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Chapter 10

Epilogue Part 2

. . . . . .

I don't bother to hide my enthusiasm as I carry Bella with inhuman speed through the house and into the bedroom. Trepidation is alive and well, but it's being offset by my rather fierce arousal and need for her. Striving for some type of equilibrium, I set her gently on her feet, slowing both my thoughts and the speed of my actions.

Unable to bear a single minute not touching her, I cup her face and kiss her softly, measuring her heart beat and her breathing, searching for signs of fear and gratefully finding none. She smiles with her eyes still closed and makes a soft humming sound of pleasure. Again I have the instant rush of arousal that begs me to bury myself in her body without further delay. I'm thankfully successful at tamping it back down into submission. I refuse to allow my desires to dictate the pace of this night. Only hers will do that, and as I catch her steal a glance toward the washroom door, I smile.

"Want a human moment, love?"

A soft pink blush dusts the tops of her cheeks, and she smiles back shyly. "I know it's silly, we were just in the water, but the salt..." She sighs and shakes her head. "Just a quick shower, I promise I'll hurry?"

"Don't hurry, take your time. I believe I'll even use the guest shower and do the same." My reply is meant to comfort, but she arches an eyebrow in scepticism, glancing down at my feet with a frown.

"Sand doesn't even stick to your feet, does it?"

I can't help but laugh, and she scowls harder. "It really isn't fair you know, that you get to be so perfect, and I get to be so…" She gestures at the door again, searching for the right words.

"Delightful, gorgeous, endearing?" I offer, even though I know she's searching her mind for adjectives with far less positive connotations.

She continues to frown. "Human." The word is spoken with a slight sound of contempt that speaks more about her vulnerability in this moment than anything else she's said or done tonight.

"Sexy, sweet, tempting, seductive." I continue as though she'd never spoken, refusing to acknowledge such an absurd comment. I draw the tips of my fingers over her face, and her expression lightens as I continue. "Adored, treasured worshipped, loved." I could go on, but she wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me with a smile. Before I can forget all the reasons why I want to take this slow, I step back away from her. "Go have your shower, love; it will give me an opportunity to get things ready for us."

She eyes me with curiosity before she nods and turns away. Despite her feelings to the contrary she walks with confidence and her own style of grace, seemingly at ease with her body. She pauses in the doorway, and looks back over her shoulder with an impish grin. "You're checking out my butt, aren't you, Mr. Cullen?"

"Absolutely, Mrs. Cullen." Her laugh is sweet, and I can almost feel the effort she is making to push past her insecurities. I love her more in this moment than I ever thought possible.

I wait until I hear the sound of her shower water running before I head for the guest room and do the same. Although she's right that my skin texture is such that even wet sand cannot find enough purchase to stay put, I too can feel the slight residue of salt left over from our swim. The thought of my skin brings an image to my mind that instantly makes me hard. Bella's hands touching me, learning my body as I learn hers, her mouth tasting me… Groaning softly, I cup my aching arousal and press my head against the shower wall. I hear the tile crack, and I curse, easing the pressure immediately. Refusing to even contemplate the tiles similarities to Bella's fragility, I quickly shut off the flow of water.

Back in the bedroom, I fight my nerves and slip on dark, cerulean blue, silk, pyjama bottoms with a smile. I'd purchased them just a few days ago, along with something for Bella as well. I know Alice has crammed Bella's suitcase full of frivolous lingerie so my purchase was technically unnecessary. I'd be lying if I said I'm not intrigued and aroused feverishly by the thought of Bella draped in some of the filmy looking nightwear I've inadvertently seen in Alice's thoughts. For tonight, however, the soft, fine silk camisole, and lace trimmed shorts with matching panties in the same cerulean blue, is the perfect match for my Bella. Slightly more sumptuous than her regular cotton attire, it's still very similar to what she would normally wear to bed. We have time enough – provided all goes well – to indulge in some of those more risqué items of clothing. For tonight, though, I wish only for her comfort and security. Despite the more casual style of this pyjama set, I'm not completely immune to details. The delicate fabric will cover more than Alice's selections, but the silky fabric will mould to her lovely body in a sensual way I hope pleases her. I already know it will please me.

Silent as a ghost I enter the washroom to lay the items on top of her towel before just as silently leaving. I'm very eager to see her wear them, but not as eager to listen to arguments about gifts. She really does need to get over that. I plan to spoil and indulge her in every way possible.

Moving to the bed, I fluff the pillows and fold down the covers, smiling with irony as I realize how glad I am that I had not destroyed it in my fit of rage just a few short weeks ago. Where once it had seemed to mock me with images of failure, now I can see it as the perfect place to lay my bride.

Moving about the room, I light a few strategically placed candles, the goal being to create a mood not add to the heat. I open the glass doors that lead to a small deck overlooking the right side of the island. From here you can see the ocean stretched out for miles, and I can already envision sitting with Bella while she enjoys her breakfast in the morning. Ironic again that I can even imagine such a pleasant after moment, where only weeks ago I'd barely been able to conceive of a pleasant before.

I take a moment to inspect the workmanship that had taken place to replace the broken glass on the doors, pleased to see it all looks perfect, almost like it was before. The memory and the reasons for why the glass had been broken in the first place are safely locked in a vault deep in my mind. I will not think of it this night.

Finally, I force myself to sit on the bed, pushing my mind back to its earlier state of calmness. I hear the water finally shut off, and I listen to Bella moving about, feeling myself relax with the familiar sounds. The rustling of towels, the slight clink and swoosh of her every movement, is hypnotic. I know each and every one off by heart, and her routine rarely varies. When she grows silent for a moment, I realize she's found the items of clothing I'd left for her.

When the door opens and she steps out, she takes my breath away. She is smiling and achingly beautiful, and I wonder that she could ever think herself plain. The blue silk sets off her skin, and the delicate lace trimmed shorts make her legs look impossibly long for one so tiny. I can't help but smile as I see that my gift has accomplished its purpose. Bella already seems more at ease.

"Thank you," she whispers, her gaze taking in my matching pants, and for once accepting a gift with grace instead of complaints. My heart seems to swell in my chest, and I hold out my hand in invitation for her to join me. She crosses the room and slips onto the end of the bed, crawling the remaining distance between us. I open my arms to her, and she slides her body over top of mine while I splay my legs slightly to cradle her against me. I can't help but groan as her heat and scent consume me in their impossibly intoxicating ways. Her body relaxes as I smooth one hand down her back, using the other to gently tangle in her hair, combing it with my fingers. Bella lays her cheek against my chest so that her every humid breath skates deliciously over my skin. She's very warm, and she sighs softly in pleasure at the feel of my cool body. Simply by touch alone I feel both our fears disintegrate, and a sense of peace seems to drift across the room. Suddenly the rightness of what we are about to do is so perfectly understandable, like the last pieces of a puzzle falling into place.

I need her the way I once needed air. Making love with her can never be wrong, so I must make it right.

Despite our mutual desires we stay that way for a long time, too content to move. I feel her body relax even more as she begins to drift off. I let her doze, knowing that she must be exhausted after such a long day. Once again I feel no need to rush this, knowing that in time we will both need more than just the simple comfort of holding one another. For now though, this is enough.

Time passes in the slow pulse of the surf against the sand, in the breeze that flutters the curtains, and in the sensual awakening of Bella's body. Subtle changes in the way she lies against me, minute changes in the way she breathes, and the soft but distinct fluttering of her heart enthral me as her desire begins to re-emerge.

Her heart, only seconds ago a steady even tempo, now skips just the tiniest amount, finding a new pace. Her breathing deepens, and the rush of blood beneath her skin seems to call my name.

Bella slowly lifts her head. Curling her hands against my chest, she rests her chin upon them. She smiles gently as she studies my face. "Did I fall asleep on you?" she murmurs.

I gently brush her hair back behind her ear. "It's been a very long day. It's understandable that you're tired."

Sighing softly, she nods in agreement. "Very long, but very wonderful."

My fingers trace the curve of her ear, and she shivers slightly in response. I make note of the reaction and instantly wonder where else I might find a hidden sensitive spot. I want to know all the places on her body, all the ways she will respond to my touch.

"You can sleep if you want," I tell her.

Her eyes darken, and she shakes her head slightly, studying me as though to gauge whether I'm trying to dissuade any continuing of our earlier activities. "No, the catnap was just enough. Unless of course you've finally come to your senses," she teases lightly. "Which really would be a shame seeing as how I've just finally resolved myself to the most unpleasant and arduous task of having to consummate my wedding vows with my horribly unattractive, thoroughly unsexy, vampire…"

I roll her beneath me in one quick move that takes her breath away. Laughing, I press my lips to hers, and her soft sigh of pleasure is beyond rewarding. I open her mouth and let my tongue sweep over hers just long enough to feel her tremble. "Minx," I groan as my kisses move to her jaw, allowing her to catch her breath.

"Hmm, such flattery…" I grin as she loses her train of thought when I brush my lips over her ear.

"Oh, so its flattery you want is it, wife?" I roll us and move to her side, crooking my elbow for support, and placing my head on my hand as I look down at her thoughtfully. My other hand rests against the flat surface of her stomach, my thumb drawing light circles over the silk, feeling the temptation of her hot skin beneath.

Smiling, she rests one hand lightly over mine. "Flattery is nice, but you are always flattering me, Edward, it's too easy for you." She purses her lips thoughtfully. "I know. You can flatter me, but you can't use the word, beautiful." She holds up a finger when she sees my amused expression. "Or any word that means beautiful, and no phrases, only one word."

"Any other rules?" I ask, delighted with her. She shakes her head, and I laugh. "Not very challenging, love."

She wrinkles her nose at me. "Fine. Only one word, beautiful and all synonyms are out," she reiterates, a mischievous twinkle spinning in her eyes. "You have to start here," she points to her head and smiles even more. "And work your way down."

"All the way down?" My voice sounds absurdly hopeful, and she laughs again, blushing slightly, her eyes dancing.

Tracing my mouth with the tip of her finger, she continues. "Yes, all the way down. Oh, and one more thing. I have complete veto power. If I say the word…new, that means your word is not acceptable and you have to find another. And you can't move until you have a better word."

I kiss the tip of her finger. "Hmm, I think I rather like this game, Mrs. Cullen."

"Well then, Mr. Cullen, perhaps you should quit wasting time and begin. You only have five seconds to come up with a word. Starting now."

Instantly I lean down and brush my mouth over her forehead. "Intelligent."

Her eyes roll in mock disgust. "New."

I chuckle, and she begins to count. "Mysterious."

She's quiet so I assume it's safe to move on. I pause just over her eyes and whisper "Captivating." Down to her nose where I press the softest kiss. "Endearing." Her mouth is next, and I brush it with mine, letting my tongue slip along her bottom lip, relishing her reactive sigh. "Tasty."

She smiles and shakes her head. "New."

"Delectable." She murmurs okay, and I kiss her once more before moving on. Down the slope of her neck, breathing softly against the hollow of her throat, I whisper. "Alluring." With a gentle touch, I brush the strap of her camisole down her arm, placing a kiss on her shoulder. "Supple."

Her breathing is losing its rhythm.

Lower, past her collarbones, shifting my entire body so that I can run my mouth over each breast. I use the silk of her top and the rasp of my lips to stroke over the tips. Her soft cry encourages me. With one quick flick of my finger I snap the fabric of her straps and tug the material down, baring her pretty breasts to my hungry gaze. Lowering my head, I resume my attentions, taking care to keep my touch as light as possible, my teeth behind my lips.

"Curvilinear," I tease.

She arches with a moan, and sighs with a half giggle. "New."


Another moan as my tongue rubs over her nipple, again and again. "New," she's beginning to pant and her legs shift restlessly beside mine.


"Oh," she cries her hands tangling in my hair.

I'm not sure if she likes the word, my touch, or both. I am too overcome to think of any others. I force myself to leave her breasts and move down over her stomach. Twisting slightly, I rise and wrap my hands around her waist spinning her body around until she's crosswise on the bed. I press her thighs open and move between them, cautioning myself to be careful the entire time. I take a moment to breathe, trying to stay in control, but the smell of her makes it almost impossible. Her blood, her skin, her arousal, it all combines until I am on fire with want. She is open to me, and as I listen to her body, to her heart, to her breathing, I know that she is almost ready.

Almost isn't even remotely good enough. I want her need to match my own; I want her soaking wet and screaming my name.

My breathing is unnecessarily ragged. Her hands press against my chest, move around and over my back, her nails digging ineffectually for purchase. The playful mood of our game vanishes, and I'm suddenly struggling for control. So many things I want, need, need and want, now, her, all of her...


My name spilling from her lips in a soft moan anchors me. Her eyes swimming with desire pull me in to the shore, save my drowning control.

"I love you," she whispers.

"As I love you," I tell her, grasping back onto my sanity, filling my vision with the image, the incredible, erotic, image of her splayed out beneath me. Her hair is tousled, her lips are red-plump-kissable, her ivory skin hued with flower petal pink that flushes her skin from her cheeks to the tight, pretty little tips of her rosebud nipples. Erotic, sensual, breathless, wanting. Her skin glistens with a mist of dewy perspiration I long to lick off until the taste of her coats my palate. Her legs are spread wide around me, her thighs against my rib cage, the inner skin there so impossibly soft and hot and lush and creamy. The spice of her sex is all through the air. I want to taste her, feel the cream of her on my tongue and down the back of my throat.

Do I dare?

God yes, I dare.

With hands that once again feel like my own, I cup her hips, lifting gently. Reaching beneath her, I carefully tear the fabric of her top. I brush it away from her body while lowering my head to her stomach. Her scent washes over me, pure female heat, and I can't help but groan as I begin to move lower, dragging my mouth over her bare skin. When I reach the waistband of her silk shorts the desire to tear them open with my teeth is almost overwhelming. Clenching my jaw shut, I slide lower still, letting my lips brush her abdomen, over to her hips, then softly across the tops of her thighs. As I begin to move back up again, this time very intent on my goal, I feel Bella tense.

Cursing myself silently, I realize I've forgotten to listen to her body, and right now, it is screaming at me. I can hear the vibration of her trembling, hear the extreme speed of her heart and her breath, and I realize I've gone too far. Her desires are quickly being eradicated by her nerves.

Sighing her name as gently as possible, I pause and lift my head to look at her face. She is biting her lip, and I can feel the tension coiling beneath me as her body readies itself to jerk away. Ah, so much intimacy after so much denial, no wonder she is afraid. I consider moving away, but the pull of her scent is irresistible.

"We haven't finished our game, love."

A small shiver races over her, and I listen as her heart slows just a tiny amount. The muscles beneath my hands ease, and with a small tremulous sigh she closes her eyes, nodding almost imperceptibly.

Using every ounce of self control I possess, I place my mouth against the damp silk at the apex of her thighs. Her soft cry is filled with intensity and sudden encouragement as I brush my lips up and down with a loud groan.

"Bella, God, so sweet, love."

My words arouse her further and her hands come down to clench in my hair. "That's more than…oh…more than…one…word. Oh God, Edward, what are you doing to me?"

I can't resist her scent; her flavour is all over my lips. I push my mouth harder against her and she convulses. Her release is sudden, unexpected and intense, and I groan my approval, praising her with words both heated and nonsensical.

Somehow I find my mind, or what is left of it, and I draw back just enough to slowly slide the shorts off her body. Her panties are soaked, and I remove those as well, equally as slow, keeping my focus on Bella, only on her, letting her body guide mine.

Her back arches off the bed when I place my mouth against her inner thigh, and I quickly grasp her hips, pressing her gently but firmly down. I have to taste her, really taste her, but I cannot let her move against my mouth. A part of me is screaming that this is too dangerous, but the call of her body is much too powerful to deny, and I'm a slave to what I want. Still, I am intensely careful as I press my mouth back against her flesh.

"Beautiful," I growl against her, not caring anymore about rules as the first undiluted taste of her washes over my tongue. "Wet, hot, perfect," I move my mouth over the slick warm folds of her sex, allowing her and I both slow, soft licks. Her musky sweet scent floods my head with an intensity that overshadows even the call of her blood. Whatever appeal was left disintegrates in this new fascination.

Her breath is coming in sobs now, and she whimpers my name, growing desperate in her need. I brush my lips over her swollen clitoris. Her trembling becomes constant, and I can't take anymore. Rearing back, I tear the pants away from my body ripping them to shreds. I take one last moment to listen to Bella's body, to engulf her in my senses before I move my body over hers.

Knowing that I must find the best grip on my control now, I take the time to caress her body gently, reminding myself with each touch how impossibly delicate she is. I move my hand between her legs, stroking that tiny bundle of nerves at the apex of her beautiful sex, encouraging her with soft words and murmurs.

"Edward, please," she moans.

I kiss her softly, and use my hand to guide my entrance. She is very wet and her excitement has her already arching against me, trying to take me deeper.

"Slow, love," I groan in caution. "Be still, Bella. Love, please be still...you're so tight…" I keep my eyes on her face and try desperately to listen, terrified of hurting her, but the feel of her body is draining my will. I want her so much, need her so badly… I press forward, fascinated by the way her body opens to mine, my fear of hurting her keeping my thrust incredibly slow and measured.

Bella tenses and the air in her lungs escapes in a sharp cry. I cling to the pain I see in her eyes, using it to buffer my lagging control. "I'm sorry, love, so sorry." Groaning, praying I can stop if she needs me to, I start to pull away, but her legs tighten around me.

"No, don't stop, I'm alright, just…hold me okay, just hold…me."

Gently I kiss her, sliding my hand under her back drawing her up against me. "Bella, baby please. I don't want to hurt you."

She shakes her head, her arms tightening around my back. I can feel her willing her body to relax by slow degrees until her breathing once again becomes even. Opening her eyes slowly, she gazes into mine and smiles a soft secret smile. "Touch me, Edward, touch me like you did in the water."

My head is swimming in her scent, in the tight hot clutch of her body and now in her words. It's almost too much, and yet not enough all at the same time. I kiss her, taking my time, taking ridiculous chances as her tongue slips out to caress my lip and I suck very lightly on the tip of it. Her soft moan of pleasure at my actions arouses me further, and I know I can't leave her now. I begin to use the hand that doesn't support my weight to caress every inch of her flesh and when I move it between our bodies and softly stroke it over her clitoris, she once again begins to move.

"More, Edward, you're not hurting me. Please." Her voice breaks on her last plea. I pull back and then push all the way inside of her again. Locking my muscles into place, I force my limbs to freeze. I am overwhelmed by sensation and emotion. Over a century of life and nothing compares to this. Oh Dear God please don't let me hurt her, I can't hurt her. My strength is now my greatest enemy, and I fight the need, the ache, the screaming desire, to move.

Bella is having none of it. Her hips begin to rock against mine, and her nails scrape against the skin on my back. Her own back arches off the bed as she groans my name in frustration.

I begin to move slowly, trying to give her what she needs without losing my mind, and suddenly everything comes together. Our bodies fit, the connection intense and effortless, each movement perfect. Her heat and wetness surround me, easing us both as I fill her again and again. I no longer need to try to listen. Her every sighing breath, every beat of her heart seems to meld together, perfectly synchronized with the rocking of our movements. Restraint is hard, but not impossible.

I can feel the static like charge that ripples over her skin, feel it stronger within her body surrounding me as I move. My own release is barrelling down upon me, and I groan her name, moving just a bit faster. She shudders hard against me as my fingers move faster over the slick center of her need. She feels so good, so impossibly perfect. Internal muscles clench down around me, tightening, my pleasure heightened by every pulse.

"Edward, oh yes…I'm…"

Once twice and then again, I stroke her as she rocks harder against me.

"Let go, Bella," I growl softly, needful. I want so much to feel her orgasm around me, to know that I've satisfied her, to feel her climax from the inside out, clutching me, milking me... "Come for me…"

Her orgasm consumes her and drains whatever will I had left. With a groan I manage, just barely, to hold on long enough for her to finish before everything within me explodes. I dig my hands into the bedding no longer trusting them anywhere near her fragile flesh, growling her name one last time. My entire body shatters in bliss.

When the scorched remnant of my mind returns, I immediately say Bella's name. She stretches cat-like beneath me and smiles before opening her eyes.

"Are you okay, love, did I hurt you?" She certainly doesn't look hurt, but I am missing entire seconds from my memory. The sheet next to her looks like an animal has been at it, and I've apparently bitten a pillow or two as feathers are spilled out over the bed, but she looks fine. Better than fine. She looks sated and drowsy and unbelievably sexy. She shakes her head in answer, still smiling as I carefully pull away.

Moving to hold her, I'm surprised when she instantly wraps her arms around my neck and throws her thigh over mine. Dragging her body against mine, she kisses me passionately with a small moan of delight. Her hands slip down over my stomach and then lower. I barely manage to get a grip on her fingers, stopping her just short of her goal.

"I'm sorry, Edward, I just wanted to touch you. Is it too much?"

I laugh and she blushes. Gently I unfold her fingers from my own and take her hand, placing it low on my stomach. With seeming nonchalance I fold my hands beneath my head and watch her closely. "Everything I have is yours now, Bella. Money, cars, houses, my heart, my life…my body."

She laughs softly and places her mouth on my chest. "I'll take the heart and the body."

"I'm afraid it's a package deal, love."

She sighs, and her kisses are so warm, so moist, that I am instantly hard again. Her hand slips lower and then lower still, until her fingers graze the tip of me. It's all I can do to be still, to not flip her back over and take her again and again. I can't even think of a single thing aside from being inside of her that can compare with the feel of her touching me.

"God, Bella." I feel her smile grow against my skin as she places a soft kiss over my nipple. Her tongue scalds me in perfect heat as she traces flesh I had no idea could be so sensitive. I want to allow her exploration, but my control is already hanging by a thread. She snaps that thread by wrapping her small, hot hand around my erection. I arch beneath her with a low hissing growl and she lifts her head, her eyes dangerous.

"You feel like…cool marble," she whispers, and I force my body back down on the bed lost in her expression.

"Is it too soon?" She whispers her eyes searching mine as her hand begins to move.

Gasping, I reach down and stop her movements, my fingers wrapping around hers. She turns her head to look down at our entwined fingers, surprising me with a pure soft moan of arousal at the sight.

"Too soon for what, love?" I manage, swallowing mouthfuls of venom that have nothing to do with thirst.

"To do it again?"

I can't help but laugh, delighted beyond belief with this sensual creature I've had the good sense to take as my own. Rolling her on her back, I press my hand between her thighs. She's slick from our previous lovemaking and rapidly becoming more so as her desire escalates once again. Tentatively, I slip one finger inside her body, watching her expression, listening to her body for signs of pain. She shudders softly and moans my name.

She's still very swollen, and as I rub my thumb over her clitoris she arches hard against my hand, her breath coming very quickly. I add a second finger, curling them upwards, searching for tenderness and finding none, only a new more sensitive spot that makes her moan harder. The soft shimmers of electricity are racing over her again and I watch and feel, growling her name in pleasure. So responsive, so perfect, so mine.

She seems startled by her body's rapid ascent, and she fights it, gasping my name.

"Edward, stop, I can't…wait…it's too soon, I want you…oh…now…oh God."

"Not yet, Bella, this first, love," I groan heatedly entranced by her, needing to experience her pleasure like I once thought I needed her blood.

"Too soon, oh…what are you doing?"

I can't help but chuckle softly, darkly. She is nearly incoherent with need. I quicken the pace of my touch, faster and faster, beyond what any mortal man could accomplish, my thumb circling her pretty little clit, two fingers deep inside, curling and stroking hot flesh that moulds to my touch.

"It's not too soon, love. Your body knows what it wants, what it needs, let go, Bella." Faster and she arches off the bed. "Now!" I growl against her mouth, not in demand but encouragement as I sense the signals that tell me she is on the precipice. She begins coming with a small scream that I swallow greedily. Her pleasure excites me, burns within me, so arousing to see her this way, feel her this way. I'm greedy for it, starved for it."Again, come for me, Bella." Her first orgasm spills into another, and then another, until spent she subsides against me, trembling.

"Make love to me, please, Edward," she moans, nearly breathless, pressing her mouth to mine, her warm hands reaching once again to caress me. I move over her, into her, and she lifts her hips taking me home again and again.

"Will it always be this way," she whispers as her body melts over me, around me. "This need, this fire; will it ever stop?"

She's almost there again and I cup her bottom, lifting her higher, filling her deeper. As the waves of release begin to surround us both, I tell her the truth.

"Never, love; this will never end for us…"

. . . . . .

Ah, but it does end for us. Sadly, this is...

The End.

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