Alfonso pulled the cross away and hid her hand behind the long sleeve. "Sorry, hun, but they don't like sinful souls."

"Who's they?" Gert asked.

"Thank you, Mrs. Alfonso. Now, Mr. Minoru, the floor is all yours." Mr. Wilder announced.

Mr. Minoru opened a large red book and began to read from it. "Antin Krek Varin."

"They ARE bad guys." Trini stated.

"Don't worry, Trini." Alex assured. "They're using their real names. If they were villians, they'd be calling themselves, Red Skull...and...and Electro."

Mr. Wilder grabbed the young girl's chin and pulled it up slightly. "I want you to know that you're helping us forge a better tomarrow for our children."

Their heartbeats were thumping inside Trini's head. As if someone was punching her head. She gripped Chase's shirt to keep upright. All their heartbeats were pounding...except Alex's...

"On Behalf of Everyone in The Pride, we truley appreciate you SACRIFICE." He then pulled the dagger from his pocket...

and shoved it in the girl's heart.

The Heartbeat stopped.

Nico Screamed.