And now for the long awaited conclusion, Eureka, Jo, Zane and the rest of the cast still not mine.

Another Six months later

Jo sauntered down the hall to Zane's section 4 lab. Pressing the security panel by the door she let herself in. "Good afternoon Dr. Donovan" she in her most sultry voice.

"Well Hello Security Chief Lupo. To what do I owe the pleasure of your company?" He gave her his patented Zane smile as he swiveled his chair in her direction. This was a game they played from time to time and it always had a happy ending.

She walked over and pulled him to his feet. "Tonight that honor is all about pleasure." She said purring.

"Really?" Zane moved into kiss her but she pulled back at the last minute.

"Yes, pleasure a whole weeks worth. Now we better head to the car before we miss our flight." She ducked behind him and started pushing him playfully towards the door.

"Chief Lupo, are you kidnapping me?" He teased.

"Well right now no but I am brining handcuffs so if you misbehaveā€¦" She pushed him a little more roughly.

"That is so hot Jo, you have no idea." He managed to shuffle around so that she was now beside him and he wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "So I take it you arranged the time off with the boss man."

"Nope we are playing hooky." She had popped the p in nope as she wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Mmm even better." They were now in the parking lot and Zane noticed the luggage in the backseat. "So am I to assume you packed? I hope you were as nice about my wardrobe as I was when we went to Italy because I don't want to spend a week in some Speedo?"

"How about just plain swim trunks then?" Jo slid behind the wheel of the car.

"As long as we are going to be sitting on a beach somewhere and you are going to be in a bikini." His mind was already there.

Jo didn't say anything she just smiled.

"Wait, are we going to be on a beach? God Jo the thought of you in a bikini." He shifted in his seat, his pants suddenly becoming uncomfortably tight.

Her hand reached for something tucked into the visor, she handed the papers to Zane. "Six full days, seven nights on the island of Oahu, the bungalow comes with a private strip of beach. We are taking surfing lessons, which is nonnegotiable. And we are going scuba diving."

Zane had to pick his jaw up off the floor just to speak. "You are a goddess, you know that right?"

"I haven't even told you the best part," she gave him a seductive smile.

"There's a part better then this?" He swallowed hard wondering what else she could have up her sleeve.

"Two things actually," She licked her lips just to drive him insane. "First I bought way too many bikinis and I'm not sure but some of them may be too reveling." She let him digest that bit of news for a moment. "Secondly, I may have to model them for you in the room's private hot tube."

"It's official," Zane said a little breathlessly. "I am starting a new religion just to worship you. How the hell did I get so lucky?"

"You planned a fantasy trip to Italy. I'm just repaying the favor. Plus I love spending time outside of Eureka together." Jo placed a hand on his thigh.

"If we keep this up we won't have any place left to go for a honeymoon." Zane laced his fingers through hers.

Jo's heart felt like it stopped for a fraction of a second. Trying to sound calm she replied "Well a honeymoon implies a wedding and a wedding requires a proposal and an acceptance of said proposal. None of which we have."

"Ahh, not true, you did accept a Zane Donovan proposal. I remember that clearly, but don't worry I will ask properly, one day. I'm just trying to learn from my mistakes and give you fair warning, so that this time you will have an answer." He squeezed her hand.

Jo smiled. "Fair enough, if and when you ask I will be prepared to answer." She already knew it would be a yes. Life without Zane in it just wasn't fun or really all that happy.

"Oh there is no if Jo-Jo, just when." He let that sink in, he had known since Italy that one day he would ask her. A quick feel of his pocket let him know that the ring he had been carrying around for the last three weeks was there.

"In that case I have the perfect idea for a honeymoon and we better start training now." Jo teased.

"Oh so you assume the proposal will be soon then?" He teased back. She had no idea that this trip would give him the perfect opportunity to do just that.

"I assume nothing, but climbing Everest could take years of training. So we train, you pop the question in your own time."

"Everest, huh?" Let's climb the world's tallest mountain and she was just so cavalier about it too. He couldn't help the small bubble of laughter that escaped. This was so typical of what Jo would find fun and it sounded like a pretty good idea to him too. "Deal, now put the pedal to the metal. We need to get this vacation started and maybe we can join the mile high club."

Jo rolled her eyes and mumbled under her breath "again?"

"What?" Zane had caught that. "Oh we were fun weren't we?"

"You have no idea, yet" she purred back. "The stories I could tell. But I think we will have more fun if I just show you."

Man he loved this woman. "I'm building a shrine to you in the basement when we get home."