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Chapter Eight

+ This is my last time

She said +

+ As she faded away

We were back in the twisted thorns on steroids part of the labyrinth. We have been in here for three days so far. Ash knew, he kept this small pocketbook and marked down when the days end, he had it since he got here and he hasn't missed a day.

Left, right, right, straight, left.

It's usually quiet between Ash and I when we're just walking; other than the random screams and the ground crunching under our feet or other people's but I don't flinch anymore at the sounds, it would seem odd if there weren't those sounds. That is bothering, the normalcy of it all. Regardless, I don't mind the silence between us; even though Ash isn't the most social person I've met, I'm glad to be travelling the labyrinth with him.

A scream was then heard coming from the path before us, and then rushed footsteps.

"Get away!" a girl screamed. She looked about our age. When she approached us, she yelled, "choose another path, go somewhere else!" And then she ran away.

"Psycho or real?" Ash asked me.

"I've been here long enough to say psycho," I said as I continued walking. Ash followed.

When we walked further down the path, we came to a fork in the road.

"Footsteps in the distance, I wonder who?" we heard a high pitched voice say. Ash and I both looked at each other with a raised eyebrow.

We followed where the voice was coming from and that's when we heard movement from a distance. We stopped for a bit to hear if it came closer, but it didn't. We heard constant movement, but it seemed to be staying in one place. I made a frown in confusion.

When we turned the corner, we saw it. He had pointy yellow teeth, his skin was porcelain, and he had vibrant orange hair. One inch around his lips were bright red. He wore a blood red onesie pyjama with large black polka dots. The shoes he wore were shiny, black, and pointed upwards. He was sitting on a wooden rocking chair that was rocking back and forth. His head was cocked to the side lazily, his smile was unnaturally huge, and his eyes were a glowing emerald green and wide open.

"Ah," he laughed hysterically with a high pitched voice, "I shall name you victims one and two."

Ash and I walked closer to him.

"Who are you?" I asked the slouched porcelain clown.

"It's not who, but what I am. I'm tortured, I'm evil, yet I am your greatest fan."

"Okay~," I said, not knowing how exactly to respond to him.

He laughed his hysterical high pitched laugh again. "I could tell you things; I'm knowledgeable, I'm wise, and what she doesn't know is that I'm her greatest of spies."

My curiosity got the best of me. "Who is this 'she' you're referring to?"

His smile got wider, showing off more of his pointy yellow teeth and his frown deepen. His smile was definitely evil.

"Why the labyrinth, don't you see. She's coming after you, but no longer for me. For she fears you, but soon it will fade, because like everyone here, you're being played. To her, you know, this is all a big game. She always wins, but you could make that change. Unless of course, like me, you lose your way," he closed his eyes and sighed, "although, I'm just a clown, so who am I to say."

Ash and I looked at each other. That's when I heard movement from the clown's general direction.

"What are you- Whoa! What are you doing?" Ash asked.

The clown got off of his rocking chair and turned away from us.

"You won't remember me when she's done with you. But goodbye for now, victims one and two," he said, as he walked away from us, laughing.

"Wait! Come back here!" I called after him.

Ash made a run for him and I followed, but when we turned the corner it was gone, and all we heard was the sound of his laugh.

"I don't get it, was he good or evil?" I asked Ash, referring to the clown.

"I don't know. What got me though, was that he was speaking about the labyrinth that it was alive. I mean, I know it "helps" you by keeping you alive, but the way the clown talks about it… it's like it's evil."

I frown and put two fingers of each hand on my temples. "This is confusing."


Ash and I kept walking. At the moment, it was so dark that we could just barely see each other, and we were a foot away. So we held hands to make sure we didn't lose each other in the darkness.

"Ash, this is crazy, when did it get so ridiculously dark?"

"I don't know," he said simply.

I stopped and Ash did the same. "What's wrong?"

"This is crazy, we don't even know where we are," I said.

Ash chuckled a little, "it isn't called a labyrinth for nothing."

I smiled even though Ash probably couldn't see me.

"Come on," he continued, "we'll be okay. And hopefully, some light will shed on us."


We kept walking for what seemed like hours, when we finally found light in the distance.

I don't remember walking into a cave.

When we walked back into the light, I looked behind us. There wasn't a cave, it was only pitch black. It didn't make sense, but honestly, what did?

We walked for a while longer till we came across the same blonde haired girl I met at the beginning of my journey in the labyrinth. Back then, she was crying over a doll she claimed was evil.

"Hey there!" I said in a cheerful voice. In the corner of my eye, I saw Ash looking at me weirdly.

The little girl raised her eyebrow. "Who are you?"

"Don't you remember me? I was there when you were crying over the porcelain doll-"

All of a sudden, she made a horrid scream that took Ash and I by surprise.

"Lady," she said in an upset tone as she pointed her finger at me, "I don't know who you are and I've never seen you in my life!"

I was taken aback. "What do you mean you've never seen me? I helped you when you cracked your doll-"

"Stop it!" she screamed, "I never had a doll!"

I did a second take. I was 101% sure it was the same girl. Except with a few minor differences, such as extra scratches and bruises, it was without a doubt the same girl. Her hair was blonde, long, and still in two pigtails, and she still wore the fuchsia dress with the matching Mary Jane's.

I made a frown.

"Dawn, what are you talking about?" Ash asked me.

"Right before we started travelling together, I met this little girl. She was crying and really upset. She sent her headless horsemen after me. Ash, you saved me from this girl," I whispered to him.

"Dawn," he whispered back, "not that I don't believe you, but look at her, she honestly doesn't know who you are."

I did, and he was right.

"But I… whatever, forget it, let's just go," I said as I walked past this girl.

I'm surrounded by truly insane people.

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