The 10th Kingdom

A New Story

By Bigdisneyfan23

Chapter Three: Guess my Name and Play my Game

Cereza sat across Erica, waiting for her to calm down. Cereza handed her another tissue. "Can you tell me about your Ex-husband?"

Erica nodded her head. "His…we met at a bar at that I used to work at in Florida. I had no idea about his criminal history until we got marry. I went up to confront him about it and he hit me. After that the man I married wasn't the same anymore."

"So why do you think that he is behind your sister murder and kidnapping your niece?" Cereza asked.

Erica took a deep breath and whipped away her last bit of tears. "He must have found out about Bella."

"Found out what!" Cereza didn't mean to raise her voice. She saw how startled Erica was. "Sorry, what did he find out about Bella?"

Erica looked at her wanted up tissue on the table. She then looked up at Cereza. "Victoria is not Bella's mother…I am her mother."

Cereza eyes widen. "WHAT!" Erica jumped in her seat. Cereza took a deep breath. "You told several officers that Bella was your sisters, why did you lie?"

"I…lied because I wasn't sure."

"What change your mind?"

Erica rubbed her head. "The day I left him he threatened me and my sister that he would come after us. And there were several times when we were married he would threaten to kill me if I ever left him."

Cereza ran her hand through her curly blond hair. "How did you keep him from finding out about your daughter?"

"I gave birth at my sisters old apartment, after the birth she took the baby. Victoria had the idea to fake my daughter's death and take her with her after the birth."

"How did she mange that?" Cereza asked

She looked down at her hands again. "My sister was a nurse, so she signed a death certificate. She got fired because she stole a dead infant. The infant died after birth and the mother abandon the body. That was the only criminal thing she has ever done."

Tears started to fall again from Erica's face. "Ever since our parents died she's all was took care of me. My big sister is gone…" she took a moment before she spoke again. "What am I going to do now? My last of my family is dead and my…" tears started to flow down her face again.

Cereza got up and walked over to Erica and hugged her. "I know how you feel, losing family is like losing a part of you." Cereza pulled away to look at Erica. "Why didn't you go to the police?"

Erica whipped her eyes. "I did, many times…but in some ways I still thought that…that monster could one day change back in to my husband."

Cereza nodded her head, she took in a deep breath. "I'm very sorry." Cereza walked about to her chair and sat down. "Before I can let you go, I need to know if your sister had any other enemies then your husband."

Erica shook her head. "Not that I know of."

Cereza grabbed her notes and pen and got up from her seat. "Okay, I want you to stay with a friend or in a hotel I'll have two cops gaurading the door and a police in the house or room…"

"I don't have friends who have room for me. And I don't have enough money to…"

Cereza took out her check book and wrote a three-hundred dollars to a Holiday Inn hotel about four blocks away from the police station. She ripped the checked out of the check book and handed it to Erica. "This will help. I know it won't bring back your daughter but it will give you some privies to your pain."

Erica didn't take at first. "Please you don't have to do this."

Cereza gave her a sad smile. "Yes I do." She put the check in Erica's hand. "We've both lost family and I wouldn't know what to do if my sister went missing too."

Erica took the check and gave Cereza a weak smile. Then turned in to tears.


Cereza banged her fist against the table. "THAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Cereza and Eddy were getting really irritated with this guy. Burt Hampton had been arrested and his wife has places a restraint order against him.

Burt took a deep angry sigh. "I found out my wife was here and I wanted her back. So I came to look for her."

Cereza laughed coldly. "She left you for a reason, I don't think she wants to go back to you or forgive you."

Burt glared at her. "I'm not that person anymore, I've change.'

Eddy shook his head. 'If you change then were is Bella."

Burt looked and raised his eye brow to Eddy. "Who's Bella?"

Cereza saw the shock on his face but she wouldn't believe that he didn't know about his daughter. "Your daughter, who you thought was dead, she now missing."

Burt shook his head. "No, my daughter died in child birth."

Eddy spoke. "She lied to protect Bella from you."

The man didn't even ask why, he knew why. "What happen and are there any leads to were my daughter is?"

Eddy and Cereza looked at him. Burt's face turned bright red. "YOU THINK I DID THIS! I DIDN'T EVEN NEW THE SHE WAS ALIVE UNTIL NOW!"

"You are most likely are main suspect." Said Cereza

Burt slamed his fits on the table. "HOW CAN I BE?" He took another breath " What about the other girls, do you think I took them too?" He said icily.

Eddy shook his head. "No but we believe you made it look that way"

Burt's mouth twitched "Then were is she?"

"Good point, where are you hiding her?" said Eddy.

"Why you are asking me theses questions when you should be looking for the real kidnapper." Yelled Burt.

Eddy slammed his hand. "FOR ALL WE KNOW YOU WERE THE ONE WHO TOOk…" A knock interrupted him, Harry walked in with a piece of paper and handed it to Eddy, He read it and handed it Cereza before walking to a corner of the room. He looked like a poor grownup kid in time out.

The piece of paper attached to it was Picture of Burt running a red light near the Brooklyn Bridge. At the time of the murder. "Crap, well there goes our lead." Said Cereza.

Burt realizing what the two cops were reading sat up strait and asked them. "What happen?"

Cereza looked at the folder in front of her. "Victoria was stabbed but there is some other evidence that she may have been killed another way. And we have everyone looking for your daughter and the other missing girls."

Burt went to shock to tears. But like a man he tried to hold them back. "No I did not take…"

"Bella" Eddy told him.

"I didn't take Bella, as I said before I didn't know my daughter was alive until now."

Cereza closed the file. "Why were you in such a hurry?" Harry asked

Burt stared at his shaky hands. "I was told of a great place to buy flowers but I wanted to get in time before they closed."

Cereza closed the file and looked at now the sad man. "Were you able to get there on time."

Cereza got up Eddy walked behind her and Hairy ready to close the door. Cereza held the door open turned to Burt. "You can go Burt, but stay in New York if we need to ask you anymore question."

Burt just nodded his head.

After closing the door they heard a sad whimper from inside of the room. .

Cereza had been looking at the white board for hours. Whoever they were dealing with knew what he was doing. It all looked planed. They found finger prints on the note but they were so odd. Sara said that they were a mix of an animal and a human. And the note was even worse.

"Guess my name and you will know thy game. What the hell?" Cereza read it out load to Eddy and Harry, He had just become a detective.

"Some kind of riddle?" Harry guessed.

"Yeah I know that but what does it mean?"

"It reminds me of that fairy tale of Rumpelstiltskin." Everybody turned to Cereza. "What?" she looked around at the guys.

"You've been reading to many fiction books." Said Eddy, they both laughed.

"Maybe but it seems that we all need a bit of fantasy in this dark world." Everyone went quit, Cereza looked around at everyone. She laughed nervously. "Sorry, its just this case gets weirder and weirder"

"Are you wroied about your sister?" Eddy asked

Cereza didn't even have to say anything, they new that she was very worried for Niko-chan.

Harry smiled weakly. "Maybe you should go home, will call you if there is anything new."

Cereza nodded her head and walked to over to her office. Niko-chan was fast asleep on the couch. A book feel out of her sisters hand.

She looked at the cover. "The 10th Kingdom? What's this about?"

Niko-chan opened her eye's a bit. "I found it on the porch when I got home from school." She sad drowsily. "I thought it was from you/"

"No, I didn't, What's it about?"

Niko-chan smiled at her older sister. "It's a story about what happen after happily ever after to the Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and the other fairy tell princesses. A girl about your age from NY ended up in the nine Kingdoms and falls in love with the wolf and saves the nine Kingdoms, from three trolls and a witch."

"The nine what?"

Niko-chan laughed. "There are nine Kingdoms each princess has her own Kingdom, even Red Riding Hood has her own Kingdom."

Cereza smiled back. "What about this wolf is he a werewolf?"

"No, he's sort of the wolf from Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs but he looks human until his eyes change and his tail pops out of his pants." Niko and Cereza laughed.

Niko-chan yawned, "Is it time to go home?" she stretched her arms and yawned again.

Cereza Yawned too. "Yeah, go back to sleep and I'll carry you to the car."

Niko-chan went back to sleep. Before heading to the elevator, Harry tapped her on the shoulder.

"Harry, what's up" Cereza asked.

Harry gave her a folder. She looked down at it and then back at Harry. "What's that?"

"Its has nothing to do with the case but I don't want you to read it until tomorrow, okay"

Cereza nodded her head. Took it under her arm and left \

In two hours Cereza drove up to the drive way of their house. Tiredly, Cereza carried her sister in to the house. She blindly walked through the dark hall ways up the stairs and in to Niko-chan's room. She placed her on her bed and plased her book on her sisters night stand. Cereza tiptoed out has quietly as she could and closed the door as gently has she could. A thought ran though her head just as Cereza shut the door to her sisters room she remembered that her sister was a light sleeper. Even touching her would wake her up. Cereza shrugged her shoulders thinking nothing of it. She was probably really tired, Cereza thought. She walked to her room and turned on the lights and closed her door.

On her jacket she notice some pink glitter on it. "What the…were did that come from." Threw the file on to her bed and took off her jacket. She brushed off the glitter. She hung up her jacket on the door and went to the bath room.

She looked in the bathroom mirror and notices something strange, she saw a castle. Gorges but dark and creep, Cereza rubbed her eyes and the image was gone. "I must be tired." She washed her face, brushed her teeth, and head to bed. She was too tired to put on her nigh ware, so all she wore tonight was a t-shirt. She crawled in to bed and turned off the lights. She dreamt of a boy with a Wolf tail and a man with curly blond hair just like hers.