AN: This is a Bella/Paul story. It will start off slow, and progress into a faster pace story in chapter 3. This story is rated M for.. It will be a OCC and AU. Don't like the paring, don't read.
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I'm only seventeen years old and I never really had a childhood. When I was five years old my life drastically changed when my father was killed trying to stop a bank robbery. He was the Chief of Police in the Forks police force, and I never really have time to moron his death because, the first year my mother was basically catatonic and practically became a zombie.I was the one that had to cooked dinner, cleaned the house, and paid the bills, with the money we were getting from my father pension and life insurance. Renee, my mother, was given time off work for Charlies death, but she never went back because the shrink said she was unfit to work.

I became more like the parent than the child, and grew up pretty fast. Renee eventually got a little bit better after three years, when the money started running out. But by that time I was nine years old and was taking care of someone who should of been taking care of me. She went back to working at the same place as before when the shrink gave the go ahead, but that is all she did. She woke up in the morning, went to work, came home, ate dinner and then went to bed. We didn't really see much of each other, only in passing.

Around my thirteenth birthday she started dating again, and I started seeing a different person walk through the door every evening, a happier one. She was finally getting over Charlies death and moving on with her life. But I was still the one taking care of us,because she said she wanted to live the years she lost. So, she went back to being my care free, childlike mother I saw in the home videos from before Charlie died. She was always dragging me to do something with her, if it was sky diving or a yoga class, she was always on the move now.

Then, when I was sixteen Renee met Phil. He is a minor league base ball player and loved my mom to the moon and back. Renee was even happier now that she met him. They dated for 2 months before they got married. Phil is younger than her, but he loves her anyway. With him here, he was able to take on some responsibility in taking care of my mom and around the house.

I'm going to be a senior this year and then Now i really get to start living my life.