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Title: "Evils Of The World"

Pairing: Johanna Barker/Judge Turpin

Rating: M

Genre: Angst/Hurt/Comfort

Warning: Dark theme, psychological manipulation

Beta-reader: GabbyFreak - Thanks a lot for your effort! :-)

+ + + Chapter One - "Errands" + + +

The carriage stopped in front of one of London's posh boutiques on a bright June morning. Johanna stepped out and took a curious look at the shop window. Judge Turpin had promised to take her shopping and since she had grown out of most of her clothing lately, she was in desperate need of a real corset and a couple of new dresses.

She regarded this little trip to the centre of London with mixed feelings – on the one hand she was happy to escape her golden cage for a little while and what woman wouldn't be happy about new clothing? On the other hand she felt somehow uncomfortable in the Judge's presence since he had offered himself to marry her earlier that morning...

Johanna shuddered at the idea of actually marrying her legal guardian; that thought had never crossed her mind. Thinking of him as the only father she ever had, she had reluctantly declined his proposal as politely as possible, however, Turpin was anything but pleased about her reaction.

With a heavy heart Johanna had realized that the way he looked at her sometimes could never be the look of a loving father for his daughter, or in her case, ward. There was something sinister and disturbing in his glance, an insidious menace she couldn't quite classify...but it did terrify her.

Turpin had advised her to reconsider her decision thoroughly but dropped the issue for the moment. Johanna didn't know what to make of this but she had a presentiment that the jury was still out...With an uneasy feeling she blocked out that thought.

And then...she couldn't stop thinking about that young sailor, coincidentally walking the street nearby her window a couple of days ago. Johanna felt her heart pounding a little faster than usual as the memory of his face formed in her mind. Was this love, actually? Did something like love at first sight really exist?

The romantic daydream of simply running away with that young stranger, leaving all this behind, was interrupted abruptly as the familiar voice of Judge Turpin cut her out of her haze.

"Shall we, my dear?" He held the door open for her and Johanna smiled gratefully, but shyly back at him.

Inside the shop a marvellous variety of dresses and hats, purses and other clothing could be found.

"Pick anything you like, Johanna." Turpin generously said. Lulling her into a false sense of security would do the trick for the time being. "It's my treat."

Johanna wandered around the shop, picking several dresses and accessories that appealed to her. A middle-aged saleslady assisted her, carrying all the items Johanna had selected as she headed for the assortment of underclothing, bloomers and corsets.

Johanna paused for a moment, reluctantly looking back over her shoulder to find Turpin leaning against the wall, arms crossed, an attentive look on his face. Apparently he didn't intend to leave and let her make her selection in private.

Johanna inwardly sighed, then dutifully smiled at the saleslady and pointed at the bunch of corsets. "I guess I'll need one of these, too."

"For sure you do, young Miss." The sales lady replied in a cheerful voice, nodding her head for emphasis as she looked at Johanna's well grown shape. "...but shouldn't we send your father out while you make your choice?" The saleslady chuckled.

"I am not her father." Turpin's dark and gruesome voice put an end to the casual chat between Johanna and the motherly sales lady. Johanna lowered her eyes, not daring to object to what he said was all true. Nevertheless, since Judge Turpin left the dubious question of their relationship open, the saleslady shot Johanna a pitiful glance, then stepped back like she knew what was good for her.

Turpin's steps echoed through the suddenly very silent room. He picked one of the corsets and handed it over to Johanna. It was cream coloured with lots of black lace, embroideries, a couple of ribbons and some black suspenders dangling at the end of it.

"Try this one. I'm sure it will suit you nicely." The Judge said, looking Johanna straight in the eye, making it perfectly clear that his statement was more an order than a request.

Johanna blushed. This was one of the least likely corsets she would have picked. It was beautifully made, without doubt, but she felt it would make her look more like a high-priced slag than the innocent girl she was. Or at least, she hoped she was...

Johanna nodded in quiet obedience, took the corset and vanished into one of the changing rooms. Annoying Turpin would definitely not be in her interest and so she started getting changed. After a little while she realised that she couldn't do without assistance for the lacing.

"Um. Excuse me, Madam? I need some assistance..." All of a sudden the curtain of the changing room was wrenched open. Johanna cringed as she realised that it wasn't the sales lady standing in front of her but her guardian. Instinctively she covered her cleavage with her long, blond hair.

"Madam is busy with other customers." He said, unashamed of giving her elevator-eyes.

"I'd be happy to help out." The monotony in his voice frightened her. Turpin had never laid a hand on her but now she couldn't help but feel like easy prey. Swallowing hard, she stepped out of the changing room, standing in front of one of the large mirrors the boutique supplied.

"I need some assistance with the lacing." Johanna calmly said, trying to concentrate on her reflection in the mirror as she saw Turpin stepping up behind her, unknowingly licking his lips in suppressed desire, which frightened her even more.

Oh yes, she would run away with that young sailor boy! She´d drop him the key to the rear door of Turpin's city estate as soon as she'd see him next time. This was so creepy!

Johanna's back stiffened as she felt her guardian's hand ghosting over her back in order to move her blond curls to reveal the lacing of the rather slutty corset. She kept her glance straight on her reflection, hardly daring to breathe as she felt the corset tighten forcefully around her torso, seductively pushing up her breasts with every tiny bit of lacing Turpin roughly pulled, eventually securing it in a bow.

Meanwhile breathing heavily, Johanna gasped. "That's too tight, Sir! Please, I can't breathe properly!"

"Some things just can't be tight enough..." He murmured absent-mindedly, intensely fighting back the compulsion to snake his hands around her front to squeeze her bosom, now elegantly crafted in black lace and cream silk.

"You'll get used to it." He whispered in her ear, his fingers playing with one of the black suspenders behaviourally.

"That corset comes with a matching set of black stockings, Miss." The sales lady was back. "Shall I wrap it for you?" She said, forcing Turpin to let go of Johanna for appearance's sake.

"Yes, do so." The Judge replied, regaining his self-control. "All of it. Except for the corset and the stockings. These you'll hand her." He looked at Johanna with a repressed predatory leer. "She'll keep it on...to get used to the new feeling." Turpin quickly added. "Right, my dear?"

Johanna had finally managed to find her breath again but she felt incredibly caged in that slutty corset. Nonetheless, Turpin's stubborn will just made the decision forming in her mind easier. – Oh yes, she wouldn't wait till that animal would pounce on her! She'd run off with that young sailor as soon as possible!

For the moment, however, she would keep up appearances and play on his terms. No need to get him suspicious.

"As you wish, Sir." Johanna docilely answered, making a curtsey. "Very well then. Get changed now." He ordered, pleased with her obedience. "I'll be waiting for you in the carriage, Johanna."

Off he went, leaving Johanna to apply the black lacy stockings the saleslady handed her mutely. She put on her blue dress again, slowly leaving the boutique whilst she was preoccupied with her plan of leaving Judge Turpin for good.

Soon. So soon...

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