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"You're so beautiful…" Caroline said as she hugged her grown up daughter tightly.

"Hi Caroline, missed you too…" Damon muttered as he walked out the door Caroline had just sped through. "Hey Liz."

"Hey Damon." Liz smiled as she grabbed one baby from the car seat "It's so good to be back."

"Good to have you back." Damon called as he reached into the car and unbelted baby Noah. "Hey Buddy." He smiled giving him a kiss on the top of his head "Let's get you inside to your silly mommy."

Damon followed Liz into the house.

"Hey Grandma." Eliza said "Wow, you look so young."

"Hi sweetheart." Liz said "I'll take that as a compliment, it's great to meet you"

"I'm so glad you're safe. I wish Noah was here." Caroline said, wiping her damp eyes

"He's good, don't worry." Eliza said "So this is me?" She went to Liz and looked at the baby in her arms.

"Yes, look how cute you are." Caroline said looking happy "How unreal is this?"

"Very." Eliza said "Hey Noah." She smiled going to Damon and stroking the baby's chubby cheeks.

"Wanna hold him?" Damon offered

"No, thanks." She said, glancing to Milo who was observing the scene "I think we better get going."

"What?" Milo said, frowning "You've just met your Mom…"

"I know, and it's been great…but I mean I can see her when we get back." Eliza said awkwardly

"But…don't you want to stay a while. I've only seen you for a few minutes?" Caroline said as her smile fell

Just then Elena came in. "Milo's off to sleep…Hey Caroline!" she said spotting her friend, it took her a few seconds to realise the tension in the room "…what's wrong?"

"Eliza wants to go back." Caroline said, failing to cover the hurt in her voice

"Don't take it like that, like it's a bad thing that I want to get back to my life…where's there's just one me and one Milo. It's been great to have this opportunity to come here but I think I'll feel better when we get back to reality and when I can see if everything's worked out…"

"What do you mean?" Milo said looking confused "It has worked out. Stefan bought our story and told Klaus…you're safe and you know the rest…"

"Maybe you two should have a moment alone." Damon said firmly as he swayed a now sleeping Noah, "Go upstairs."

As soon as they were alone Milo turned to Eliza.

"What's wrong?" he asked

Eliza was close to tears "You don't understand but I need us to get back home."

"But why? Can't you stay a little longer?" Milo asked

"No." she said "I want to go now."

"I'm not ready to go." Milo said

"You're life's not here, Milo." Eliza said fiercely "it's back in our reality, not in the past"

"I know I can't keep coming back but I like it here." Milo said "I'm not ready to stop…"

"You like it in the future." Eliza said firmly "Trust me."

"I'm sure I do, but the future hasn't happened for me yet." He said gently

"Yes it has." Eliza said weakly as she turned her back on him. "I need you to come back with me and stop leaving." Her hand rubbed over her belly slightly before she turned back to him "I'm asking you to trust me Milo." She took his hand, trying to tell him with her eyes

Milo took a deep breath and something deep inside was telling him she was right "Alright. I'm trusting you…"

"Thank you." She said honestly

"But I want to say goodbye first." Milo said

"Of course." She nodded

Later that night Milo laid out all the ingredients to get them home.

Eliza was in the corner with Caroline and Liz while Milo was in front of the fire with Jeremy, Alaric and his parents.

"I guess I'll see you in twenty years then…" Jeremy said

"You'll be seeing a lot of me." Milo smirked, giving his uncle a hug

"Ric." Milo said "Thanks for everything, man, you're the best Godfather anyone could have."

"I'll miss you." Alaric said clearing his throat, his eyes looking suspiciously watery as they hugged tightly

"You don't need to miss me either, we've got a lot of good time in front of us, Remember?" Milo smiled

Jeremy and Alaric went over to the others leaving Milo alone with Elena and Damon.

"I'm not ready for you to not be here." Elena said, a fat tear falling down her cheek

"I'm not ready to not be here either." Milo confessed "But this has to end sometime, right?"

Damon nodded "It's right. Trust me."

Milo raised his eyebrow "Why do I have the feeling you know something that I don't, Dad?"

Damon smirked "It's usually you withholding the information from me…You'll see, Milo…"

"I love you so much." Elena cried

"Love you loads, Mom." Milo said, kissing her cheek and hugging her tightly for a moment

"Love you, Dad." Milo sniffed with a final hug for Damon

"Love you Milo." Damon said pulling him closer than ever and pressing a kiss to his temple.

"This is just the beginning." Milo said, rubbing his eyes

Not too long after Milo was taking his last look at the past and not long after that Milo was gone. Damon held Elena tightly and they stood in silence for a moment before baby Milo's cry came drifting down the stairs and hand in hand they went to him.