My Little Boy

Story One

Under The Bed

Grace Darby and Cliffjumper were trying to sleep.

Really hard.

But the echos of the thunderstorm outside the house kept them wide awake, and there was no sign of stopping. The crackles of lighting send shivers down the toddlers' spines and audio senses. Grace scampered under the covers of her sheets. Cliffjumper burrowed further into his energon recharger. Mere seconds felt like eternity. The night was going to be a sleepless one.

"The lighting's scary..." shook Cliffjumper as he looked up at the rain stained window.

"Cliff... do you think it's going to stop...?" the human girl whispered under the blanket.

"I don't know...!"

Another crack and cackle, and the children immediately retreated to their hiding places.

"Mommy...!" the sparkling muttered under his breath.

"Zane's still sleeping...!" Grace motioned to her baby brother, trying to hush Cliffjumper. "If we wake him, he'll cry...!"

"... Grace?"


"Do you believe in monsters?"

"... maybe, why?"

"Well, Uncle Bumblebee told me stories. Stories of the ancient war. There were monsters that come out in the middle of the night and take sparklings away in their sleep."

"... what were they called?"

"Uncle Bumblebee called them... Decepticons."

A strike of lighting sounded and the children hid further in their covers.

"And what... do the Decepticons do to sparklings?" Grace shuddered from shock, but sounded curious.

"They don't just come for us sparklings. They come for human children as well."

"... human children?"

"They hold you down, test you with this... slime. And they never let you out...!"

"They won't come and take us... right?"

"I don't know... but one could be here right now. Under... the bed. ... But Uncle Breakdown would always look upset whenever anybody mentioned 'Decepticons'... Maybe he was taken by them when he was a sparkling. Maybe that's why he only has one eye...?"

"We can't let them take Zane!" Grace bounded out of her bed and climbed up into the baby's crib.

"Hey, don't leave me here all alone...! The monsters might get me!"

Almost tripping on something in the dark, Cliffjumper managed to get to the crib, but as he looked into the contents of the little bed, there wasn't enough room for him.

"You're too big, Cliffjumper, go somewhere else, hide!" Grace was holding on to her infant brother, soft moans slowly indicating the baby might wake up.

Slow, echoing footsteps sounded from the corridor, and the blood/energon of the children just froze. There was no escape. The time of judgement was upon them! And it was coming swift and fast.

"It's coming...!" Grace whispered in fright.

The door opened, casting a long shadow from the light and each nerve in the children's bodies just about screamed.



Aim and fire, the grabbed on to anything they could and threw them at the monster. Clang after clang, the objects bounced off the shadowed figure. The door closed again. They were victorious!

"Monster's gone!"

As Arcee closed the door of the children's bedroom, her optics narrowed in annoyance as she brushed off random articles of childcare items off her person.

"Jack, I think you may want to have a look at this... The kids are more 'prepared' than we expect them to."


Hey, everyone, how you doin'? ^.^

The story's another 'Gone' universe fic in a humorous tone... Glad I could get at least one 'sequel' story line from 'Nine Months Alone' for the next generation. ^.^ Thanks to RulerofFire as always ^^

Hope you like!