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+ + + Chapter 3 – A Price To Pay + + +

Back upstairs in Turpin's stately home, Johanna hoped for the Beadle and Turpin to leave her room soon when she stared out of the window at the meanwhile starry night sky. However, much to her dismay, they didn't make no move to do so. Johanna was tired, confused and disillusioned. All she longed for now was getting a good night's sleep, trying to repress the memory of today and pretend it had only been a bad, bad nightmare.

"So you've finally come to your senses?" Turpin asked, casually propping himself up against the end of the bed, Bamford standing in the doorframe.

Johanna turned around and nodded heavy-heartedly, feebly answering. "Yes, Sir. I have." Turpin's eyebrow rose. He almost got her where he wanted. "You will accept my marriage proposal unquestioningly?" Johanna slouched her shoulders in surrender. "I will."

The Beadle clapped his hands sycophantically. "Now that's good news, Milord, isn't it?" "Silence!" Turpin hissed, annoyed by the interference. Walking over to Johanna, he tilted her chin. "So..." The Judge slightly brushed over her tender lips with his thumb, his growing arousal rather obvious, whispering in a hoarse voice. "...let's seal that with a kiss." With that said, he cupped Johanna's head with both hands, forcing her into a possessive and forceful kiss.

She was horrified by his sudden aggression, desperately trying to free herself from him, panting for breath. Eventually she succeeded in breaking the kiss, breathing heavily and confused by the fact that it was no longer simply fear she felt...

"Please, Sir, don't!" She protested, yet her solicitation didn't go down particularly well. "No more excuses, Johanna!" Turpin replied threateningly. He grasped her by the waist and pulled her roughly against him. The Beadle, still lingering at the threshold, chuckled in amusement. Fiercely, Judge Turpin kept on nibbling his way down the side of her neck and Johanna cringed as she sensed something firm poking against her belly. Now what was that weird and incredibly appealing feeling that kept gradually mixing with her reluctance and anxiety? Nevertheless, in a second of clarity, her learned sense of prudish, victorian values prevailed.

"Judge Turpin,..." She struggled for the right words, realizing the immediacy of his straightforward intentions. "...Sir, I beg of you, I already agreed to marrying you!" Johanna gasped in defence. "Can't you...restrain yourself until that time?" Her voice was hardly audible and – much to her surprise – didn't sound as convincing as she hoped it would.

"No. I don't. Not anymore." Turpin hissed, kneading her buttocks for emphasis. "You've lost that right with your attempted escape." He sneered at her and Johanna's eyes widened in shock. "Either I will have you..." He stated. "...or everybody else will."

Turpin's words were like a slap in the face for her. Was this a threat? A threat to bring her back to that god awful place from earlier and actually abandon her to her fate?

Biting back tears, she realized that bowing to Turpin's will would probably be the least evil after all. Swallowing hard, Johanna raised her head and replied in a shaky voice.

„I...see, Sir. But please, accept just one request, won't you?"

"And what would that be?"

"I need you to promise me that...you will never do any of those...horrible things you made me see...please?"

Ah, now she was negotiating! Turpin inwardly chuckled. Having confronted her with the most pervert and disgusting practices possible still left more than enough options to fully satisfy his needs with her. Though, he decided to keep her in suspense. Discipline is necessary!

"That depends on your compliance."

Johanna lowered her eyes. There was nothing more to discuss. She reached for the front buttons of her dress, opening the first few, leaving Turpin to inhale sharply. „Good girl." His wishes seemed to come true. Finally. The Judge briefly reminisced the night he had triumphed over Johanna's mother. It had been intense and satisfying, yes, but unfortunately it had been a one-off, too. Due to his devious psychological manipulations now, with Johanna it would be a permanent arrangement and Turpin would be able to have her over and over again, anytime he liked...

All of a sudden, Johanna stopped, gazing towards the door. The Beadle was still there. Realizing the reason for her stopping, Turpin growled. „Out!"

Bamford grinned, raised his hat and bowed out. „As you wish, Milord. Goodnight." He shut the door with a squeak, now grinning like mad since he knew pretty well of the peeping hole in the wall...

As soon as the door snapped shut, Turpin could no longer restrain himself. All the years of struggle for composure took its toll on him now. He ripped the front of Johanna's dress open, causing it to slide to the ground, leaving her only in her new black laced, cream coloured corset with matching suspenders and panties. Johanna was a vision of delight and her corset ensemble accommodated so very well to one of his many unconventional preferences. He hadn't been that hard in ages.

Turpin grabbed her by the hair, dragged her over to the bed and pushed her down, pinning her effectively onto the mattress. Johanna moaned as she felt his weight upon her, with some surprise that his actions didn't disgust her as much as she had suspected. As a matter of fact her fear slowly started declining, making way for an unknown feeling of thrill, sending jolts of excitement right down to her core…

(Loooong censored part.)

THE END (For Now).

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