They all walked across the ground. They all carried what they had left. Their heads were bent down and they dragged their feet. Their faces were stone and their hearts were empty.

Neytiri clutched the bow of her father as she walked beside her people. She felt nothing inside her; no joy, no life, no hope. Only sadness filled her eyes and only rage kept her going. Rage to the demons who took everything from her. Her sister, her father, her home. Everything; save her mother.

They destroyed, they killed and the deceived. They lead them to believe they could be trusted, that they wanted to learn about them for the sake of knowledge. But the one who was sent to them told them he had only came to get them out of their way. He may have not have put a knife into her flesh but he left a wound on her heart so deep that it will never go away. How could she have trusted him? How could she have trusted any of them? What was left of a home filled with happiness and life was a massive tree laying in a smoldering landscape covered in ash. The pain was inescapable except to the ones who didn't or refused to see.

She saw a mother carry a crying infant. A father carried his trembling six-year-old son. Many of them bared cuts, burses, and some burns. She saw a limp body dragged with a leaf carrier. Grace's avatar went limp after the tree fell. The children pleaded not to leave her. Moat told them to bring her along; she and the children knew her. She wasn't the cause of this.

They reached the tree-of-souls in the late afternoon after a day and a half of marching. It was the only thing these people had left. They didn't ask for much in their civilization. They were satisfied with the things they were given. Yet everything they had was easily taken away in one brutal stroke of greed. Neytiri followed her mother to the base of the tree as everyone filed into the basin. She heard the cries of her people as they looked upon their loved ones. She looked up and saw the ikrans and the riders who made it out of hometree perch on the sides of the well.

Tsu' tey dismounted from his ikran and came to the base of the mighty tree. He turned his head and saw Neytiri. He came forward and stood before her. She looked up into the eyes of the man who she was supposed to be with. She saw no anger in him. Only… disappointment.

She was told that she would become Tsahìk if she mated with the best warrior. But the stranger came and she was told to teach him. Through the days, she felt she saw someone in that half spirited body. She knew she had a duty for her people, but she began to question herself. Would she go down a path where she would benefit from the position of her people or down one where she benefited with someone who could give her so much in her life from the inside? Then everything fell apart when she realized her choice was in vain. Now she was in a place where she could not go back. She had no more directions to take only to stand by and help her people as best she could.

Neytiri looked away in anguish and stepped past him. He still stood where he was as she did.

They all gathered around the tree and Moat lead them all in a chant. For generations, singing gave sprit, luck and hope to everyone. But now, singing seemed futile. But they all persisted. They all sung for all who fell. They were one people. They would wish everyone be blessed.

Neytiri closed her eyes and felt the sunlight beat on her eye lids as she followed the chant. She would commit to her people. Even with all her numbing regret, she would always be there in the darkest of ti-

She felt a shadow block the light that beat down on her face. She stopped singing and she opened her eyes. Almost in unison, the people's voices fell silent as they turned their heads around. A scream erupted and it began to spread. Even Neytiri let one out as the excitement over took her. The people leaped up and stumbled as they tried to run in the over dense crowd.

A giant winged creature descended down into the well. As it approached to ground, it reared back, extended out its claws, touched down and gave a roar as it displayed its massive, colorful wings.

As quickly as the people had been frightened, they were now paralyzed and silent and they all staired in one direction. Neytiri looked upon the beast when she recovered. She saw... someone on the giant beast's shoulders.