Hello! Obviously it's been a ridiculous amount of time between the last update and today, and I apologize that it took me so long. I was busy with my first year of college and also admittedly was unsure of what direction to take the story in next. Finally some inspiration came, so I hope you enjoy the newest chapter.

Also, I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but one of the reasons this story is AU is because Amy never met Rory, hence why he is not travelling with her and the Doctor. He may show up later, but I just wanted to explain his current absense.

"But what use can I be in this instance?" Sherlock wondered aloud. "I solve mysteries, look into crimes. If these aliens have just teamed up with Moriarty, isn't it more in your job description to fix this little issue up?"

"Job description?" The Doctor wore a confused little smile.

Sherlock smirked. "The Doctor? Doctors typically note a disturbance and come up with a remedy, do they not? Although I suppose we can assume that you're not a real doctor, I mean you can't have gotten a degree… or is that rude of me? To believe that aliens don't get degrees? I'm a bit out of my element here, you understand."

The Time Lord smiled wider, and more genuinely this time. He was quite enjoying his time with this man. "I suppose that's true, no I haven't a real degree, it's not rude, and I do understand," he replied in his typical speedy manner.

"Okay, so it's not your real name then, right?" John chimed in from his chair, managing to follow that bit of the conversation at least.

Truthfully, it unnerved him a bit to be meeting a man who could seemingly keep up with Sherlock's intellect. He was currently using all of his willpower to not name the feeling stirring inside him as jealousy. Sherlock had always needed to slow himself down to explain things to John. Was that just holding him back?

Honestly, John mused on, who cared if the man in front of them was not human? If he stuck around, Sherlock surely wouldn't be needing plain old John Watson by his side to solve murders with. And, he begrudgingly added in the privacy of his own mind, this Doctor chap was quite a handsome man. He had no idea if Sherlock noticed these kinds of things, but if he did he had to be comparing the two of them.

"It's what they call me!" The Doctor answered cheerily.

"That's not what he asked, though, is it? So what is your real name?"

Amy snorted. "Good luck getting that one out of him!"

The Doctor spun to face her and placed a hand against his Police Box. "Amy, we've talked about this, The Doctor is my name, and if I was born with another then it'd probably be really hard to pronounce anyway so it doesn't matter."

"But Doctor-" Amy began to protest before Sherlock regained the room's attention again by loudly clearing his throat.

"We've gone off subject, it seems. I want to know why you've come to me specifically. What about my services are so invaluable to you?"

"You know Moriarty. How he thinks, what moves he will be most likely to make in a given situation, his faults and weaknesses. Also, I have this…" And here, he pulled a small steaming jar of blue goop from a pocket inside his jacket before continuing on to say, "and I would like your help in determining what it might be used for. I tried to get the TARDIS to tell me but she couldn't quite figure it out; my best guess is that it's some hybrid of human and alien technology. I know you're quite good with the chemistry. So, what do you say?"

Sherlock opened his mouth only to hear the Doctor add in a vaguely sing-songy manner, "Just saying, if you don't help me, your planet could come to its untimely demise. Just throwing that out there." He lowered his hands and took a step back, presumably to lean coolly against the TARDIS but missing by an inch and instead stumbling back into a sofa.

John and Sherlock shared a look that Amy had seen time and time before, a look that said is this guy for real? They maintained eye contact for a few seconds too long, enough time for Amy to cock her head and question whether the relationship between the detective and doctor was as platonic as it was made to seem in the stories. The ginger smiled to herself. She planned on finding out.

Sherlock turned back to the Doctor. "Okay," he said, with the slightest smile playing about his lips. An adventure was about to begin, perhaps one of even bigger proportions than he'd ever experienced. "I accept your proposal."

The Doctor clapped his hands together. "Excellent! Amy, please accompany our expert detective to the lab." Amy and Sherlock glanced at each other before nodding their consent to the Doctor. "And I believe I would like Dr. Watson to accompany me for the day as a temporary companion." He went over to John and pulled him to his feet, then began to walk over to the TARDIS.

"Hold on, hold on," John protested, stopping outside of the TARDIS doors and gazing at the blue box with trepidation. "Where exactly are we going?"

The Doctor snaked a hand out the doors and pulled the hesitant man in. "You might want to rephrase that question-" he started saying as he moved around a control panel in the middle of the surprisingly large room.

Oh, don't say it, they heard a voice cut in from outside the doors.

"-to when exactly are we going!" the Doctor finished with a grin, before pulling down a large lever.

Amy did a half-groan, half-laugh as the TARDIS dematerialized. "Good luck!" she called. She really didn't know the Doctor's destination, nor why he wanted to take John Watson along in her place, but she trusted him completely.

Within half an hour, Amy and Sherlock were in the lab of St. Bartholomew's Hospital. Sherlock was moving swiftly about the lab, reading glass slides with small amounts of the blue substance. Amy watched him silently, her hazel eyes studying his porcelain skin, gorgeous cheek bones, and the lovely locks of dark curls falling into his eyes as he leaned over.

"So," she began, causing Sherlock, who seemed to have forgotten she was there, to give a slight start.

"How does this all work? You do a little magic, make some good guesses, and we can go stop Moriarty's mischief in its tracks?" Amy drew closer, suddenly feeling lost in Sherlock's clear green eyes. I can see why John follows you everywhere you go, she thought fervently.

"You're bloody gorgeous," she said aloud. Sherlock's eyes flicked up from the microscope. He raised an eyebrow at her sudden change in demeanor. Oddly enough, and it was quite strange for him in particular, he found himself wanting to tell the girl that she was the one who was attractive. He struggled to keep his thoughts in order. She'd asked him a question, had she not?

"It's not magic, it's chemistry," he corrected, standing up. "And I don't make guesses, I make deductions." His palms were sweating. Had he taken some spoiled milk in his tea this morning? He didn't understand why he was suddenly coming down with such symptoms.

"Well, I have a deduction," Amy Pond purred, moving closer under the pretext of fixing Sherlock's collar.

"And what's that?" Sherlock asked quietly, his heart beating quicker. He found himself being pulled forward, causing his hand to go out blindly and touch something warm—the blue goop, he realized with a nervous feeling.

Amy pulled his chin up slightly so that his eyes met hers. "There's some chemistry between us," she murmured before closing the space between their lips.