Chapter 4: Fight for Survival: Part 2

The air had become thick. Keeb hit a few more strikes, each blocked easily by Genesis.

"It's been a while since this has happened" said Keeb, with a hint of a smile.

"I don't think you'll get away unscratched like at Dunbarton" Replied Genesis, with determination in his eyes.

"We'll see about that."

It happened in a flash, Keeb had appeared behind Genesis and swung a strange black blade with a dark energy radiating from it, only to be blocked yet again.

"Interesting" said Keeb, his smile growing, "it has been a while since someone blocked my blade. Not even mythril should be able to stand up against the scales of a shadow dragon."

it was said a shadow dragon blade is one of the strongest and sharpest you would find, the shadow dragon being a massive creature that was nearly unbeatable. Rumors said it could cut mythril like it was butter.

"It's no ordinary mythril," said Genesis, "this is crafted in a very special way using a crude energy released in magic. Its also known as a 'mana leak' to some, but its stronger then something a rank 2 mage

could achieve."

"Well then, lets see it block this. This dark aura on my blade shows how much of my power is in the blade, will you still be able to block it?" asked Keeb.

The ground started to shake and crack as Keeb begone to flood in his power, many nearby trees were knocked done and the nearby army's were forced to bring the battle into Tir Chornill.

"It has been fun." Said Keeb, his smile growing excitedly. "But now you must die."

In an instant, the two commanders swung forth with their blades. Each of them had a deadly swing.

And the resulting clash created a blinding light.

"Whats going on?" Asked Gugaplex, frightened by the large source of light seen in the distance.

"It's Genesis" said Yachiro, the fear on her face evident, "He has started his fight."

"But that light was alot of power!" said Gugaplex "What if..."

"Enough of that." Interrupted Yachiro "your father will be fine, he hasn't even begone to fight."

But it wasn't enough for him, Gugaplex had ran towards the battle as soon as the ground started to shake.

As the dust settled, the outcome had appeared before them. Keeb Crucio stood there wounded while Genesis was only scratched up.

"It's been a while" said Keeb, without any pain, "since anyone has managed that."

"The fight ends here" said Genesis, "either you can retreat, or die here, but I wont let you take this town."

It began as a chuckle, it soon grew to a full out laugh, as Keeb seemed to have lost his mind.

"You don't seem to understand do you!" said Keeb, "You are currently a Champion, But I haven't even transformed!"

"What good will it do if your last attack didn't scratch me?" asked Genesis.

"Ha!" laughed Keeb. "You know as well as I do that is a lie. your hand was broken from the hilt of my sword, and your blade is dented from 3 strikes!"

"Prepare to see a mere glimpse of my power, it's an honor really, I don't usually transform for trash like you."

It started as any other transformation, a dark energy formed around him as the familiar infrared armor appeared.

Then it got worse. The ground beneath him began to crumble and break apart, as a shock wave was sent out slicing clean through trees and any unprepared soldiers.

"You monster!" said Genesis, but then with one punch, everything went black.

His last sight was Gugaplex, getting up out of the fallen trees.

That ends part 2 of this chapter. Next should be the last chapter of part one, but we'll see.

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