This story is set between the stories Blind Future and Future to remember and is actually more like collection of one shots. No beta right now.

"Where is he?" Arthur tried to rise from his bed but it was easy to Gaius just push him back. Arthur was too weak to resist back.

"Arthur, you have to calm down!" Gaius' voice was stern.

"Then tell me, where he is? You haven't told me anything! Tell me that… tell that he isn't…"

"No." Gaius answered quickly. He saw how desperate Arthur was to know, how scared he was. It had lasted two weeks before the prince was awakened.

"Thank the gods. I had to see him Gaius. Gaius?" Arthur tried to rise again. He really didn't like the feature of Gaius.

"Arthur, sat before you hurt yourself more." Gaius sighed. Arthur shook his head.

"What is wrong? Gaius? Look at me! What is going on?"

"Merlin, he… To tell the truth, we don't know is he alive or not."

Arthur stared the old physician.

"What? Why?"

"His injures, they were so much worse than yours. I tried, I really tried, but…" How in earth he was going to tell this.

"Where he is?" Arthur demanded to know, his tone hardening.

"He is gone. We have to look for help from the Great Dragon."

Arthur was stunned.

"The Great Dragon?" He gave a weak laugh. "You have to be kidding me, right? I killed that dragon. It is dead! Merlin and knight were there. And Merlin saw how I…" His voice died away. Gaius refused to look him and Arthur realized.

"Merlin was there. He told me how I killed it. But it wasn't the truth, right?"


"So, he used his magic then. But why he didn't kill that thing?" Now Arthur was truly confused.

"Because Merlin is the last Dragonlord and Kilgharrah is the last dragon of the world. He couldn't kill his own kin."

"His own kin? Dragon? His own KIN? And I though that Balinor was the last one."

"No, because inheritance passes from father to son." Gaius explained.

"To son? You mean…" Arthur just couldn't end that sentence.

"Balinor was his father." Gaius admitted.

"Balinor was his father." Arthur repeated slowly. " That explains something. But why he set it free?"

Gaius winched, he couldn't tell the truth about setting it free.

"You know that Merlin is somehow more magic being than human. And so are dragons."

Arthur remembered the conversation they had the rampart. When Merlin was said that he feel himself being a monster. When he had request Arthur to not ask too many questions, that he was going to tell him everything eventually.

"And maybe it was good thing that Kilgharrah is free. Maybe he really can save Merlin."

"Save him? So Merlin is with him? With that dragon, Kilgharrah?" Arthur tried to still understand.

"Yes. Lancelot and I succeeded call him. He was nearby because he was felt that Merlin was in grave danger." Gaius tried to focus in good side of this whole messy situation.

"Lucky. Yes. But, you haven't heard anything then?"

Gaius shook his head. "Not yet."

"So, what happened?"

"The spell Merlin casted was very powerful. Maybe it was too powerful even. That spell Arthur, was created to make magic disappear."

Gaius let the idea sink to Arthur's mind.

"You mean… Merlin's magic… But it… it destroyed magic inside of me and let me to alive. Then why Merlin…" Arthur swallowed. Just a moment ago he was though that. "Oh no, no no, don't say it." Arthur knew it was true. There was so little hope to Merlin who was magical being.

"I think that you understand now." Gaius' eyes were filled with tears.

"Maybe it just take long time. You said that it was bad." Arthur tried to be hopeful. Gaius nodded.

"Yes. Maybe."