Soul Bonds

The land was scorched with ashes and destruction. The very smell of the land's destruction and of death sickened him, but at the moment it didn't matter to him. The battered and nearly destroyed body before him was what mattered to him... was what brought a tremendous sorrow and pain squeezing his heart. Despite the dirt and scars that stained the pure being, she was still as beautiful and angelic as he first met her.

He held her hand like it was made of fragile glass. He never wanted to let go... could never let go! Her small soft hand was like a life-line to him. The mere thought of losing her killed half of his being and soul. In a way, he felt like he had experienced this pain before… only it was much more painful than it was now… He had to shake his head to get away from those confusing thoughts of his past memories he still hasn't recovered…

His full, flaming red eyes looked down at her cracked golden helmet to show her beautiful, yet unusual, white sparkled eyes. They were pure and the beauty of her eyes was something that could not be described of its sheer beauty.

Her painful gasps and winces pained him. He knew that she knew this as well since she was trying to hide most of the pain that was tormenting her. This was something he loved about the angelic being. She always cared about others more than herself.

It was this trait that led her to lay closer and closer to death's door by protecting him from that damn Digimon's attack. Guilt weighed his heart and soul, and continued to curse himself for being so care-less.

"Why...? Why do you always do this... Ophanimon?" He asked needlessly. Tears slowly ran down his cheeks.

A small painful, yet warm, smile lifted upon those beautiful rose colored lips. Her heavenly eyes sparkled warmly at him despite the growing dim of death colored in her eyes.

"You know why, my love. You've done the same to me over the years since we have met, especially during this war," Ophanimon answered weakly.

He grimaced. "That may have been true, Angel, but I never wanted you to sacrifice your life for my sake! Tch...! I never wanted to lose you! I've already lost...!" His voice cracked and stopped before finishing his sentence. He merely brought Ophanimon, his Angel, closer to him in his tight, warm, protective arms.

Her hand squeezed his hand weakly. She then looked into his sorrowed flamed red eyes. Her other hand trembled as she ran her hands in his blue wild, spiked hair. They just stayed there and lost themselves in the other's beautiful eyes. Their eyes shined with adoration and love.

Her hand stopped and pulled him down. Slowly, they closed their eyes and brought their lips together for one last passionate time.

Chapter 00

Part 01

Changes and Paranoid

It had been over 10 years since the DigiDestined of the Legendary Warriors defeated Lucemon, revived the pure Warrior of Darkness, and the end of their great adventures in the Digital World. They never stopped to communicate to each other and held onto their strong friendship. Now they had a family of their own, and always had "get together day" like a tight knit family.

The DigiDestined had told their families the truths about their adventures when they overheard them or found out by their scars that remained on their skin. It made things easier for them whenever they wanted to talk about the old times of their adventures in the Digital World. There was also an agreement between them all to never tell their future children about the Digital World.

They all feared if there was a possibility for their children to become DigiDestined like them and experience the harsh battles. They never wanted any of their children to go through the same hardships as they did many years ago.

Unfortunately, their worst fears were about to come true in the worst way.

"Is Dai-chan already set to go?" 24 year old Takuya Kanbara asked, stepping inside his son's room.

His angelic looking wife turned around and smiled gently at him. "He's already done and he had dressed himself this time! I only helped a little. My Dai-chan is becoming a big boy!" She cooed with teasing, twinkled eyes.

"Mom!" His son pouted, blushing heavily upon his mother's words.

His wife merely giggled while Takuya smiled softly upon the adorable scene.

Many events happened after his, his wife and the rest of their DigiDestined friends' adventures. For one, he and his wife started to go out just liked they promised in the Digital World. They dated for about eight years and held a steady relationship. They were the best eight years in Takuya's life. He couldn't find himself living his life without her. It was this that made him decide marriage.

Izumi 'Zoe' Orimoto-Kanbara, his loving wife and Warrior of Wind, had grown into a beautiful woman, not only as a woman or wife, but also a wonderful mother. She was once again pregnant with their second child, who could come any time in another month. Her long blond hair was now held in a high pony-tail with a few strands of her hair framed her beautiful face; instead of letting her hair down like she had done when she was an eleven year old. Her crystal blue eyes still shined brilliantly and still held a youthful look. Her body frame held a perfect hour-glass shape with a bust of a C-cup thanks to keeping in shape and from her pregnancy with their son.

Their son, Daisuke 'Dai' Kanbara, was the most beautiful baby he ever laid eyes on when he was finally born into his and Zoe's world. His son held most of Takuya's features than Zoe's, but he did held his mother's small button nose, her long lashes, and soft voice whenever Dai sings along with Zoe before going to sleep. Dai inherited his father's messy auburn hair, but had spikes from every direction and tufts of short and long hair framing his face. Dai also had his father's tan skin and wore Takuya's old dark, olive green cap and his old square goggles around his small neck.

What was most different about his son, along with the rest of the DigiDestined's first born children, were his eyes. While the shape of his eyes was Takuya's, it was the color of his eyes that made him, and his friends for that matter, different, yet special. His eyes were colored in deep ruby red, which sparkled with warmth, courage, friendly, and mischief. In fact, it was the same spark that Takuya held in his own deep brown eyes. His son was almost like a carbon copy of himself along with his personality.

He, Takuya, himself had too grown since he had been an eleven year old from his DigiDestined days. The leader of the DigiDestined and Warrior of Flame had grown much taller to a 6 ft. 2 inch in height. His shoulders broadened and held a nice six pack with, but he wasn't completely buffed with a lot of muscles. He still held onto his handsome features over the years with strong jaw and more like an adult, but still looked far younger than he should because of his sparkled eyes and his famous grins. His auburn hair was still messy as ever, but his bangs slightly lengthened near his brown eyes and his hair nearly reached his shoulders. He now wore a red cap with a black flame and still wore a backward like his son. He now worked as a soccer coach in his old middle school of Shibuya, while his wife worked as the owner of her Italian restaurant to show her love for cooking and the culture that was a part of her.

"Daddy, is Enny gonna be there?" Dai asked, looking up at him with expectant and excited eyes.

"Yes, Dai-chan. He, Aniika-chan, Miya-chan, and little Iro-chan are all going to be there," Takuya grinned as he mentioned the children of the DigiDestined Warriors.

"Yay!" Dai shouted happily with his fist raised up in the air. He quickly ran out of his bedroom while shouting, "Come on! Hurry up, mommy, daddy!"

Takuya and Zoe laughed in amusement upon their son's excitement.

"Let's hurry before he ends up breaking something like last time," Zoe said, as Takuya helped her stand on her feet. He knew how difficult it was for Zoe, but he was always there to help ease her burden.

With a chuckle upon the amusing memory his wife brought up, Takuya and Zoe left their son's room and followed after Dai.


It was amusing, yet adorable on the way to Shibuya Park, where everyone was going to gather in their next reunion as DigiDestine Warriors. His son kept on talking with an excitement bounce on the way, which made everything more lively on the way and not as boring as it would have. It was always refreshing to see how talkable and friendly his son was. Takuya could easily tell his son could easily make friends with many children in school, but he knew that his closest friends were the ones his son truly trusts to show a few of his true personality.

"Daddy, we there yet?" Dai asked, he tried to look ahead by looking out the window.

With a chuckle, Takuya nodded and simply answered, "Yes,"

After finding the right spot to park the car, he and Zoe gotten out of the car, and unpacked the food from the back of the car and unbuckled their hyperactive and excited son. Takuya easily carried the basket, which holds his love's homemade food, and took his son's right hand while Zoe took the other.

The Kanbara family easily found the DigiDestines and their family near the middle of the park with a soccer field next to their left. A huge tree stood above them to give them shade and block the heated sun. Although, the heat never bothered Takuya or his son for that matter, but his wife was slightly bothered with the heat especially when her element (wind) wasn't around. Being the Warrior of Flame had its benefits. What confused and worried him, along with the rest of the DigiDestines, was how much his son and the others' children held the same love and calm around their parent's (or parents') element of their Digimon Warrior. They all hoped it was nothing special and just a coincidence.

"You were almost late, again, Takuya," Takuya's best friend and Warrior of Light, Koji, said with a smirk.

Takuya rolled his eyes, while Zoe merely smiled in an amusement.

"Now be nice, Koji," Koji's wife, Miko, said sternly with twinkled eyes.

"She's right, Koji. Don't tease Takuya so much," Koichi, Koji's twin and Warrior of Darkness, chuckled, while his pregnant wife, Jun, looked at their daughter, Aniika, played around with her cousin and friends with a protective gaze in Koichi's arms.

"Either way, it's good to be back together again after being so busy lately," Junpei, or known as JP and Warrior of Thunder, said as he looked out to his happy daughter.

"You got that right," Tomoki, or Tommy, the youngest among the DigiDestined Warriors and the Warrior of Ice, said, his arms around his own wife, Zimu, who held their sleeping one year old son, Iro.

Koji Minamoto hadn't changed much when he was an eleven year old, but still held noticeable changes. He too had grown into a considerable tall height, but, to Takuya's joy and Koji's chagrin, he was slightly shorter than the leader of the DigiDestined. His shoulders and chest broadened, but was still held his slight lean frame and less muscled than Takuya. He still held his signature bandana, but with different colors of silver and white that his wife and son had gifted him for his birthday last year. He still wore dark clothes except now added light silver or white from his twin's and wife's request. So he was now wearing a blue turtle-neck, sleeve-less shirt and loose, baggy silver kneelength shorts.

Miko Yuki Minamoto was an exact opposite of her husband, which still amazed and amused Takuya and the rest of the DigiDestined. She had short, shoulder length green hair with part of the left side of her bangs clipped with a white wolf-shaped hairclip. The rest of her bangs were swept to the right. She had bright silver eyes which always lightened with happiness. She was a beautiful woman with the right body shape. At the moment she was wearing a long dark maroon sun-dress and white sandals.

Koji's wife was one not many would expect for the silent Warrior of Light to fall for, but there had been a background for that. She had a warm personality and held kindness that Koji never expect many people held. She was extremely clutzy at times, which Koji teased his wife about and as a result made her fluster. She would get annoyed and promptly smack her husband, but held no true anger upon the hit. Miko rarely gets angered and when she does... it was a sight to be frightened from, even Koji gets scared!

Ken Minamoto, or Enny as Dai nicknamed his best friend, was their only son at the moment. He wore the bandana Koji used to wear in his younger days in the Digital World, and also tied his short, neat navy blue hair in a small pony-tail and looked even more like his father. Like Daisuke, he too held unnusual eyes that neither parent held. He had bright lavender eyes, which could easily be read of his emotions, but was always calm which was especially true when Dai became his hyperactive moods. He was wearing a white shirt with a black wolf on the back, and blue shorts and black shoes.

Ironically, Ken held most of uncle's personality with a bit of his father and a lot of his mother's personalities. He was always polite and held a calm smile like his uncle instead of a neautral expression that his father held. He had his mother's gentle and kind nature with a bit of his uncle's pessimist and thought about the dark side of any situation. When something was bothering him, he always kept it to himself like Koji, but, like his father, should his best friend (Dai) persisted to reveal them then he eventually gives in. He also holds his father's hidden passion toward others that he loves and cares for. What worried the DigiDestined was Ken's fear of the darkness without anyone being there, and his love for the light. It especially bothered them was how easily he gets easily saddened or sickened whenever he was around people when they were angered, depressed, or any other negative feelings they hold.

Koichi Kimura changed as much as his twin. He too grown considerably and at the same height as his twin, not to mention the same frame as well. His still held his short hair and bangs with a strong jaw and adult features like everyone else in the DigiDestined group. He still had his calm smiles, but the guilt in his eyes were long gone thanks to his wife. He was still as easy going like usual, but there was a more calm and happiness around him thanks to the new found family he had built with the love of his life. He now wore buttoned black shirt with white short sleeves and gray jeans with black shoes.

Jun Motomiya Kimura was a woman that Takuya, Koji, and the rest of the DigiDestined would thank for the rest of their lives. She was strong willed woman, who was filled with passion and held an insight like no other. She was the reason why Koichi was more happy and guilt free than he ever was. She was beautiful woman, who was completely stubborn and could have easily been mistaken as Takuya's sister in a way. Her unusual maroon hair was messed in spikes, which lengthened to her mid-back. Her eyes sparkled with life in her bright maroon eyes, but had now calmed down and more warm than ever as a mother. She now wore a long a red sun-dress to ease her pregnant stomach of his and Koichi's second child, who could be born anytime this month. She wore white sandals for her feet.

Jun made sure Koichi doesn't get depressed, and was the one who would easily pick up what other people's troubled mind. If someone was in need of help, she would confidently help them without hesitation. She was a woman who easily wore her heart in her sleeve for many to see and it was this that made Koichi fall for the strong willed woman. Not to mention, she held a humor that always brightened Koichi's depression or troubled moments.

Aniika Kimura was their first born child and pretty young girl. She held her father's navy blue hair, which reached her shoulders with a few spikes on top of her head like her mother. Her bangs were maroon like her mother's colored hair and were swept on opposite sides of her forehead like her father's. Like her cousin and Dai, her eyes were unlike any of her parents, but held the same sparkle as her mother. They were shining color of the sunset of twilight. She wore long sleeve gray shirt and black shorts with white shoes.

She held most of her mother's strong willed personality around her friends, but gets easily shy around strangers. She's always glued to her cousin, Ken, a lot like their fathers. What worried the DigiDestined once again, was her calm and love for darkness especially during the night, but sometimes weakened during the day from time to time which explains her pale skin and shaded sunglasses.

Junpei 'JP' Shibayama had changed a lot in the past years since his DigiDestined adventures. He still held his natural cameral-brown spiked hair with a few strands of hair into bangs near his eyes, which were still warm chocolate brown. He now held a muscular built after excersising his body, and was much taller than everyone in the group of 6 ft. and 5 inches. He now wore a sleeve-less black shirt and white baggy jeans. For his feet, he wore green sandals. He wore a lightning bolt shaped pierced earing in his left earing that was gifted to him by his departed wife. He was a handsome man now and a single father.

It had been difficult for the man after losing the love of his life from child labor, but Takuya and the rest of the DigiDestined had been there to pull him through. In fact, JP had become more determined to be the best father for his only child and daughter, Miya. She was all he had left of his wife, and was relieved to see most of his wife's appearance in his daughter. He loved her and more overprotective of his daughter, which was understandable. It also greatly amuses Takuya whenever a boy gets near Miya... well, let's say the boy never went near the young Shibayama again. JP was easy on Dai and Ken because he trusted the boys more than any of the other boys in the world.

Miya Shibayama was definitely a cute girl, so Takuya could understand JP's overprotective nature toward his daughter. Her long lavender hair was braided in a small, thin braid with her bangs framed cutely on her forehead and round face. Again, like her three friends, her eyes were also unusual. Her eyes were a sharp ember color like that of an eagle, which made her look older than she was supposed to appear. She also seemed to love thunder, lightning, and anything else that had to do with electricity, which was the same element JP held his power as the Warrior of Thunder.

Tomoki 'Tommy' Himi had really changed from the beginning as a DigiDestined. He had grown into a handsome young man, who still held innocence in his eyes with a pinch of mischief despite the harsh battles and sacrifices from the Digital World. His skin now held a peached tan skin instead of his pale skin when he was a child. He held a muscular, lean frame and held more confidence in himself. He also wore a wide headband instead of his yellow hat he wore when he was eight. The headband was sky-blue with a white snow flake that his wife had given him a few years back. His chest-nut hair was slightly more untidy than it used to be, which covered a bit of his headband. The length of his hair reached near his broad shoulders. He wore a white, high collared shirt with three buttons on the top, but only two were unbuttoned. He wore baggy brown, knee length shorts with big pockets.

Zumi Tenshi Himi was the most kind and naive woman in the group with a mother aura around her. She could easily calm many and held innocence like no other, which made Tommy overprotective of his beautiful wife. She was a honest woman who tells no lies, but definitely worries toward others even to strangers like a pure angel. Not to mention she held a patience like a saint that the whole group adored the young woman, and knew she was the perfect woman for the DigiDestineds' "little brother".

She had unusual, long white hair like the snow, which made the DigiDestined guess that it was one of the reasons she stood out to Tommy because of his element toward ice. Her eyes were wide, child-like, and motherly warm sea-green eyes. They definitely mirrored the calm seas. She was a bit petite; making her appears more fragile than she actually was. She was wearing a spaghetti strapped white top and a long yellow skirt. For feet, she wore white sandals.

In Zumi's arms was Tommy's and her son, Iro Himi. He was a cute baby who held Tommy's chest-nut hair that was now showing during the year since he was born. He was small and precious to everyone in the group, even their children. What was beginning to frighten everyone was that his eyes were also unusual and nothing like Tommy's or Zumi's eye color. They were bright yellow, which held more warmth and innocence than any other baby. They weren't ember like Miya's, but actually yellow like the sun.

"I still can't believe that it has been over ten years since we became DigiDestined," Zoe sighed after Takuya helped her sit down next to Koichi and Jun.

Takuya silently agreed with his wife. He then looked to the left where their children were happily interacting. He watched in amusement as Miya teased his son while Dai pouted at his amused best friend, Ken, and the giggling Kimura, Aniika. The Kanbara Senior too couldn't believe how time past by for the DigiDestined since they were sent to the Digital World. He knew for a fact that the rest of the DigiDestined couldn't believe it either. They were all grown into adults with a family of their own. The adventure they all experienced had already made them grow much faster than most children their age at the time; both mentally and physically. If you were to look closer into any of their eyes, you would have seen an aged edge that's been through many battles.

He watched his son panic over an unconscious Aniika from being too close to her "secret crush". His eyes never left his son as his other two friends laughed while his son scream in annoyance at them with confused ruby eyes. His heart warmed upon the laughter and smiles between the children. It was a sight he never wanted to be ruined by anything. As much as he missed the many Digimon that he and the other DigiDestined befriended through their adventure... he never wanted to go back again if it ever put Dai into danger, especially from the many enemies he and his friends had made.

A familiar thin, large hand landed on his right shoulder. Takuya didn't need to turn around to know who that hand belonged to.

"You seem to be out of it," Koji commented with a light frown, "More than usual. What's the matter? What are you so tense about?"

Takuya shook his head. "Nothing really… Just thinking how much I don't ever want Dai-chan to experience what we had gone through in the Digital World,"

Koji looked at his friend with a soft understanding, but Takuya knew that his best friend could detect that he turned the subject away from his second question.

"I'm... pretty sure our children never will become DigiDestined and go through the hard battles that we've been through. I don't want my son to experience any of that and neither does Zoe, JP, or Tommy. The opening to go to the Digital World is closed, and we don't have any of our D-Tectors. Now, will you quit dodging my last question!" Koji finished with a glare.

"Well..." Takuya started and looked at Koji, hesitantly.

The Warrior of Flame didn't know how to explain the Warrior of Light of guarded of his tense attitude. How could he explain the dreaded feeling that he had been feeling since he looked into his son's ruby eyes when Dai had been born into the world? He felt like something was about to happen to his son whether he liked it or not. This put him on guard over the past four years toward his son.

He hid his fears from the others and blamed it on nerves and paranoid. Unfortunately, this didn't calm him or put him off his guard. It didn't help when Dai now had to go to pre-school and leave him there. He was secretly overprotective of Dai more than he let on.

Zoe easily saw through his conflicted emotions and helped ease his nerves, but he knew his beautiful wife was also feeling the awful dread spreading in their hearts over their son.

Takuya wasn't really surprised that Koji was finally mentioning his guarded behavior because he had noticed his friend's suspicious expression for a while. Not to mention, he wasn't sure if he could hide it now. The dread and worry just increased today. These were instincts he had gained over the years from his adventures in the Digital World. He usually felt these dreaded instincts when something horrible was about to happen that would be beyond his control.

"Well? What is it?" Koji narrowed his eyes and his voice sounded tense. It was as if he too suddenly felt the ominous feeling of dread.

Takuya turned to his best friend with a grim and serious expression. He opened his mouth to finally tell Koji his concern until a terrifying scream from their children stopped him and chilled his blood. His face paled and his heart jumped in fear from the name the children screamed that was expressed in fear and terror.


About 20 minutes ago

"Enny!" Daisuke called out his best friend's nickname. His eyes shined in excitement upon seeing Ken, Aniika, or Anii for short, and Miya, who was also nicknamed as Mi-chan.

"Dai! You made it," Ken smiled.

"Yup! Would not miss this!" Daisuke said, grinning widely and jumping with great excitement like the hyperactive four year old he was.

"That was still a close call, Dai," Mi-chan smirked with amused eyes.

"Call? I was not call anyone," Daisuke blinked, looking at his smart and older friend.

"She means you almost did not make it on time, Dai," Ken explained, being another intelligent friend of Daisuke's, but never showed his genious mind other than his family and friends.

"Oh," Daisuke looked at Mi-chan with a cute pout. "Why you not say so, Mi-chan!"

Mi-chan merely rolled her ember eyes at her pouting friend and his horrible grammer.

Anii giggled at the whole exchange, which drove Daisuke's attention at her.

"Not funny, Twilight-chan!" Daisuke pouted even further.

Anii's face suddenly turned red all of a sudden. Daisuke looked at his friend with worried and wary eyes from the sudden color change.

'Oh no! Please not tell me she mad at me!' Daisuke begged fearfully. He had seen many girls go red like that, but that was when they were angered... well, except for Anii now that he thought about it. At least... he hoped so.

"You ok, Iika-chan?" Daisuke asked, hesitantly walked closer to his red faced friend and put his hand on top of her forehead, which was behind her maroon bangs.

Then, much to Daisuke's confusion and panic, Anii suddenly fainted.

"EH? Iika-chan?" Daisuke shouted, panicked. He hovered over his unconscious friend.

Ken and Mi-chan laughed from the whole event much to Daisuke's annoyance.

"Why you laugh?" Daisuke shouted.

"Nothing," Ken managed to get out calmly, but held onto an amusing smirk that mirrored Daisuke's godfather, Koji.

"You should be used to this by now, Dai," Mi-chan said, still giggly as she walked toward Anii's unconscious form. "This has been happening since you saved her from those bullies,"

Daisuke frowned. It was true from what his friend said, but he still couldn't understand why.

"Come on, Dai. Let's play while Mi-chan wakes up Anii-chan," Ken said, heading toward the soccer field.

The ruby eyed Kanbara blinked then quickly grinned and ran after his best friend.

The two best friends played a bit till they were joined with Mi-chan and a conscious Anii. The children had fun like they usually were whenever they were together.

After sometime passing the soccer ball around, Daisuke noticed something from the corner of his eye. Up in the calm blue sky from a bit further away where he and his friends were. It looked like a small thin crack ripped the sky, which confused the young boy. He stopped and squints his eyes to get a closer look, and watched in fascination and, for some reason, fearfully as the crack slightly widened. His ruby eyes widened when he saw something pushing out of the crack. The wind around him suddenly chilled, as if the wind was warning him of immediate danger coming his way.

"Daisuke?" He heard Ken ask with a worried tone.

Daisuke didn't bother to answer, or paid him any attention, but held his eyes on the beautiful, yet scary, creature descended down and headed their way. In fact, Daisuke shuddered, his menacing and cold eyes seemed to look right at him despite the creature still being slightly far from him and his family and friends!

"Dai-kun?" He now heard Anii ask.

Mi-chan frowned and turned where Daisuke was looking at, which Daisuke briefly noted along with Ken.

By the time they finally saw what the young Kanbara was looking at - it was too late. Before anyone knew it, the dark creature roughly grabbed Daisuke while his friends looked up with fearful, widened eyes.


To be continued...

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