Here's more of the story, but hope that Inyunaruto365 likes, as I've been on a writing frenzy lately.

Brogan is bonding with Heather, the way Shrek has with his human friends.

I hope you guys like.

Brogan was stunned, as he saw Shrek with his human friends having fun, but was a little jealous but he was unaware that Heather liked hanging around here along with him and rough housing.

They were preparing for Halloween, as they loved this holiday, and the human girl was helping but wearing a Big Bang Theory shirt with her charm necklace, but was helping them, as Brogan had a soft spot for the visually impaired girl knowing Shrek's human friend was the same.

"Stay away, from Onion Brew, okay?

You were a little scary, when you transformed." he told her.

She understood as he cared about her, as they liked rough housing and talking about wrestling but he wanted her to livw with him and the resistance, as this was the perfect place for her.

He then saw her with Cookie, as they were making chimmichongas together and laughing as it made the muscle bound leader happy.

He was going to see Shrek and the others, but saw them running around with paintballs and paintball guns, but Shrek called a time out, as they understood but was stunned hearing Brogan's idea.

"Maybe, you should ask her." he said as Leah agreed.

Brogan agreed, as he wondered what they were playing.

"It was Leah's idea, to play paintball." he told him.

The muscle bound ogre liked the idea as he was playing general, as Shrek was amazed,

"Well, he is a leader, Shrek-kun." Leah said to him.

Carley agreed, as she saw they'd won the game.

He was going to help them prepare for Halloween as Cookie had made treats for the party, but Mavis was hiding from him, but Leah understood as Brogan was a little forceful.

She saw that her nakama was anxious, knowing that Heather might get upset at Brogan's idea.

Heather was stunned, hearing that Brogan wanted her to live with him and the resistance but liked it, as they got along and connected but wondered why her friend didn't live in the kingdom, but knew she lived with Leah, as they were friends, but Brogan smiled hearing this, as he knew that she'd be a great member of the resistance, but needed to toughen up a little more.

She understood as they were rough housing, but sensed that an new foe was coming to ruin Halloween and he couldn't let that happen.

He was setting up a room in the hideout for the young human female but wondered why Shrek's little human friend didn't live in the kingdom but sighed.

He then heard laughter, as the others were wrestling and rough housing.

It was good to have a family around him, since he'd never really had one growing up.

He hoped that things would be okay, knowing that Halloween was approaching.

He then saw the others join him.

They had made Halloween decorations for the resistance as Brogan smiled, as he appreciated their efforts.

He then was eating a cookie.