Latale: A Memory's Venture

This is a story i made for latale its based on the characters goal to find Iris just like in the game but I added twist in the plot so the story wouldn't be exactly the same.

XDD SORRY FOR THE LAME CHAPTER START, I'm really not that good in opening chapters especially when i have OC in it

I promise the story will get better along the chapters

Disclaimer: I do not own latale!(i wish i did), i own my OC kyiin which is my character in latale and luli my bestfriend's character in latale XP

Chapter 1: Iris

"Is everything worth it now?" "Did Iris mean this to happen?" "Right when I got all the answers why does it lead to a new question?" I said to myself; "Foolish child" said the demon now in front of me. "You are wrong right from the start". "The start of it all, Yes I remember now! I Remember!"

The Beginning

"Can you hear me?" An odd voice said to me.

"Yes, who are you? Whe…" I answered

"Shhhhh, find me please. I need you come back to me." The odd voice said

I looked around nothing there was pitch darkness, then a small orb of light can shining down on me. I peeked at it there are four people walking at what seems to be a riverbank the view was beautiful it grew cherry trees everywhere like happiness was always present. They were laughing.

"Iris! Stop mocking my hair!" the boy with a curly hair cried out

"Aww C'mon Muwen your hair is so fluffy that it's bigger than your entire body" Iris insulted as she laughed.

Suddenly I recognize her voice the odd voice. Iris, who is she? What does she mean come back to me? What am I to her? The orb widen and sucked me inside, I fell to hard cement floor that I hit on my fall. And became unconscious.

When I woke up I was in an inn laid in a bed with blue and white stripes. I immediately stood and examined the area and the situation I was in. and suddenly the door flew open, a girl with black hair and enchanting green eyes stood in the pathway walking towards me she carried wet towel and place it above my head without permission to.

"So the boy who cried Iris has woken up already." She said enthusiastically.

"Excuse me?" I said insulted and curious.

"Well you did have a fever and you slept for 3 days and I was tendering you for the entire duration, and you talked in your sleep about Iris. So yeah, you are required to say thank you to me." She said to me comfortably

"Well, thank you but can you tell me where I am and who are you?"

"Oh, I'm Luli, a bard. You're in our inn at Belos the place where adventures start, or at least that's what they said."

"Nice to meet you Luli, but I'm gonna be honest with you I actually can't remember anything or who I am. All I remember is that I was looking through a hole and seeing a girl named Iris and a boy named Muwen with two others trailing behind them." I said scratching the back of my head in embarrassment

"Hmm, if that's the case then maybe you have amnesia and forgot everything, but still you need a name. I'm gonna call you Kyiin."She said smiling at me

Kyiin why does it feel so right for me why is it like this?

"So Kyiin" She said clapping her hands to take me out of my trance. I look at her and smiled she blushed a bit but I dismissed the idea of anything that might be irrelevant.

"How much do you know Iris?" she said waiting for my answer vigorously

"As of now nothing at all" I said looking down at my feet

She seemed disappointed at my answer. "I was hoping you'd know a lot about Iris she is the Hero of our land. But too little is known of her journey and about her"

"Can you tell anything about her?"

"Iris? Iris Livier? As I said very little is known about her, only being child of a Derr Clan, which is a known race of demon slayers, she was the last of the entire race, she set out on a journey to fulfill world peace and happiness but she failed only to stop to demon king from destroying everything by sacrificing herself, afterwards the pieces of her soul are fragmented and fused to her memories that scattered everywhere in this world; the comrades she once with was either dead or would not talk about the journey at all." She said kind of frustrated

"Oh, I'm sorry for making you tell things for me but I really need to know, because I'm going to find Iris she's not dead, she said to me to come find her and I will."

"She what? I do not believe you I have researched Iris and her journey from past records and saw nothing that gives a clue she's alive!" she said shouting at me horridly

"But that's your problem you stayed to where you're comfortable, at home! Did you ever to bother to find her comrades and ask them yourself?" I said already shouting at her till I realized there was no reason to shout so I simply sit back and stare at her expression. My blue eyes meet with green eyes and I saw something she had been wanting, freedom.

"Thank you for the accommodation I'll pay downstairs and leave now I have a silver haired girl to find." I said politely thinking if she will come with me. Because now I think of it nothing motivated me to find Iris I just want to and honestly I don't want to journey all alone be couldn't my mouth shut at times. I went downstairs and paid the bill to my care and accommodation. As I went out of the inn a new world greeted me I've never seen such a peaceful environment. The sunlight beamed at so brightly that I covered the top of the eyes to see clearly.

"Hey Kyiin wait up!" Luli said shouting from behind she was now wearing a school girl's white and red uniform with a huge bow in the center that it extends to her knee, her skirt only reaching half of her thigh and her black hair was pony tailed of two opposite sides, what's weird is, she was carrying a guitar what seems to be a corala rainbow guitar its transparent but with the color blue. "And how are you supposed to make a journey alone if you can defend yourself? She ask me frankly.

"I'll find ways.." I said but she cut me off "c'mon the priring valley is just beyond that gate, prirings can be really cute white their U-shaped body and round tails, they're also very easy to defeat. And I have to see what you can do, besides and don't want to do all the fighting whenever we got caught into trouble." She said smiling

"We?" I asked

"Yeah, didn't you hear the news I'm coming with you! I need to find Iris too, to satisfy my need to know everything about her journey I must know!" Luli said enthusiastically

And given that we went towards Rowen, the chief of Belos, and asked him about Muwen or where could he be. Rowen didn't answer us he simply gave us flyer of the lair of evil dragon, I got the meaning Muwen was in that dungeon, the reason why Rowen didn't bother to look at us or talk to us because he would simply looking at dead children. But Luli's motivation was unchanged she began to walk towards to direction of the dungeon, leaving me behind

Once we exited Belos I knew this was the start of our journey ( it wouldn't be "my" journey anymore because Luli tagged along) Our goal to find Iris so I looked at horizon thinking how this journey ought to be.

~CH. End~


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