The 10th Kingdom

A New Story

By Bigdisneyfan23

Chapter one: Letting Go

King Wendell waited outside in the hall way while his wife, Rose was giving birth to their baby. The witch that had run them out of there Kingdom told him he would have a baby girl. Blond bright hair smooth beautiful skin and she would have his wife's green eyes, color of the earth. And she would be killed once she was born. Along with waiting with him were his good friend Wolf and his six year old son, Peter. Wolf's wife Virginia was inside the birth room. A few years go Virginia, Wolf, and her father Anthony Lewis, helped him get his throne back and saved the Nine Kingdoms from the evil queen and her huntsman along with four trolls. Now they were risking their lives again for him.

Virginia opened the door. "Wendell…" Wolf and Wendell looked at her. Wendell ran toward the door, Virginia jumped out of the way and walked over to her husband and son. Wendell was by his wife side and his baby girl. She was so beautiful.

Virginia walked backed in with her husband and her son behind her.

"Huff Buff, she's a beauty, Princeee you did well." Said Wolf, Wendell blushed.

Virginia slugged Wolf. "OW! What? What did I say? Virginia rolled her eyes and kissed her husband on the cheek.

She took Peters hand and lead him to Rose's side were the baby was laying in her mother's arms. "Peter this is the new princess." She knelt down next to her son. "You watch over her and her family while we go check out side to see if its safe, Okay" Peter nodded his head and his mother kissed him on the cheek. She got up and started to walk out of the room.

"Virginia wait," Virginia tuned to Wendell. "I'm so sorry about your father, he was a great man."

Virginia shook her head. "Don't be, he did what he thought was right. Protecting his family." Wendell smiled and Virginia smiled back and left the room.

"Mommy, Daddy wait." Peter yelled runny after his parents.

Both Wolf and Virginia turned to their son. Wolf picked up his son. "Peter you know you have to stay here, it's not safe."

"I know but I just want to tell you to come back safe." Peter hugged his dad and then his mom. They put him down and ran down stairs to front door were the queen guards were waiting for them.

Peter, having no knowledge of this walked back in to the room. Rose was asleep, Wendell was holding the baby. Peter walked over to them.

"What are you going to call her?" Peter whispered, not to wake up Rose.

Wendell looked down at Peter. "Rose and I choice Melody, what do you think, Peter?"

Peter smiled brightly. "I thought you were going to call her Snow White but Melody sounds better."

Wendell smiled at him. He walked over to the crib and put Melody in it. Melody turned to Peter and just stared at him. Peter Leaned over the crib and stared back at her. She was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Underneath his shirt he pulled out a chain with a ring hanging on it.

There was a single pearl on the ring being cradled by a small sea shell. The pearl moved showing a bright happy face.

"See this, it's a Sing Ring," he said dangling over Melody.

The ring started to sing. "A baby is born and all is well, for the new Princess Melody is born today."

Peter smiled. "I'm going to give it to you for good luck." He put the chain around Melody's small neck. He whispered to her. "I'll all was protect you, my Melody."

Peter saw a smile on her tiny lips but it disappeared when Peter heard a roar from outside.

Rose woke up and Wendell was rushing to the window. Outside a large group of Men and Trolls even a few Giants surrounded the cottage. Virginia and Wolf were tied up and standing in front of them was the queen.

Wendell turned to his wife. "They found us," Rose's face turned pale more pale then she was. Wendell turned at Peter. He walked over to Peter and knelt in front of him. He grabbed his shoulder and looked stared straight at him, Peter stared back at him. "Peter I want you to take Melody down stairs to the cellar, there is a mirror. The mirror is magical, turn the symbol on your left towards the glass of the mirror. Go through it and then get as far away as possible. Someone will come and find you and Melody but for right now." There was a large bang at the front door. "RUN!"

Peter grabbed Melody and ran. Another bang ran out just as Peter flung the cellar door open then closed it just in time when the third bang bust the front door open. Peter locked the door turned around and found it completely dark. Peter was afraid of the dark but his mother, father, the king, and the queen were expecting him to protect Melody. He took the first step and ran the rest down. It was great to be a half-wolf, he could see in the dark. Once he got to the bottom he found the mirror. He felt all around for the right symbol he reached for the only one he could reach. It moved the mirror flashed images of a world he did not know of, it came to a place where tress grew and these large castles went all the way to the sky. Peter stepped in, he images of thousand of mirrors coming at him and crashing them as he went through. Finally he was on the other side. He looked around at the new place.

He saw a bench; he walked over to it and placed Melody down on it. "I'll be right back, I just want to know if everyone is all right."

He ran back through the mirror, He slowly walked up the last two steps and put his ear to the door listing. Nothing. He unlocked the door and slightly opened it, He peaked through. Nothing either. He opened the door wider and walked out slowly, listing for anything. Peter heard a large crowed shout. Peter walked in to a room that faced the front and peaked out from one of the windows. Peter slightly opened it up just so he could listen to what was going on outside.

Outside the crowed loomed over the prisoners they had just captured. Peter saw King Wendell and Queen Rose down on their knees but he did not see his parents any were.

"LET'S KILL THEM!" cried out one of the trolls, everyone in the crowded yelled with agreement. Peter stomach lurched. Peter looked around the room for a weapon.

But then a sweet and deadly voice rung out loader then the roars of the crowed. "DON'T!" the crowed opened up and women cloaked from head to toe walked up to the prisoners.

"Why?" yelled one of the giants.

"Because, their daughter is not present." Nobody could see but the queen was smiling underneath her hood. "I need the child. I believe they want to see there first child being killed first before they watch each other die."

Wendell, who was forced to his knees looked up at the witch. "She is gone, she is safe from you."

The witch laughed. "How's that, I've all ready killed the people who were trying to take her away."

Wendell's face paled. The queen nodded her head to the crowd. Two bodies were thrown in front of Wendell and Rose. Virginia and Wolf lay on the ground blood all ready dried on their clothes. Rose screamed, tears falling down her cheek. Wendell, who now faced the fact that all of his friends were dead kept his face calm. He would morn for them later.

Wendell looked at the witch. "They weren't the ones who took my daughter to safety."

Again if she was not hiding her face you could see how surprised and angry she was.

Peter who had been listing and saw his parents just lying there stood still all color drained from his body. He was alone…no wait he had Melody. They were walking towards the cottage. Peter ran to the cellar door opened then closed and locked it. Again he listened for the intruders.

Three trolls walked by the door. "There's nothing here, My Queen." They left and started to look else were.

Peter knew once he had locked the door it would be invisible to anyone. He turned around to face the dark once again but this time he was not scared and he was not running. Peter was crying, his mother and father dead and he had know one to love him but he would take care of Melody and love her and she would love him back but she was only a baby and did not know how to say I love you. He walked through the mirror. Once he was on the other side he found the benches were he left Melody…but did not find her. He looked high and low and walked away from the sight of the passage of the mirror but he did not find her. He failed the Queen and King, he failed his parents and he failed himself. Peter cried hard and long before he headed back to the empty cottage. .

Back at the Nine Kingdoms, the King and Queen were heading home but not as owners but as prisoners. The Witch was going to keep them alive for bait for when the princess did come home or was found. But it would be a long time before Melody came home.

Peter got back to the cottage, and turned off mirror. He walked up the dark stairs. He didn't even cheek if anyone was around, he didn't care. But the grounds and the cottage were abandon and quit. He was all alone. He went up to the bedrooms. He passed the room were Melody was born; Peter looked away and closed the door. He went in the room where his parents and he were staying. He closed the door, crawled in to bed and cried himself to bed.