December 26, 2011

Author note #7

hey everyone!

I know I have been posting alot of author notes and I am really sorry about that but I just thought I would let you all know that it may be a little after the first week of january before i post the next chapter. I am starting spring classes on the 9th so I have to get into a new rutine. Also, I got an android tablet for an early christmas present and havent really been using my laptop for the last two weeks so i havent gotten the chance to write my story. I am planning to buy a word app on my tablet so I can start writing my chapters on it but at the moment I have no money so I cant afford it. If anyone knows any free android apps that are similar to microsoft word let me know.

Again I apologize for all the author notes and I will try not to post anymore.

Thanks to all my dedicated readers out there! It really means alot that I have so many people reading my story. :)

Please keeping reading!