It's the year 2035. Mankind has began to deviate from the path of evolution, taking it into their own hands. From what began as medical implants and advanced prosthetic limbs has exploded into a business of augmentation, where everyone and anyone, with the money, can go under the knife in order to gain an upper hand with computer and mechanical-based enhancements. Now in a time of change, it's rare for any one person to not have a computer chip implanted in their brain or a bionic limb enhancement that aids them in their day-to-day life. The corporations dealing in these augmentations are in a place of power, matching, if not bettering, the governments across the world. But with these enhancements comes added danger. Crime rates have rocketed, and despite attempts to quell the continuous arguments between pro and anti-augmentation groups, riots are not an uncommon sight across the globe. So while mankind strives to raise itself, take control of its own future, it seems that these technological advances come with the declination and possible loss of humanity itself.

It seemed that while time and technology had changed the whole world, one brightly lit city in the west of America appeared to have embraced the change the most. While other cities had slowly and reluctantly succumbed to technological advances over the past decade, Las Vegas seemed to have positively exploded with new tech. Of course, there was no way that the neon lights of Vegas could possibly be left in the past, so it was understandable that it was happy to be one of the leading cities in advancements. every hotel and casino, every road, every sidewalk were subjected to some new form of bizarre enhancement. Almost every inch of space that wasn't taken up by a glittering casino and hotel had some kind of advertisement, namely for the various augmentation clinics that had sprung up across the city enthusiastically. But there were also other more straightforward adverts, making the most of the past few years technological jump. Gone were the days of 3D images on LED billboards, now in their places were holograms, reaching out to passers by, luring them with holographic gambling chips or excessive and barely concealed cleavages.

As always, Las Vegas had no care in the world about their electrical usage. Not that it had to worry, as it knew that somewhere, in the depth of a laboratory, there would be someone coming up with a way to fix any up and coming energy shortages.

Las Vegas had changed drastically over the last few short years. Despite all the economic pressures, the rising and falling of stocks and shares, and all the screaming and shouting about debt, Las Vegas still prevailed. And it didn't just carry on; it seemed to positively thrive, as if in its own little bubble, ignorant of the global crises wracking the world. Like the augmentation corporations, Las Vegas just grew and grew. While the world seemed to fall apart, what better way to spend the day than drinking and gambling away the cursed money in the comfort of the sparkling lights of the desert city?

The city, once the gambling capital of the world, also became synonymous for the number of augmentation clinics. In a city were gambling was an art, it was understandable that hundreds of thousands of gamblers wanted someway, anyway, to enhance their chances at hitting the jackpot in the tough economic times.

Both clinics and casinos seemed to spring up out of nowhere, any while their primary objects was to clamour for a prime spot near or on the Strip to rake in the money, with each new building came a huge influx of new jobs, luring people to the city with the promise of a secure lifestyle and an occupation that would last a lifetime, with a permanent and reliable income.

In a world where there were constant rises and falls in the global economy, Las Vegas was viewed as one of the few places in the world that seemed immune to outward forces. It strove forwards, making headway with the futuristic technology that allowed it to keep afloat no matter what came its way.

But beneath all the glitz and glamour, the flowing money and the flashing lights, there of course lay a darker side.

Backstreet augmentation clinics, running off smuggled and stolen goods. Gangs warring in the streets behind the glittering casinos, their illegal augmentations, many of which were of a military level, causing havoc. Riots breaking out over the simplest of things, be it a small dispute of the closing of a neighbourhood convenience store to the closing of one of the high-rise casinos.

For most, this darker Las Vegas was easily overlooked, always skimmed over in the news to make the city seem like an oasis in tough times. But for those that lived and worked in Vegas, many knew what the city was hiding, and some were just waiting for the chaos in the darkness to bubble up and spread into the centre of the city and destroy it's isolated economy.

Devin Grayson was one of these people. One of the many residents waiting for the day when the blissful ignorance of Las Vegas was shattered with the cold, hard reality of chaos. He'd lived in the city all his life, watched it grow and expand in a way that no other city could have even dreamt to in the twenty-first century. He'd always been hopeful, nowhere else offering the prospect of a secure job life Vegas. For that reason, the moment he left school, he'd jumped onto the career ladder. The bottom rung had consisted of meagre work, down in the depth of one of the less glamorous hotels that served the rougher side of humanity. But starting off with this firm base had allowed Grayson to power to the top of his chosen job occupation with one of, if not the, top hotels on the Strip, by the time he was thirty.

As head of the games surveillance team at the Rosso e Nero hotel and casino, situated right in the centre of the Strip, where it had replaced the two aging and decaying casinos, the Bellagio and Caesar's Palace, Grayson couldn't have asked for a better job. He was in a position of some power, which did wonders for his ego, and his yearly wage was better than he could ever have dreamed of as a boy. And as a bonus, he loved every moment of his job.

There was just something about sitting in a plush backroom, surrounded by a range of monitors all steaming a live feed from every inch of the luscious casino that made him feel content. He was good at his job too, usually able to spot any kind of incident before it had even had the chance to develop or even begin to play out. As a valuable member of the casino's security, Grayson never had to fear for his job.

Until one day.

One day when Las Vegas's constant pushing of its futuristic boundaries saw Grayson's life head down a new path, one where there was no turning back.