This is set after season 4.0 finale. It is OOC for Jo. I am a little frustrated that the fear they had last season about being caught and sanctioned is now treated as a moot point. Standard disclaimer Eureka is not mine, I'm not making any money off of it, just messing around.

Jo was in a panic as she fled the Sheriff's office. What had she done? She screwed up and bad. Zane had major pieces to the puzzle and it wouldn't take him long to click everything into place. Vomit was rising in her throat. Sanctions, the word kept running through her head. The more people who knew the more likely they were to get caught.

Dammit, what if he and Zoe were putting their heads together about this right now. What if Carter's visit to Harvard or Jo's strange behavior or the problems between Henry and Grace were the key in the puzzle Zane was trying to solve. If they figured it out and didn't go to the DOD they could be sanctioned too.

Arriving at SARAH, Jo launched into the bunker like a mad women. Heading straight for the bathroom the nausea took over. Thank god Carter was at Allison's and SARAH was off line for the night. Jo really didn't want to explain what was going on right now.

First she had thrown the engagement ring at him and then she kissed him. "Then how come this didn't feel like a first kiss?"

Damn him! Why did he have to realize that? Why did she have to react the way she did?

Leaving the bathroom Jo went to the kitchen and grabbed a beer from the fridge. She sat at the island in the kitchen staring into space. If she left maybe it would stop the questions he had. Maybe he would let it go. It would be tricky getting out of town before anyone noticed. Luckily she had very few personal belongings thanks to Larry and his rocket. But the fake ids they had created as plan B were locked in the bank vault and the bank didn't open until 7am.

Jo took a deep breath to steady herself and had just started to formulate a plan when the door to the bunker opened and in walked Zoe and the current source of all Jo's problems, Zane.

"Hey Jo," Zoe greeted happily "I was hoping you were still up. Do you want to hang out with us for a while, watch a movie? I'll make popcorn."

Making a point not to look at Zane, Jo shook her head. "No thanks Zo I have an early day tomorrow and I need to get some sleep."

"That sucks. I feel like I've barely seen you this trip." Zoe's phone rang and looking at it quickly she said "I really need to take this Jo. Can you stay up just a little while I want to talk to you about something?"

"Sure" Jo responded and Zoe smiled and slipped off to the kitchen to answer her phone. Jo kept her back to Zane not wanting to turn and face him.

"I need answers Jo and I won't stop until you give them to me." It wasn't a question, and there was no anger just confusion and a need for her to tell him everything.

Jo sighed and turned to face him. She crossed her arms over her chest and made sure there was a big gap between them. "Honestly I would love to tell you everything, but I can't. It's not my call."

"Not your call? What the hell is that supposed to mean? You had my grandmother's ring and you were wearing it around your neck? I never thought you were a coward Lupo but you are just too afraid to tell me."

"Afraid?" she spit back. "Damn right I'm afraid. Do you know what sanctions are? It's where you are locked away in solitary for the rest of your life. You're taken away from your family, your friends. You lose everything. So call me a coward if you must but the more people who know what happened the more likely it is that sanctions will happen. And I will not let Jenna and Kevin lose Allison and I will not let Zoe lose Carter. You and your questions be damned"

Zane was shocked this was not what he had expected. What had they done that could get them sanctioned? He opened his mouth to ask another question and Zoe walked in.

"I can't leave you two alone for 5 minutes without you getting into a fight huh? Anyway Jo, next weekend you, me, Portland, shopping, spa day, maybe a new tattoo?"

"Sounds great, now I really need to get to bed." Jo leaned into hug Zoe. "Good night." Jo turned and retreated up the stairs. Resolved in what had to happen now. I won't stop until you tell me. Fine, then she would go and maybe that would stop him or at least give the others time to get away before Zane Donovan and his questions raised too many flags with the DOD.

Zoe watched her retreat. "Strange, she's been so distant lately."

Zane scoffed "How can you tell?"

"Stop" Zoe looked Zane straight in the face. "I know you two are like oil and water but Jo is one of my best friends, practically my sister and under that tough exterior she has the biggest heart. So I know that something must be really bothering her."

Zane looked down and mumbled "Sorry. Look can we rain check the celebration? I have a project I really need to work on."

"Sure, soon though." Zoe leaned in to kiss him but Zane turned so she caught his cheek.

"Night Zoe," he said over his shoulder on the way out of the door. "See ya" SARAH shut the door behind him.

Zane stepped into the cool night air and headed toward his bike. He needed to think to try and solve this puzzle. Whatever Allison, Carter, Henry, Jo and Fargo had done could get them sanctioned. What the hell? That was a pretty serious offense and for some reason Jo thought he was going to rat them out to Mansfield. Not likely. Well maybe Fargo and maybe a few months ago. But something had changed sinceā€¦ Founders Day. That was when Lupo came in saying something about yes she would marry him.

Shit, somewhere or sometime he had proposed to Jo. His hand flew to his pocket, why couldn't he remember. Did he have amnesia and the town decided that it was better that he didn't remember. No, someone would have screwed up by now.

This had something to do with Grant too. What had Andy said about his history in Eureka? Something about the archives? Archives, history, holy fuck did they change the timeline?

Zane kick started his bike and headed home. He had some work to do and he needed to start with the town history.