A Hetalia Axis Powers Fanfiction * Presented by FanSlewFantasy 2011
AmericaxCanada *

Who feels like a bit of America-cest in the morning?

I present to you all a totally out of whack AU gauken hetalia fic in which Alfred is a teacher (oh my god how utterly original! THAT'S never been done before…) Matt is a hipster and Matts best friend is a pyromaniac. Because I can see it happening… totally.

Aaaaand… begin.

Alfred F. Jones dropped his books and briefcase on the desk and carded long fingers though thick blonde hair. The classroom was deserted and un-remarkable. Boring, actually, filled with scribbled on desks and tatty publications from 1978. There was a globe on his desk. For true, a globe. How utterly quaint and… well, he found it a little but stuffy.

The academy wasn't like the schools he was used to.

In America, he had taught at a school where every day the children would say the pledge of allegiance and there was no such thing as history before George Washington. The classrooms had whiteboards with erasable pens, as opposed to faded blackboards used so often the scratch of chalk could never be removed from the surface. The desks were seat equipped, giant sized for giant asses, and the education was free and unstructured.

The rigidity he felt upon entering this particular classroom was discomforting and distracting. Grim, overall, and unpleasant.

He found himself anticipating a class of straight laced robots, reciting times tables for recreation, discussing Shakespeare and maybe, the few rebels without a cause at the back would smoke. Speak vulgarly about shagging and bray in their heavy way until Alfred lost his temper and began screaming.

He sighed and nibbled his lower lip, pondering what should be done about the situation, how he could possibly brighten up the space.

A few flags and some posters of lady liberty should do it.

Yeah… just the trick.