Its mating season for all male demons, even the half breeds. Futal Japan is crawling with horny demons and all, if not most, humans knew to stay in side this next month or so. It was buisy around every human village for the past 2 or 3 months, every human doing their part to collect what they needed for the demon mating season, which meant they wouldnt starve and wouldnt have to risk going into the forest and get raped and killed. Even though demons hated humans, in mating season they would willingly seduce them for their own pleasure, and in mating season demons get even more crazy then they do through the normal months. If one can not find a mate, mostly of the female kind, a lot of demons will resort to turning on other males. If the going gets really tough, they will even turn on their brothers, sons and fathers, and get what they want and need that way. Demons dont mate for life either, but they wont turn and leave the one they have mated with if they have a good mate. They'll be loyal to them durning the mating season and may even feel like their in love, but once the season is over and the instict is gone, they will go back to their normal lives of hating one another and forget that it even happened. Its rare that after mating season for two demons to stay together as mates, buts its not impossible. Demon mating season is a magical time, believe it or not, and some demons get so involved with one another that their spirits entwine and they become one forever.

"A-ah, f-father... i-it hurts, ah-" "Hush Sesshomaru, relax and let me take care of you. I'll make it so it feels good, but you must do as your told." Thats what father said as he'd touch me, and I listened. To my amazment as a demon child, father was right; it soon felt good and I started to love it when father would crawl into bed with me at night and love me like that. Some times I even waited up for him and a few times I even crawled into his bed because of the urge of wanting him. The demon mating season hadnt affected me until I was older, but the way my father made me feel when he touched me and thrust into me was the cause of all that. And for some reason my father found it more pleasurable to mate with a male then his actual own female mate. I had grown up learning from my father and being penetrated by him every demon mating season. I'd ask him why he wanted me and why he was doing this, but not in fear or hatered but curiosity and love. He explained to me then what the demon mating season was which only caused me to question why I wasnt feeling it. All questions were answered though as father mated me over and over in the night and I understood, letting him have me as many time as he wished. It was only until I was about 61 years old when I stopped letting him have me, but it was when I hit the age of 100 when the demon mating season took over my body. Father didnt get angry when I told him to stop, he just went back to mother and let me go. Once I started getting those urgers of my own, once demon mating season started affecting me, I no longer wanted to be the one getting penetrated, I wanted to be the one penetrating but father was a hard demon to get into and I knew he wouldnt alow it, so I left and found demons of my own who would gladely let me take them.

Sesshomaru wondered through the forest and the scent of the wolf demon Koga wafted to his nose. For a maingy wolf he had a strong scent and Sesshomaru was turned on even more. He didnt care weather it was a wolf or a mut, a half breed or a full-fleged demon, he wanted it so bad he was ready to take what he could get though he knew he could get much better then just some low-level demons as those. So far Sesshomaru wasnt having any luck and Koga's scent was the first scent he had smelled so far, which caused him to take a step in that direction ready to take him for mating season. But then another scent wafted to his nose and it was mixed with Koga's, they were similar scents and in fact there were two of them with Koga's scent. It wouldnt have been a problem for him to take all three of them, but Sesshomaru wanted to fuck and didnt want to waist any amount of energy on fighting with them. So Sesshomaru turned back to where he was headed and continued waiting for a scent and a demon that was free for the taking.

Inuyasha was gone. Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Kirara, and Shipo had looked every where for him, but there was no trace at all. There was a scent left behind, yes, but none of them were demons or super human so they couldnt smell it at all. Sure Kirara was a demon and so was shipo, but Shipo was to young and being a cat demon of her kind, it wasnt Kirara's mating ((as in female mating season)) season yet and the scent was invisable to her. "Inuyasha must have left early this morning because his tracks are covered by dirt and leaves that were blown by the wind." Miroku showed everyone what he was talking about, pointing to a light print in the dirt. "Seems he headed off in that direction." Mikoru got to his feet and wiped his hand on his robe before walking off towards the forest in the direction the prints lead them, but Sango stopped him and turned to Kagome. "Hold on there just a second Miroku, we dont know what Inuyasha is up too. It might be that time of month for him again." And Sango didnt even need to ask Kagome because she was already thinking about what month it was in her head and her face lit up as if she had an idea. "She's right Miroku! Its the first month of spring, which means its the first month of March, which means its the starting of when Inuyasha gets his male PMS!" Shipo shivered "ya, he's even more scary when he has male PMS. We should just stay away from him for this month and maybe take a month long rest from jewel hunting?" Shipo suggested, which was more like a question. Miroku nodded his head and placed a hand at his chin, thinking about it for a moment. "Well Naraku wont be taking a months rest, but I guess it couldnt hurt for a little while." Miroku walked back inside with Shipo and the girls, getting a hard slap in the face and threat from Sango.

It was happening again, that same urge he got every year at the same time. Inuyasha couldnt describe it, but he felt hot and he felt an acking inside, specificly around his genetal area (( xD )). Inuyasha wasnt stupid, he knew by the way he got a perminant erection this same month every year and the way he desired to have a naked body close to his, that he must be in heat... or at least he thought demon females were in heat. He had no idea what the demon mating season was and wasnt ever told about it and that it was only the male demons who mated this time of year, so Inuyasha just assumed that he felt this way because the female demons were letting off scents that got him aroused all month long. Usually Inuyasha couldnt find any female demon to mate with and he sure as hell wasnt going to do Kagome, so he usually just bared with his erection until the month was over. But Inuyasha became mean, more crabby this month because of that and the others didnt know why either. They couldnt tell he was letting off a strong scent and they couldnt see the erection he had, thank goodness for that though. Kagome just thought it was some kind of male PMS, which she explained to Sango, and just tried to leave Inuyasha alone since every month that seems like what he wanted; walking off just suddenly with out a word like this. Inuyasha just felt the need to leave them and look around for someone to get it on with, which is what he did every month and every month he failed, so he wasnt expecting to get anywhere this time either.

Inuyasha casually walked through the forest, sniffing the air unknowingly for any kind of scent. Like always his nose picked up nothing, so he just continued on until a scent did suddenly catch his nose. It wasnt a female scent though and it wasnt a scent he liked, in fact it was a scent he hated and he placed a hand on Tensaiga's hilt, waiting for the male to amurge from the trees before him. Inuyasha's nose though only picked up on the scent he usually smelled when he and this male came across one another and not on the stronger scent that he was letting off because of the demon mating season. "Sesshomaru? What are you doing here? Im not in the mood to deal with you, so you better leave before I kick your ass!" Inuyasha had Tensaiga out and was ready in his fighting stance, but Sesshomaru just laughed and stuck his nose up in the air, looking down at Inuyasha like he was worthless. "Foolish little brother, you have no idea what time of the month it is, do you?" Sesshomaru shook his head. "Im not hear to deal with you, I have more important things to do then to stand here and play your games." Inuyasha growled and barked at Sesshomaru louder. "What you say Sesshomaru? Your the fool here and of course I know what month it is! Its the first month of spring!" Sesshomaru shook his head again. "Exactly my point, not only are you foolish but your completely oblivious as well. Hmph, good luck finding someone." Sesshomaru walked right past Inuyasha, glancing at him out of the corner of his eye as he walked past, but Inuyasha couldnt see it. It just made Inuyasha even more angry, how dare he mock and make fun of him. "Sesshomaru! Stop and fight me like a man!" Inuyasha was about to strike Sesshomaru as he walked past, but Inuyasha froze in place as a strong scent wafted into his nose. It was so strong that it made him pant and dazed his mind, made his body burn and his manhood get stiffer. Inuyasha couldnt explain it, but he swore that it was Sesshomaru's scent and that it got him more aroused. He let Sesshomaru go and tried to make scense of what just happened.

Once Inuyasha finished contemplaiting on what that scent could be and why it made him feel that way, he just continued through the forest aimlessly, not really having any sense of direction or any place specific he was going too. Soon Inuyasha came across a rive, one that wasnt flowing fast but not slow either. It gently corsed past the banks and down the way, twisting off at the end and heading down another path. Inuyasha hadnt come across any other scents since Sesshomaru's, so he took some time to sit by the water and enjoy the breeze the began to blow his hair. It seemed like a long time since he'd first sat down because the birds were no longer heard cherping and the sun was setting now, but Inuyasha didnt know how far into the day it was when he left; the sun was already high in the sky and was warming the earth. Inuyasha didnt feel like going back to Kagome and the others, just like he felt every season around this time. So he just figured he'd find himself a nice place in a tree or on the ground and camp there till morning. Inuyasha usually slept in trees, but this time he found a nice spot on the ground in a nice secluded place. The trees in this area grouped together, every closely to form a round patch of grass, large enough to hold 5 or 6 people at once around a fire. But Inuyasha didnt need that much space since it was just him. He had collected fire wood and made himself a nice, steady beating campfire. Inuyasha sat back and relaxed as he watched the flames lick the air and drifted away into his thoughts, not blinking as he staired. Eventually, without him even realising it, Inuyasha had slumped lower to the ground where he was laying on his back now and drifted off to sleep.

Inuyasha had stayed the night in the forest and the others didnt mind or worried about him, knowing he'd be ok alone and that he needed this time to himself. Inuyasha slept on the ground curled up with Tensaiga at his side and a small, almost burnt out fire, still going. He was having dreams, but they werent normal and he was unaware of the person who was approching him. The man stood tall and smirked down at Inuyasha, the dim light from the fire just barely showing his pointed ears, his sharp fangs and the magenta stripes on his face. He licked his lips and got on his hands and knees, crawling over Inuyasha's body, his long silver hair falling gracefully over his shoulder and around Inuyasha's face and head. He closed his eyes and took in a deep breath of Inuyasha's scent, letting it fual his appettite and send pleasure to his erection. He never knew his half-breed little brother had such a strong scent and knew Inuyasha was the one he was going to spend the month with, weather he needed to force him or not. He started off by licking Inuyasha's cheek then kissed his neck gently before going to his ear and whispering into it. "Inuyasha, wake up. Wake up and let us satisfy those urges of yours." It took a moment, but with a low voice in his ear and a smooth hand running down his side, Inuyasha opened his eyes slowly and looked at the face of the demon who was over top of him. "S-Sesshomaru?"