There is only one red pair of eyes that they knew of. There are many browns, and blues, hazels, and the occasional greens, but they are easy to spot. There is only one set of red.

He takes pride it that, though it may not show. He is unique. He is destined to be remembered. He is identifiable in a crowd. He cannot be forgotten. There will be many greens and blues to go around and meet your gaze, but you will only ever meet one set of red, he thinks smugly.

But as he travelled, he faded with the newcomers he met on the way. Although he was unique – there never was another set of reds – he encountered others like him. Others with their heads held high, high enough for light to glitter off their yellows, their golds, and their silvers. Gradually, his reds seemed less special.

He was unique, but he was unique like many others.

A/N: IGNORE THE FACT THAT RUBY EXISTS. 160 words why do I even bother ahaha dammit.