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Marvin's body convulsed rapidly until he broke free of the illusion, panting for air. By the time he had broken free Wizardmon had painted a seal onto him in purple ink. Marvin's eyes became wide as Wizardmon waved his staff and the seal turned brighter and brighter still until it was glowing red hot and Marvin began to scream in pain. Wizardmon picked up Marvin's orb and held it towards Marvin. Suddenly Marvin was sucked inside, seal still glowing, and there was nothing but silence. Wizardmon turned to look after Babamon but Hisyarumon was gone, and so was Babamon. "No!" Wizardmon yelled, searching for the lost elder. "Come back!" he cried, hoping somehow that his words would return her but there was no such luck.

After a few minutes of mourning, curled up in a ball, Wizardmon got up "I've got to find Hogo" he resolved, running off to find the little girl "Babamon would want me to" he reassured himself, still feeling bad that the older digimon had killed themself just to save him. He ran towards where he knew Hogo had gone. She'd gone for that stupid firewood.


Hogo grabbed a few logs and then saw a familiar figure in the distance. She dropped the bundle of wood and began running towards him "Wizardmon!" she yelled, waving her arm and grinning. She heard nothing at first and wondered if it was a mirage but suddenly
"Wizardmon, is that you?" she hollered
"No, Hogo, it is me again" the voice whispered in her ear
"What do you want?" Hogo hissed, her tone was venomous
"I want you to stay safe Hogo, go get the logs and head towards that figure, it symbolises your route home" the voice explained
"So if I follow that then I will go home?" she asked, perking up a little
"Yes" the voice stated before her head became less cloudy and she knew it was now gone.

The sun beat down on her neck as she picked up the scattered logs, tiredly. "I wish I had brought a wheelbarrow or something" she grumbled as she began to walk, arms full of the wood. "I never, ever think" she whined.


Wizardmon reached the top of the mountain and spotted nothing, no one, anywhere near. "Hogo!" he yelled, hoping she could hear him, but there was no response


"So that's her name," a voice muttered, hidden at the bottom of the mountain in the shade "Well, Hogo, I'm coming for you" they laughed a little, smirking before scarpering off.


"Hogo!" Wizardmon called again, still hoping that she'd hear him but there was no reply at all "She must've started heading back" Wizardmon assured himself, leaping off the cliff and running back towards the house.

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