Bill (Left 4 Dead)

R.E.D. Heavy (Team Fortress 2)

Rei Ayanami (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

"Hello welcome back to Celebrity Jeopardy I am your host Alex Trebek . Now I would like to take this moment to remind the contests not to shoot at the audience." When we last left we had Rei Ayanami in the lead with $0 a score only Achieved by not answering a single question "umm… hi" Rei said shyly in 2nd place we have Bill with a score of -$69 "wait that not your original score" "That's how I got with your mother last night" mocked Bill "*sigh* and in last place with a score of -$3000 The R.E.D. Heavy "I intend to win much money for glories R.E.D team" "Yes well good luck with that." "Moving on it is now time for double Jeopardy here are the categories for double Jeopardy"

Video Games That Are Named Doom

Japan US Relations

You're Name

Things You Shouldn't Put In Your Mouth


"That's just a big word for books"

Show and Tell

"I show you something and you tell me what it is."

"And finely"

Free Points

"You just have to select it and you are awarded free points"

"Rei since you you're in the lead you can start"

"I… ahh…" Rei stares at the ground nervously


"Do you want me to pick for you"

"That would be nice thank you"

"How abut show and tell for $200"

Now I will show you a picture and you have to tell what it is."

BUZZ! "A small man in a suit with mustache" answered Heavy

"No not me the picture behind me"

BUZZ! "A very gay man in a suit with a mustache" Answered Bill

"*sigh* let's just show the picture"

A picture of a hammer is showed on screen

BUZZ! "What is beating stick" said Heavy

"No that is wrong"

BUZZ! "What is screwdriver" said Bill


"anyone else Rei do you have any guesses"

Rei shyly looks away from the camera

Out of time buzzer buzzes

"Really it's a hammer how could none of you know that"

"That's easy for you to say since you have the cards with the answers on it" Sneered Bill

"Right well Bill it's your turn"

"I'll take Jap Anus Relations for $400"

"You mean Japan US Relations"


"How about Things You Shouldn't Put In Your Mouth for $800"

"And the question is Should you put a bullet in your mouth"

BUZZ! "YES!" shouted Heavy

"What! Who in their right mind puts bullets in their mouth?"

"I Do" said the Heavy

He then spits out bullets that were in his mouth and showed them to Alex before popping them back in his mouth

"That's disgusting"

BUZZ! "I know something you mother love stick in her mouth" mocked Bill

"That was uncalled for"

"Admit it your moms a slut and you know it don't you Trebek" mocked Bill

"You know what let's just skip to final Jeopardy and the question is"

Numbers That Exist

"All you have to do is write a number that exist"

The Jeopardy theme begins playing

"You can write any number"

" A 1 a 2 any number"

Jeopardy theme ends

"All right times up lets what you got"

"R.E.D Heavy you wrote A picture of a sandwich. I'm sorry that is wrong and wagered A Sandvich "

"I'm being very hungry right now. All I can think about is sandvich" said Heavy


"Rei you wrote"

"I didn't write anything" Rei said shyly

"Thank you"

"And Bill you wrote a picture of a hand waving the middle finger"

Bill stared laughing

"*sigh* and you wagered F you Trebek"

"*sigh*Well thankfully this is the end of our show I have been your host Alex Trebek. Now I'm going home to put a loaded gun in my mouth."