Sky is Changing

Chapter 1

"What! How could you do this to me!" she yelled at her mother in a very "teenage girlish - rampage" way, that is she saw it in a movie she would off laughed her ass off at ...

But now she was in this situation, in real life, and not in some low budget movie with actors that hope to make it big and become as famous as other successful actors who modern teenagers wouldn't know, even if it hit them on the head!or a cheep made teenage based TV show with actors who are in there early 30 but look childish and auditioned, and she couldn't see anything that was worth laughing at.

She was now standing by her bed and yelled at her mother who was shocked at her daughters reaction after she told her the news.

"Sky, sweetie ..." Her mother, Elizabeth Anderson, was still trying to calm down her daughter after have so very calmly told her the horrifying news. She was now slowly standing up from Sky's bed.

"Please calm down" Her mother made a gesture with both her hands for Sky to calm down and to lower her voice as Elisabeth was now half way out the door by now.

"How can you ask me to calm down when you tell me that the 3 people, that I hate more the anything, is coming to move here to Maywood!" Sky yelled in such a strong yet girlish voice that she couldn't even recognize her own voice.

"Okay honey" Her mother told her nonchalant and Sky knew that her mom had stopped listening.

"I'll talk to you later when you have calmed down" her mother said now only with her head at the door.

She closed the door and Sky groaned, turned around and threw her hands up in the air before throwing herself into her bed and she stared at the ceiling for a moment.

This was Sky Anderson, 17 year old teenage girl who oblivious to all, was a Tomboy.

Ever since she was a little girl, she had always liked "guy stuff" better the "girl stuff".

For example, she liked to play with race cars better then with Barbie dolls. She liked action movies instead of romantic comedy movies. And she liked watching sports better then to watch TV shows about teenage romance.

It's not like she hated"girl stuff", it's just that she liked; basketball, soccer, baseball, computer games and collecting comics better then; playing princess, makeovers, talking about boys, gossiping and shopping.

She was a princess at Halloween when she was little and she did like to talk about cute boys sometimes and she had makeup on when she had to attend parties her family was invited into. She did these "girl stuff" from time to time as a variation from all the "boy stuff" she usually does.

She was considered a "daddy's girl" since he taught her to play basketball, he was there ... Cheering when she was in the junior baseball team and played her first game, he was at her soccer games and he watched the football games on TV with her and taught her the game.

She did things with mom to, like ... She talked to her about the boys at school that she thought were cute(since dad would freak out and become a little "over protective"), her mom taught her how to put on her makeup perfectly and to walk in high heals, they also went shopping together for dresses that she had to wear on special occasions and also for hoodie that she loved and would usually wear at school.

Why they were invited to parties all the time?

Well, her dad was a well respected man at his company and her mom was from a wealthy family that had created a name in dad's company and together were they always involved with work and meetings, and Sky had to take care of herself.

Ever since she could remember she had always been trained to be able to defend herself, her parents had made her go to kung fu lessons, boxing lessons, and other self defense lessons. When she had asked her parents why she had to go to these lessons, they always answered: "you know that it could be dangerous for a young girl like you, and your very pretty to, sweetie. We just want you to be safe, do you understand?".

There logic was understandable and they were very worried about her since she had always been a little of an wild child, skating throw there little town, coming home late after hanging out with her friends, and other normal teenage stuff.

So she always nodded at there answer and continued to go to the self defense classes and she did pretty good at them to. She was a black belt in kung fu and was second best in boxing.

She was a fast learner and had always been strong because of all the sport she did when she was little. She also was a pretty fast runner and she was good at climbing up trees to.

"Okay, my annoying and amazingly girlish cousins are moving here and are going to start in my school and probably stay here until I commit suicide or transfer to a school far away from here ... Maybe Africa?" Sky talked out loud to herself like she always did. It helped her collect her toughs.

She tried to analyze the situation she was in and figure out a way that she could stop her cousins; Zoe, Alice and Cecelia, from moving to her hometown.

There was a few outrages and awesome ideas that popped up in her head first of all ... But they were also highly fictional.

Another thought was to talk to her parents about it, maybe they could talk to Uncle Mike and Aunt Mimi and tell them that it would be a horrible idea to move here to Maywood, but Sky knew better then to do that.

After all Aunt Mimi and Uncle Mike were perfect, in every-single-way and they loved there three daughters more then anything in the world, so they had decided to move to there little hometown, Maywood in hopes to "bring the families closer" and to make her life a living hell!

The only thing that Sky hated about Zoe, Cecelia and Alice, was that they were obsessed withmakeovers!

Every time Sky and her family had come to visit, the "grown-ups" had been talking in this huuuge living room downstairs while "the kids" were in the Zoe's room, because it was the biggest and they talked ...

They always made Sky talk about boys or what music she liked (since they all wanted her to like Justin Bieberor Rebecka black!),but when she said that she didn't want to talk about it or that she didn't like that god awful, Justin Bieber or that horrible Rebecka Black, they would always come up with the idea of giving Sky, a makeover.

Then when it was time to go back home, Sky always did the same thing: She washed away the makeup, undid everything that her three cousins did to her hair, took of the new clothes that they had made her go shopping for in the mall not far from there house (coincidence? I don't think so!) and packed them in her bag, promising herself to hide those clothes in the back of her wardrobe whenshe got home.

And she finished by pulled on her favorite hoddie and favorite baggy pants with the finishing touch as she wore her favorite sneakers. She also usually had a cap on under the hoddie, if anyone was trying to take off her hoodie and to see how she really looked like.

It's not that she was shy about her appearance.

No, actually it's the other way around, she was always teased on for being "one of the guys" but she didn't care much about it.

So what she liked to be friends with guys better then to gossip with girls and go shopping?

It's not like it was against the law.

She just didn't want her friends or anyone else, to know how she looked under her clothes and she had successfully hidden it from everyone, except her parents for making her "girl up" for business parties and other special occasions. Her friends knew about her have to attend to these Special Occasions, and they did ask to help her fix up but she always said that she wasn't going to change much so they shouldn't bother.

It was just ...

Her whole life she had always been considered "beautiful" and "adorable" by so many people that she decided not to make her friends think the same of her. She wanted them to like her for her, and not for what she looked like.

Besides, she loved wearing hoodies and hanging out with the guys, acting like one of them.

She felt as one of them and not out of place ...

But now that was all about to change, if she didn't stop her cousins to move to her beloved Maywood!

She returned into thinking up a plan to stop her cousins and there Perfect parents from coming there and messing up her life.

After several hours of thinking she knew she had to accept the fact that there was no way she could stop them.

"I'm screwed!" She sighed out laud and started to think up ways to separate her life with her cousins from her school life.

She looked out the window and saw that it had already dark outside, so she changed to her PJ and went to sleep.

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