Damon Salvatore sat alone in the grill. He swirled what was left of his drink around in the bottom on his glass. He heard footsteps approach, he recognized them.

"Ric." He said

"Damon." Alaric said with a smile. He took the stool beside Damon. "Two more." He added to the bar tender while pointing at Damon's drink.

"Thanks." Damon said. "What brings you here at this time of the day?"

"Oh you know." Alaric replied "I've got a ton of papers to grade. I need something in my system to make it all more bearable."

"You sir, are a role model." Damon smirked

"Oh Damon, thank you for noticing." Alaric grinned. "Cheers." He chinked his bourbon with Damon's.

A new arrival walked into the grill. He smiled widely and shook his head slightly. It had worked. God damn it.

He strode confidently to the bar and leaned against the wooden top. Two men were talking there. Damon Salvatore and Alaric Saltzman, of course it was. He smirked.

Alaric glanced over Damon's shoulder. A young man was leaning on the bar. Alaric's eyes bulged. The boy was of average height. He was thin but well built. His hair dark and somewhat shaggy. His eyes were piercing blue, his lips plump. This man was a younger Damon Salvatore. He wore dark jeans and a dark grey V neck tee-shirt with a leather jacket hanging casually open. Around his neck he wore an unusual medallion on a silver chain. Everything from the curve of his jaw to his sculpted eyebrows was identical to Damon.

Alaric's heart was racing.

"Damon?" he muttered

"What?" Damon Salvatore replied looking at the history teacher.

Alaric was lost for words. The young man was looking at him now too, he looked rather amused.

"Damon." Alaric said again, he stared over Damon's shoulder to the young man. Damon looked around to see what was causing Alaric to act so strangely.

Damon blinked rapidly. The young man standing behind him looked well… he looked like him.

"What the-?" Damon said his eyes wide, his expression confused but alert.

"Damon Salvatore." The young man said with a laugh. It wasn't a question, it was a statement.

"Who are you?" Damon said, rounding on him. "Why do you look…."

The young man smiled. "Hello Ric."

"Who are you?" Alaric repeated

The young man sighed, clearly amused "You look well, Alaric."

"Who are you!" Damon said in a dangerous tone, his eyes flashing in danger. This boy looked like him, it was very unsettling.

"Chill." The young man said "I know this is abrupt but I mean you no harm." He took a breath and waited but neither Damon nor Alaric spoke.

."My name is Milo. I'm from the future." The young man said holding out his hand. Damon looked at his extended arm but made no move to shake his hand. Damon was full of unease.

"The future?" Alaric hissed, looking around to make sure no one was in ear shot.

"You know what that means, right Ric? Not the past or present…?" Milo smirked.

"What do you mean you're from the future?" Damon snapped impatiently "that's impossible."

"Impossible?" Milo laughed "Seriously. You're a vampire. He's a vampire hunter, you know werewolves and witches, how can you say 'impossible'?"

"You've got thirty seconds to explain what the hell is going on?" Damon snarled

"Relax Damon." Milo said dismissively waving his hand impatiently "I'll explain everything back home." Milo turned and strode across the room. Damon and Alaric hurried after him into the street.

"Home?" Damon said, following Milo closely

"Back at the Boarding House." Milo said in a tone that clearly suggested that this should be obvious.

Damon had heard enough. In a flash he had Milo pinned against a wall. His hand around his neck. "I've heard enough!" Damon shouted "Who are you? Really?"

"Wow." Milo choked, as he was suspended off the ground by Damon's hand "You're fast. I knew you always let me beat you!"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Damon roared dangerously "I swear to God… You have ten seconds…Who are you?"

"I told you" Milo choked, his face going red "I'm Milo. Milo Salvatore. I'm your son."

Damon released Milo in shock. Alaric coughed in surprise. Then Damon spoke-

"Impossible…" He said

"There you go with that word again, Dad…" Milo smirked and it was a carbon copy of Damon's classic smirk