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Chapter 3: Chained to You

What is love? What is comfort?

The only thing she knows is pain. Who is this stranger who keeps her chained? The One who pulls her into the depths of darkness where's no light. However as much as she tries, she can't identify this individual.

His cold hands were accustomed to dealing with death and those lifeless eyes tore her fragile skin. Scars of old ill-treatments were as visible as crystalline waters. The pink and fleshy lips quivered at his touch.
Laura took a deep breath. She just had one thing to fear.

End the same way as her mother.

Sasuke Uchiha. The one who killed his brother and tried to destroy Konoha during the 4th Shinobi war was married to one simple civilian. A civilian who was once a warrior. Someone who didn't need anyone until he showed up in her life.

"Sasuke." She said, feeling him bite down on her neck where he made a small cut. Blood slowly fell from her neck. He greedily licked it, not wasting a drop.

Laura breathed aggressively when he tore a little skin. Her hands instinctively stuck into his hair, pulling him so he could leave her neck. Sasuke more and more excited made more pressure on the private area, moaning softly.

She wanted to make the pain stop but it was impossible. Sasuke grabbed her like a dog and his bone. His warm tongue burned down even to the simplest touch. His long fingers draw invisible pictures in the girl's body.

The only person she can really blame is herself.

Sasuke took off her robe and grabbed her by the wrists at the same time she released his hair. "Honey, close your eyes and rest."


Sasuke removed a lock of hair from her face and spoke a bit more softly this time, "You have nothing to worry about, I'll be here with you."

She shuddered when she heard the last sentence. He smiled. A very weak smile but it was still a smile.

Sasuke released one of her wrists, and passed his hand across her face, chest, and stomach finally stopping at her sex.

"Relax." he murmured, placing a finger inside her. Laura closed her eyes and suppressed a groan. Sasuke wasn't very interested in what she was thinking.

Very slowly, the Uchiha connected his lips with hers. Laura kept her eyes closed. The kisses she received from him before he left for Orochimaru were much sweeter and insecure at that time.

A kiss, a pinch, a bite and his breath on her cheek made her whole body vibrate. When he wants he can be sweet. The tip of his tongue traveled again to the Laura's body.

The unprotected woman shivered at his touch. Sasuke smiled internally and then put another finger inside her. Her body fluids were hot. There isn't a more natural lubricant than that.

His fingers drifted in and out of her. At first slowly and then with a reasonable speed. His spit was spread throughout her body. She bit her lower lip and her nipples stood up with excitement.

Sasuke only makes sex, not love. Laura doesn't know what to think. She has a history with him. Her mistake was to let herself be drawn into his darkness. Even after what Naruto did, Sasuke continues to enjoy the darkness.

The Uchiha growled, seeing her in pure pleasure. Laura opened and closed her eyes feeling each cells of her body quiver. Sasuke dropped the other wrist and got into his knees, pulling her closer to him. She sighed with pleasure.

Still with his two fingers inside her, Sasuke's breathing started to increase. With his free hand, the Uchiha rubbed her clitoris.

"Damn it." he cursed, opening his fingers and twisting them. Laura began to cry in delight. Her husband's mouth attacked her nipples and quickly their pink color became purple.

Her hands clutched the blankets. She threw her head back and moaned his name half cry half moan. "S-Sasuke."
Hearing her voice covered with pleasure, the Uchiha bit down her nipples harder this time.

Both bodies began to sweat. His lips ran his wife's chest. Her nipples covered with saliva, slipped from Sasuke's mouth. He tried to bite them but without success.

Taking his fingers off her and leaving her clitoris, Sasuke unbuttoned his pants and lowered his boxers. Laura squirmed incessantly. Her nails penetrated into her palms while Sasuke stood up and undressed.

With one smooth motion, he placed a hand on her knee and the other free hand grabbed her thigh and pulled her underneath him. Sasuke shook his head with the intention of taking a lock of hair from his eyes. But as he was sweating, his hair became glued to his face.

Writhing, Laura bit her lower lip again, as she looked at Sasuke with her eyes half open. The Uchiha took the head of his cock and rubbed gently at her entrance.

The woman howled with pleasure. Sasuke continued to tease her. The heat of their bodies displayed was wonderful. He groaned with pleasure at the same time Laura left out a cry.

His cock was covered with Laura's body fluids. The pleasure he was providing, bubbled into him like an infernal fire. Sasuke stroked her vaginal lips, her vaginal entrance and then her clit. If he lets go of his hand, she might kick him.

Unable to stop his own body, the Uchiha delivered himself to his own pleasure. Both bodies trembled with arousal. He grabbed Laura's right hand and lay down on her.

His penis buried himself inside her. She tried to move but Sasuke was much heavier than her.
The Uchiha with his left hand grabbed Laura's legs and wrapped them around his waist. Then with his hands supported on both sides of her head, he stood still waiting for her to stop moving.

"Stay still." he whispered fiercely."Oh heavens." He began to penetrate her deeper. "Stop, moving."

She once again cried with pleasure. Sasuke started the intercourse, without her being prepared. He pressed his lips on hers. She turned to face the other way while he speed up. His low groans were helping her to relax.

"Oh!" he squeaked.

Laura gasped, feeling him inside her like a volcano in eruption. The woman's pale arms wrapped themselves around the Uchiha's back. She stroked him gently. The friction he created gave the most uncontrollable pleasure he could imagine.

"Damn you woman." Sasuke rested his elbows next to Laura's shoulders while she remained glued to his back.

Both bodies bobbed up and down. The bed was beating against the bedroom wall. Sasuke moaned like crazy with Laura. She dug her nails into her husband's back. He reacted to her touch, speeding up the pace.

"Ahh!" he howled in pleasure. "Shit."

"Sasuke." Laura's voice started to become hoarse.

The act lasted about 6 more minutes. Both reached their limit. He came inside her as he wished and she well she didn't have another option either. The black haired-young man groaned with a whisper while she decided to bite him on the shoulder to prevent a cry of great pleasure to be heard. She's tired of their nosy neighbors.

Panting, Sasuke stayed a few seconds inside her before leaving her exuberant heat. When he stepped out of her, he sat on the edge of the bed and ran his hand through his hair getting stuck in sweat. Then out of nowhere he got up and went to the bathroom not waiting for his breathing to come back to normal.

Laura who was still in the same position, stared at the ceiling. Sasuke looked at her through the mirror while washing his face. None of them said anything. When he returned, Laura turned to her side and closed her eyes.

She felt him climbing to the bed and covering her with a sheet. His strong arms wrapped themselves around her waist. His death grip almost prevented her to move. She managed to take a deep breath, trying to calm her breathing. She knew that later he wouldn't be like this.

"Sleep." he said with a hoarse voice, while kissing her neck. Laura stared at a photo of Konoha training fields. There she was free and not chained to anyone.

There she felt loved.

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