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It seemed that the only person in the entire place who hadn't seen Mizutani and Izumi's kiss was Hanai. He was much too busy making sure that he didn't look like a fool in front of Momokan.

As he glanced occasionally over at her, his cheeks flushing every time he gazed at her incomparable beauty, Hanai started to daydream.

In his dream, Hanai and Momokan's faces were getting closer and closer. Glancing down, Hanai noticed that his beautiful coach was wearing only...her underwear!

"Gahh!" he yelped, quickly pushing his daydream away. He knew he was blushing profusely, and suddenly he could feel himself know...something...down there. Quickly, Hanai tried to cover it up by unfolding his silky, forest green napkin and laying it over his lap. Squeezing his eyes shut, he tried his best to think of dying kittens and disgusting old men, but nothing was working. His...manly issues wouldn't go away.

"Hanai...are you OK?" asked Momokan, her all-too-familiar voice snapping him out of his erotic dreams.

"Yeah, yeah, fine, fine!" he replied nervously, trying to avoid looking at her chest.

Suddenly he felt very alone with his coach. Glancing around, Hanai realized that his incredibly bratty little sisters were no longer there.

"Hey...where are Asuka and Haruka?" he asked, confused as to how they could have gotten away without his noticing.

"Oh, when you went to the bathroom, I called your mother and had her drive them home. Being so young, I didn't want them to make a disruption at such a high-class restaurant," replied Momokan.

Kinda funny, seeing as our group is already making a huge scene as it is, thought Hanai to himself. Then he remembered the rest of what his coach had just said.

" have my mom's phone number?"

"Of course. I go drinking with all of the moms once in a while. They like to reveal dirty secrets about you boys," giggled Momokan.

Hanai could feel his face reddening again. "What kind of secrets?"

"Well, it wouldn't be a secret if I told you, now would it?" she laughed, tossing back her hair and sitting up straight against the back of the chair.

Somehow, the absence of his sisters made Hanai nervous rather than relieved. Now that he was all alone with his fantasy woman, he wasn't quite sure what to do or say. He could feel his heartbeat accelerating.

With a small yawn, his coach stretched her arms up gracefully over her head. Hanai tried his best not to stare, but he couldn't help but notice that this action stretched the fabric over her chest area, making her rather large breasts even more prominent than they usually were. He couldn't stop the naughty images from entering his brain again. Without even trying, he was suddenly picturing himself in bed with his voluptuous coach. His hands were running all over her body, feeling every part of her, and then she was taking off her clothes, and-

"HEY! HANAI!" Momokan yelled in his ear.

With a slight jump, Hanai snapped back into the present again. This time his...issues were much worse, though, and he was having a lot of trouble ignoring them. The temptation and longing and desire were starting to drive him crazy. What I wouldn't give for just one chance to touch them, he thought to himself, completely having forgotten the fact that his coach had just screamed him his ear.

"LISTEN UP!" she screamed again, this time making him focus for real.

"Y-yeah, coach?"

"Jeez, what's gotten into you? Usually you pay attention just fine during practice."

It's you, he thought reverently, wishing he could say the words aloud. You're the one who's making me delusional.

"Anyways," she continued, taking a sip of water from her swirly glass, "I was just telling you about Tajima's and my plan to make Hamada and Mia more intimate," she said with a devilish grin.

"What is your plan?" asked Hanai.

"Well, we've already carried out part one. It was an elaborate setup that resulted in Mia crashing on top of Hamada," she gushed delightedly.

Hanai frowned. "Honestly, I find it a little weird that you're getting so into this, coach. I mean, I never really thought of you as someone who was interested in the love lives of her team."

"Well, most coaches are interested. They don't talk about it outwardly. You're the exception, Hanai. I trust you," she told him, smiling sweetly. Hanai could feel his heart racing wildly in his chest.

"Oh. Thanks."

"Well, anyways," she continued, leaning in close so that their faces were almost touching, "do you want to help out with part two?"

Hanai waited a second, wanting the moment to linger; wanting her to forever be as close to him as she was now.