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Harry potter 4th book and movie

-Man after crown clown but before Link


Allen: 4th year

Kanda : 6th year

Lavi: 4th year


I woke up ready for another day at the order. I got up out of bed and walked over to my mirror I look at the bandages around my chest I sighed I hated hiding the truth from my friends. Maybe I'll tell them soon. I got dressed and almost imminently after words.

"Would Kanda, Allen, and Lavi come to my office to get the orders for their next mission" Kamui said over the intercom.


All four of us stood around Kamui's desk.

"For this next mission you will be over night while going under cover". Kamoui said in his serious tone that we don't here too often.

"How long will this trip be"? I asked if it was too long It would interfere with me hiding the fact that I'm a girl.

"A year at least". Kamoui answered while eyeing me. Now he is the only one that knows my secret well obviously the nurse too. "You're mission will take place at Hogwarts school of witch craft and wizardry they are having a tournament and we are pretending to be an visiting school".

"SUCH A SCHOOL EXESTS" I yelled in shock. I guess Kanda was quiet because Kanda's always quiet and Lavi because he is the next Bookman so he defiantly knew this.

"Why do three of us have to go"? Kanda asked in an irritated tone.

"Good question Kanda because you are the youngest exorcists. Kanda you will be an 6th year boys dorm, Lavi 4th year boy's dorm".

"Wait I'm one year younger than Kanda why do I have to be a 4th year"? Lavi cried sounding sad.

"Well we need someone to keep an eye on a boy named Harry Potter odd things have been occurring around him" Kamui stated.

"Well why not Allen he's younger than me"! Lavi said while pouting. I had a bad feeling about this.

"Allen's going to be in the girl dorms to keep an eye on Hermione Granger". Kamui said plainly.

"SOOO you're basically telling Allen to cross dress" Lavi said with a huge grin.

"Out of the three of you Allen's the shortest, smallest built and the only one that could pass off as a girl. Now out out I need to prepare Allen". Kamui said as he shuffled them out the door with his evil grin. He turned to me. "In the bathroom there our school's girl uniform and hair growing tonic and make up to hide your scar go change quickly".

"Thank you Kamui for not telling them". I said as I left for the bathroom. After I was done I looked at myself in the mirror. It's been so tong since I've worn girl's clothes. I am wearing a white blouse with black trim, a black blazer trimmed white, Gloves of course, a long fluttery white skirt, and tall boots. My hair now fell down to my bottom back and my bangs shaped my face. My faced looked so different without that nasty scar.

I walked out of the bathroom the make up in my hand. I saw Kamui sleeping on his desk. I walked past him out into the hallway. When I reached my room I saw a suitcase already packed with all my school things clothes and stuff. I sling it over my shoulder and walked outside to where the others where waiting. I smiled I might just like this mission.


I sat in the boat waiting for Allen when I gorges white haired girl walked over my way.

"STRIKE"! I just couldn't help myself I was about to go pull a hook up line on her when Kanda spoke.

"That's Allen you Baka Usagi"! He muttered I turned to look at him ready to pull a sarcastic response when I saw he was blushing. Well this is going to be entertaining I thought to myself. With a smile

Harry pov

I stared at Ron's ceiling all lot has happened with the world cup and all today we are going to buy our school supplies today.

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