WHOO! ihavenolife...

"Uh, says here Val's interviewing a two-headed stripper."

"Haha! Sounds like Val. Honk, Honk. Kind of makes you proud to be an American, don't it?"

Trini groaned from her seat. She shifted; allowing the covers to slide off of her. "Ugh, Chase…turn that crapola off." She moaned.

"Heh, welcome back to L.A., Trinket, Land of clean air a beautiful people." Chase welcomed.

"Right." Victor snorted.

"When I hear Val on the radio, I know I'm home. Rock on!" Chase pumped his fist.

"Oh, you deserve a time out for using that phrase." Trini pointed.

"Okay, guys, I hate to bring up the obvious but, where to?" Victor leaned forward.

"Dude…L.A." Chase cocked his brow.

"Where in L.A., Dork." Trini leaned over the armrest of her chair.

"Yeah, we can't really go back to the tar pits." Victor agreed.

Xavin slumped in his chair. "No. We cannot."

"Remember…Iron Man? Bad day?" Victor raised his hand.

Chase bit his lip. "Oh, yeah. I forgot." He then looked up and sighed. "Man, that seems like forever ago."

"We could find a secluded spot and camp out tonight." Victor suggested. "Give us a chance to regroup and figure it out, what do you say, Xavin?"

"Karolina will not be pleased with that suggestion." Xavin leaned forward.

"Dude, who wears the pants in your family?" Chase joked.

"I want a bed." Nico mumbled from behind.

"What's what?" Victor turned around.

"A bed, bro." Trini reached and poked his head.

"It's a simple request." Nico agreed as she scratched the back of her head. "I want food and a real bed. And I want to sleep in my own bed for a week."

"So I guess the camping trip is a no go." Trini stretched out.

"Okay, well, we need to figure out a new plan because we're two minutes from Anaheim." Victor sighed.

"Dude, park the Leapfrog in Disneyland, we charge ten bucks per ride." Chase joked.

Trini and Victor actually chuckled at the joke.

"Chase is right." Nico started. "The frog."

"I think that was Chase's attempt at humor." Xavin glanced up at Nico.

"No, ask the Frog where to go." Nico furthered. "This things a flying super computer. Maybe it's found other Pride safehouses the police haven't taken yet."

"That's a good idea." Victor nodded.

"Why did we not think of that?" Xavin placed a hand on his forehead.

"Because we're too tired to function right now." Trini commented.

"I hate it when she's right." Chase grumbled.

"Okay, Frog. Are there any Pride houses that are secure left?" Victor tapped the dashboard of the Leapfrog.

"Affirmative. Malibu Beach House. Alarms active." The Leapfrog informed.

"Are we there yet?" Molly groaned as she stumbled up to the group.

"Who's Malibu house was that?" Trini popped her head up.

"Uh…we did. When I was a kid." Chase admitted. "I thought my parents sold it."

"I'm hungry." Molly mumbled.

"We're almost there, Moll." Victor assured.

It was well past Midnight when they got to Malibu. Trini, Nico, Karolina, and Klara flew to the beach (Trini carrying Klara, Karolina carrying Nico). The others were traveling via Xavin's force field while they left the Leapfrog and Old Lace back near the ocean so they wouldn't cause suspicion.

"You guys need to hurry up before someone sees you." Trini called as the group floated towards the beach.

"Thank you for the ride, Trini." Klara smiled brightly.

"Of course, Sweetie." She smiled back.

"Heh, so this this is where the rich and famous live?" Victor questioned as Xavin pulled down the force field on the group.

"Yeah, welcome to Malibu." Karolina stretched.

"God, this place is gorgeous." Trini clasped her hands together.

"First thing's first, make sure nobody's home. Turn off all the alarms." Nico ordered.

"There's a power box on the other side of house." Trini pointed. "I think."

"It is." Victor assured. "Come on, I need some light."

At the power box

Trini lifted up her necklace; it had been starting to glow on Trini's command lately. She knew it would come in handy soon. Victor pulled his hands up to the box, but stopped. "Hey, do me a favor."


"Set the mood. Play the Mission Impossible theme song while I do this." Victor smirked back.

"Oh God, just shut up and do it." Trini rolled her eyes with a smile.

He squeezed his hands and electrocuted the box open. "Done and do-."

But they were interrupted by a crash and Chase screaming.

"What was that?" Victor twisted his head around.

"Sound like trouble." Trini replied.

"Well get your guard up, whatever's inside is-."

The door next to them shot open; slamming Victor to the floor. One of the Security Daemons then used its claws to grab Trini by the shoulders and fly off with her.

"Trini!" Victor cried.

"Ugh! Lemme go!" Trini ordered. "Let go of me, I said!"

The bird only dug its talons deeper into Trini's skin.

"Oh, fuck this!" Trini arched her neck; her necklace firing off a strong burst of light. The light shot clean through the bird and released Trini. "Oh this is such bullshit."

At the house

"Sorry about the noise. We just moved in and, you know, teenagers." Xavin had transformed into an adult father-figure and was warding off the neighbors from worrying. The rest of the teenagers were cleaning up the mess around the house.

"Every room has one of those talking boxes. What do you call it?" Klara inquired.

"A Television. T.V. for short." Trini informed.

"It's like YouTube for old people." Molly added.

"What is your tube?" Klara stopped pushed the rubble.

"Nico, you know we don't have money to fix these windows or walls." Karolina announced.

"Or food, or clothes." Trini walked past Karolina with the debris in her hands. "Or anything."

"I know. I was thinking about this on the ride home. Chase needs to get a job." Nico concluded.

"Why Chase?" Karolina lifted up one of the broken Daemon's heads.

"He's 18." Nico answered. "He's the only one who can get a job without parents' permission."

"Well good luck with that one. You'll never convince him." Karolina smirked.

"Ha! You haven't seen the garage yet, have you?" Trini laughed.

The next day

"You're not gonna go out and get clothes or girly stuff with the…well, girls?" Victor questioned as he sprayed down the Frogger. Trini lay on top of it in a bathing suit, allowing the sun to coat her pale skin.

"What for? I still have a few outfits left. And there's this thing called washing your clothes." Trini assured. "Plus, I'll just use Karolina or Nico's girly things."

"Not really a material girl, huh?" Victor smirked.

"Meh, depends."

"Are you gonna be on there while I wash this thing?"

"Are you gonna complain the whole time?"

Victor sighed. "You don't need to be tanning. You could be helping me."

"I helped all last night, cleaning the damn house and having to help put it back together." Trini pointed out.

"I meant this thing."

"I know. And I don't wanna do anything. Hence not wanting to go to the mall."

"And the true colors show."

"Yeah, yeah." She waved her hand.

"And you're powers?"

Trini blinked. "What?"

"Your powers. You didn't think I saw that blast from where I was at?" Victor glanced up at her.

"It was from my necklace." Trini shrugged.

"And now your necklace has powers?"

"I don't know. My powers are confusing. All I got since I lost my powers are wings, mind control, Healing-even though I had that before-and super strength." Trini snapped.

"And your necklace fire light blasts." Victor added.

"I don't know! Yes?" She sat up and shrugged. "Vic, my powers just suck…"

"No they don't."

"Don't try to make me feel better." Trini shook her head as she jumped down from the top of the Leapfrog.

"But what are you supposed to do?" Victor suddenly asked.

Trini stopped. "What?"

"You're an angel. You had a life before, didn't you? And if you are an Angel and you have powers, doesn't that make you a Guardian Angel?" Victor concluded.

Trini stared at him for a while until she finally answered. "Uh, yeah. The people-or things-I was supposed to guard were the Gibborim and their supposedly dead."

"You don't think they are?"

Trini shook her head. "If they were, wouldn't I be?"

"Not necessarily." Victor picked up the sponge from his bucket. "Honestly, I think since you're already dead, and you've already got your place in Heaven, you can't really die with them. They were evil. You're not evil."

She smiled. "True."

"But do you remember your past? At all? Before you died?" Victor began to wash the Leapfrog.

"My parents were killed by the people who claimed to be my parents. And my real ones were already angels." Trini bit her lip. "You don't think…"

"That…you died when…"

"When I was a baby…with my parents." Trini glanced down. "I was raised by those Demons since I was a- Oh god…" She pulled her hand up to her head. "Oh God, Victor…"

"God, I'm so sorry for bringing it up. I shouldn't have-."

"No," She waved her other hand, "Jake and I hadbeen thinking about it sometime…but…Jesus. I died as a baby. I just wish I knew how…How everything happened. And who my real parents are." She then giggled. "Oh god, I sound like those damn 'Need to find myself' novels."

"But you need to. I mean, do you know who you really are. Is your real name Trini Lin Alfonso?" Victor placed a hand on her shoulder.

"How do you know my full name?"

"Molly told me."

"Awesome." She nodded. "And, I don't know. It was the name I always knew. I never really…"

"Jesus, talk about Identity Crisis." Trini tipped her head to the side. "Thanks for ruining everything, Vic."

"I'm so sorry, I didn't-."

"Kidding, Dude." Trini raised her hand and grabbed his. "It's fine. I never listened to Jake when he tried to explain this whole thing to me. I didn't like to talk about it too much. But…I think I should know, you know?" She giggled.

He smiled at her. "I know." He then lifted his hand to rest it on her cheek. "You should smile more."

"Don't go all romance novel on me." Trini leaned into his hand. "Vic, I-."

"We're back! We brought food!" Trini and Victor jumped and separated.

"Awesome! I'm starving!" Trini shouted quickly as she ran into the house.

Victor simply smiled and dumped the sponge back into the bucket.

"…And zoom! The trees just grew right up to the man and caught him! They made this awesome sound like Rice Krispies!" Molly exclaimed about Klara's heroic moment at the mall.

"Seriously!?" Trini gawked. "I would have loved to have seen that!" Trini ruffled Klara's hair.

"As well as I would have." Xavin agreed.

"I just hope no one saw Klara in action. All we need is Iron Man on our asses again." Nico stated.

"What happened to you guys? Why did you leave me back there?" Chase stomped into the kitchen.

"Did you see that man fall?" Nico glanced up at Chase.

"No. I heard the receptionist scream and saw her run over to the railing and-."

"You didn't see him push anyone over?" Nico interrupted.

"I don't know, Nico. I was talking to Val." Chase grabbed one of the sandwiches. "The guy walked out of the office. Next thing I know, he's at the bottom of the tower. What are you asking me?"

"Because you were there." Nico slammed her hands on the kitchen. "Klara had to use her powers to save the man. Not cool, Chase, Not cool."

"I thought it was cool." Trini mumbled to Klara.

"We can't afford to attract attention right now." Nico concluded.

Chase took a bite from his sandwich. "So whaddya barkin at me for? I didn't push him!"

His heart didn't skip a beat.

"All I'm saying is that the man almost died right under your nose and you didn't notice it?" Nico pressed.

Chase jumped up. "Oh, so you think this is my fault!? What about you, Minoru!?"

Trini stopped. Heartbeats. They were close as hell. Too close. And she wasn't the only one who noticed.

"What about me!?" Nico motioned to swing at Chase, only for Karolina to grab her hand.

"Everyone, shut up! I hear something!" Victor ordered.

"We've got company!" Trini screamed over them just as Karolina's powers began to act up; flaring like fireworks.


"EVERYBODY GET DOWN!" Victor shoved Chase to the floor.

The side of the house exploded. Debris, rubble, and smoke fluttered throughout the room. But it wasn't just one explosion. But multiple ones that rang and shot off throughout the house. The smoke barely cleared, but Trini could see them. They were all in black armor; glowing as Karolina did. Majesdanians….

The largest spoke. "I am looking for Karolina Dean. I have a message for her…From Majesdane."

WHOOO! We found out about Trini's past...a bit. WHOOO!