Helloooo :D! Welcome to Inside Labyrinth Walls, a story inspired by -some- Coraline, -some- HP4, Pan's Labyrinth, and the song 'Get Out Alive' by Three Days Grace.

The legit summary:

Beware! For the time you spend in the labyrinth walls,
you'll see that this is the place where darkness crawls.
Inside this little game,
you'll see that people are not the same.
Try to find your way to the other side,
try to make it without losing you're mind.
If you want to play, go in if you dare,
but something you should remember is always beware.

This story is rated M for horrific stuff that comes in later on.
This story is AU.
This story is told in Dawn's point of view.

DISCLAIMER! I do not own the characters!
Enjoy :D!

Chapter One

"Dawn! Can you help out with these boxes?"

"Okay!" I yelled from inside the house.

Today was moving day. My mom got a new job with a much better pay so we decided to get ourselves a house. This is the first time I've lived in a house; before today it was only ever apartments, so I'm really excited about this move.

I only got to look at the entrance before my mom called me back to the car. I didn't even take it all in yet!

"I know you're excited Dawn, but you have the rest of your life to explore this house," is how my mom greeted my return.

"I know, but I'm just so excited about this!"

"Well then let me take down your excitement down a few notches. Help me bring these boxes inside."

"Fine, mother," I said in a clearly uninterested tone.

"Well here, take your stuff to your room at least," my mom said handing me a box.

"I'll do it, I'll do it, no need to worry," I said taking the box from my mom and entering the house with it.

As soon as one would enter the house they would see the living room on their left and the dining room on their right. Further down the hall on the right was the kitchen, and directly on the opposite side of the kitchen was the staircase to go upstairs, where I was heading.

Once I had gotten upstairs, I saw four rooms; the bathroom, the master bedroom- better known as my mom's room, and two other rooms, one will be my bed room, the other will be the study. My mom told me I got to pick which one of the two would be my room. I went into one of the rooms and looked around. The room definitely wasn't small, but it wasn't very big either. But it definitely wasn't going to be able to fit my queen-sized bed in there along with other things so on to the next room.

The other room was a lot more spacious and it also had a sit-on window sill. Needless to say, I was pretty sold. I decided to put my stuff down on the extended window sill. While walking across my room I tripped and fell, box in hand.

I lifted my upper body off of the floor. "Ouch~" I complained.

"Are you okay Dawn?" I heard my mom call from downstairs.

"No need to worry!" I called back.

"Ugh! What the hell!" I turned myself so I was sitting down facing the direction in which I tripped. I looked at my knees and elbows for scrapes, unfortunately I found a rather large scrape on my right leg, and a smaller one on my right elbow; and by the pain, I'll definitely have a bruise by tomorrow morning.

I looked up to see what I tripped on.

"A tile?" I crab-crawled to where the flipped tile was and held it in my hand, it seemed like and ordinary tile; small and square shaped. Just broken I guess. I put it back to where it was and ignored it. I then went downstairs to get another box.

Eventually, we had brought all of the boxes inside.

"Alright, I'll just go bring these last few boxes to my room," I told my mom as I went back upstairs.

I got back upstairs to my room. I walked to the same spot where my other box was. Though this time making sure I didn't step on the loose tile, it would make a nasty fall with two pretty heavy boxes in hand.

I got to the other box safely this time.

"I have conquered you floor," I said strutting my stuff across to my door.

Suddenly, my face met up close and all too personal with the floor. "What the- couldn't let me win eh?" I yelled at my floor as crazy as that may sound. "UGH~" I complained while getting myself to sit up. "What the shit! That fucking hurts! I'm definitely complaining for carpet or a hardwood floor! This is ridiculous!" I complained out loud.

I looked up prepared to glare at my floor when I was taken by surprise when I saw that another tile was flipped as well.

I raised my eyebrow, "what the…" I crawled over to the broken tiles, "what is this house broken or something?" I was definitely not impressed. I didn't expect my mom to by a broken house, we don't have that much more money, and renovations are expensive.

I decided to check out how many of these tiles are loose so I started pulling at the tiles, and to my surprise, multiple came out.

As I was taking out the loose tiles I realized that there was something underneath the tiles. Of course I was curious to find out what it was, so I started removing all the loose tiles half excited and half hoping my mom doesn't walk past my door.

When I finally took them all out, I found the culprit of the loose tiles. It's -what seems to be- a trap door. It looked like a cliché looking trap door; wooden, black strips, one towards the bottom, the other towards the top, black bolts, and a circular –no middle- black handle.

I stood up with my hands on my hips staring at the mysterious door. Two things came to mind. First, this is definitely creepy but at the same time, incredibly intriguing. And secondly, and more importantly, why is there a door in my floor, especially since it's the second floor? Clearly I was confused and needed answers.

I walked to the edge of the door and pulled at the handle to get it open. Unfortunately it didn't budge. "I think I need reinforcements."

Quick conclusion. "MOM!"

"Dawn, a door in your floor is ridic- oh my…" Mom was looking at the floor in shock.

"See mom-"

"What did you do to the floor?"

I stared at my mom in shock, "mom, I'm showing you a trap door and you freak out about the tiles."

"Dawn, there's no reason to freak out over this, there's a clear explanation for it."

"What?" I put my hands on my hips, she did the same.

"Dawn they probably had a second staircase, or maybe this room wasn't a room it was a hallway and the stairs we have weren't there, there is such a thing as renovations. Anyways, maybe they decided not to have that staircase anymore so they took out the stairs, left the door, or put a door to cover it, and then put tiles to change the floor."

I sighed in defeat, "fine."

"Now put these tiles back."

"Can I do it tomorrow? It's almost supper and I want to relax afterwards. Those boxes were heavy and I ain't no body builder."

"Fine, but tomorrow, they better be back in their spot."

I chuckled, "okay, okay, no need to worry."


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