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Soul Bonds

Chapter 05

New DigiDestined

He let out a sigh as he lay comfortably on the bottom bunk bed in exhaustion. He wasn't only physically exhausted, but also mentally and emotionally tired. The talk with the eight DigiDestined took a lot out of him, especially of the warning of the upcoming dangers in the Digital World he was forced to tell by Gennai. It's been a couple Digi-Years since the last time he used his "Leader Mode" that his best friend named. It had been something he had picked up from his dad a long time ago without realizing he was using the same method and tone as his dad. Then again, everyone always did say he took after a lot of his dad's personality and looks than his mom.

Kanbara Daisuke (AKA: Motomiya Davis) bit his bottom lip, which was one of his nervous habits. He hated involving the DigiDestined from his and his friends' problems, especially when he still had no idea who was out to get him and his friends. Even though he and Ken had already discussed meeting the DigiDestined, it wasn't to involve them into the fight between him, his sister and friends with those Shadow Digimon! They only wanted to find them so that the DigiDestined could help send them back to the human world.

That was until Gennai-ojiisan had to show up.

He gulped and felt the familiar feeling of anxiety and uncertainty well up inside him. Sometimes he hated being the leader and make decisions that he wasn't sure was the right thing to do, especially now. Daisuke knew that he always had to put aside what he wanted to do and think more about the Digital World, Digimon, and his friends.

With another sigh, even though he (and especially his best friend) didn't like getting the DigiDestined involved — he was doing the right thing about telling them what was going on in the Digital World. But even with that thought, Daisuke still felt guilty for getting the DigiDestined involved. It didn't help when he had gotten her involved many Digi-Years ago and…


Daisuke violently shook his head. No! No! NO! He can't even think about it! He can't think about… her.

With a groan, Daisuke brought down his square goggles around his neck and clutched it tightly as he begun to think about his dad.

"What would you have done, dad? Am I really doing the right thing involving them in our problems?" Daisuke whispered.

It was during these times that he wished his dad, Kanbara Takuya, was here with him and had his dad's protective arms around him for comfort. He couldn't look weak. He always had to remain strong for both Enny's and his little sister's sakes. It was why he always became more exhausted by the end of the day. During those nights, he would wistfully wished to be in his parents' arms of safety and allow him to break down. He truly missed his mom and dad. He knew his sister and Enny felt the same way.

In fact, he missed everyone.

"I just hope Enny doesn't get too upset with this," Daisuke muttered before letting out a yawn and fell asleep, dreaming of angels and a familiar beautiful and heart-aching humanoid Dragon Goddess.

A familiar old Digital man hurried through the Dimensional Plane the Sovereigns have stayed for these many DigiEons ago when the Celestial Digimon have given them back their jobs to watch over the Digital World once again.

"You have called for me, Azulongmon, Ebonwumon?" Gennai inquired once he came to a stop before two large and powerful Digimon Sovereigns.

"That we have, Gennai," Azulongmon along with Ebonwumon's two heads nodded toward the old looking man. Both Digimon held serious expressions especially for the circumstances that was about to come.

"The time has come just as we and the rest of the Sovereigns have feared will finally come," One of Ebonwumon's head said then the other continued, "After all of these years, the Shadows has reappeared in the Digital World along with their King,"

Gennai's eyes widened in pure horror. "The Shadow King is back? How is that possible? The Child of AncientGreymon and AncientKazemon had made sure for the Ancient Divine Seal to lock him away forever from the Digital World!" He said with his face now pale and his voice quivered in fear for this "Shadow King" that Gennai hadn't heard for many DigiCenturies.

"Oh, the Seal is definitely still at work alright. Unfortunately, the King of Shadows has finally taken in a new host to use to live on in the Digital World until he could find a way to free his old host's body from that Seal," Azulongmon informed Gennai grimly.

"A new host? What do you mean?" Gennai asked in astonishment.

Both Sovereigns grimaced.

"It is as Azulongmon had said," Ebonwumon began to say from his left head then the other continued on, "This isn't the first time the Shadow King had taken a host. After all, the body he was using is not truly his when he first appeared. Unfortunately, the Shadow King won't leave its original host because of the large amount of power his host holds,"

"Do you know whom the Shadow King is using as a host from either his previous and new hosts?" Gennai asked.

Azulongmon shook his head. "No. None of us Sovereigns can see past the Shadows of our vision to see either of them, much to Zhuqiaomon's annoyance; most likely the Shadow King's doing," He said with a frown.

"Not if our hunch is correct of the new host the Shadow King is now using," Ebonwumon said darkly from both heads' mouth in unison.

"We do not know for certain, Ebonwumon," Azulongmon said with a sigh toward the eldest Sovereign.

"Even so, that Shadow King has torn and hurt my Legendary Warrior DigiDestined by taking away those children away from them," One of Ebonwumon's head said with an uncharacteristic growl as the other nodded in agreement.

"You mean the six of you have told me about when you have given me the DigiDestined's Digimon Eggs and Crests?" Gennai asked curiously.

"Yes, which finally comes to why you are here for," Azulongmon said, then looked toward Ebonwumon, who immediately gotten out of his thoughts (from both heads). "Ebonwumon, since these will be your DigiDestined, you may explain,"

Ebonwumon nodded then looked down to the curious old man. "This time around, it will be the legacy of the Legendary Warriors to help save the Digital World with Azulongmon's DigiDestined alongside them," He said then three strays of mixed light head straight toward Gennai, who immediately caught them. He watched in amazement when the lights transformed into three Digivices, but he noticed that these Digivices were much larger and advanced then the DigiDestined of Virtues's own Digivices. "These Digivices are almost an exact replica to the Legendary Warriors' own Digivices with different adjustments especially since the dangers are much greater than it ever was,"

"Just what does the Shadow King wants?" Gennai frowned when he finally asked the one question that has been plaguing him for a while.

"Not what Gennai, but who…"


Gennai sighed and looked down upon the three Digivices Ebonwumon had given to him before he, Azulongmon, and the other two Sovereigns (Zhuqiaomon and Baihumon) sealed themselves in the Celestial Temple.

"Remember Gennai, send these Digivices to my new DigiDestined Soul Warriors who are the few keys to help defeat the Shadow King with Azulongmon's DigiDestined of Virtues and to help them on the dangers ahead. Once the Child of Miracles is given his Digivice, the other DigiDestined of Virtues would be given similar models from their old Digivices. I have already given the DigiDestined Warrior of Twilight his own Digivice and Digimon Soul partner. The DigiDestined Warrior of Miracles will have to wait a bit longer until he could meet his Digimon Soul partner unlike the other two DigiDestined Warriors. Do what you can to help my DigiDestined and Azulongmon's to stop the King of Shadows and NEVER allow the Shadow King get his hands on the Child of Miracles,"

"It's up to you to save the Digital World once again, DigiDestined, my friends. I hope I gave Daisuke enough time to explain the new dangers ahead to the DigiDestined," Gennai said before sending out the three new Digivices toward their owners with streaks of mixed colored light and flew in the distance.

"So, we'll finally meet our partners?"

"That's right," Gennai smiled down at the two In-Training Digimon, who just walked in.

"All right! It's about time, old man!"

"Now watch your tongue and show some respect to your elders. It was not his fault it took so long for us to finally meet them. Besides, we should be thankful that our partners are safe and not hunted down like poor Wormmon's partner,"

"Guess you're right about that… but still…!"

Gennai chuckled in amusement toward the pair. "Once you are done you two, why don't you go round up the DigiDestined's partners and meet them. I'm sure they'll be quite happy to hear that they will meet their human partners soon enough," He said.

"Yes sir~!"

"Of course,"

"Thank you fer th' food!" Davis exclaimed happily with his usual charming grin that seemed more carefree than usual. "Ya cooked really good food, Hikari-chan!" Then he let out a content sigh.

Hikari blushed from the compliment. "Th-thank you, Davis-kun! I thought I might fail at cooking like mom," She said, feeling extremely relieved and happy for her accomplishment.

Tai shivered. "Don't even joke about it, Kari," Tai said, looking pale at the mere thought of their mom's "cooking".

Davis merely looked amused. "Well, I'm glad yer mom and dad agreed fer me t' stay yesterday," He said.

"Mom wouldn't let you live out on your own. Besides, you don't have anywhere else to go, right?" Tai said, picking up his school bag and lifted the strap on his shoulder.

"Y' goin' somewhere? So early in th' mornin'?" Davis asked, blinking with a blank, yet confused expression.

Hikari and Tai looked at the younger goggle headed boy strangely.

"Where else would I be goin'? I'm going to school," Tai answered, still looking at Davis strangely.

"School?" Davis looked at Tai with a blank expression.




The whole room became utterly silent upon Davis's answer as she and her brother stared at the clueless Motomiya with wide shocked eyes. Davis just stared right back with a confused expression upon their gaped expressions.

"Um, Davis? Do you know what school is?" Tai asked cautiously.

Davis frowned then gave a thoughtful expression. "It's… a place where otheh kids learn?" He answered with a question at the end as he looked like he was struggling to recall a memory.

"Davis-kun, have you ever gone to school?" Hikari asked still feeling shocked from before.

"Well… um, I think so. I could barely remember everythin' before I wen' t' th' DigiWorld since th' fight agains' th' darkness didn' give me a choice t' even remember much. I was taught by Gennai on lessons I 'supposedly' need t' know should I eveh go back t' th' Human World," Davis answered with a shrug.

"Wait, Gennai taught you?" Tai asked in surprise.

Hikari also looked at Davis with surprised eyes, but then again, she also remembered Davis mentioning Gennai to her and the others yesterday when he warned them what has become of the Digital World while they were away.

"…I never wanted any of you DigiDestined to get involved into mine, my sister's and Enny's problems, but it seems I don't have any other choice. Not only did Gennai suggested it, but because it is also your duty to protect the Digital World so I don't have a say to stop you from getting involved…"

That's right. I almost forgot Davis mentioning Gennai.

"…also taught Enny an' my little sister," Davis's voice finally snapped Hikari out of her thoughts and missed part of the beginning. "Enny helps me out on some 'f Gennai's lessons thought wheneveh I get stuck on somethin',"

"That means you can come to register in my school when you're feeling better!" Hikari said excitedly, feeling suddenly giddy at the thought. When she looked up though, she immediately blushed upon Tai's and Davis's surprised expressions from her enthusiasm. Her nervousness only increased when Tai's eyes narrowed in suspicion at her.

"Um… guess so," Davis said with an amused grin. "Aren' ya both goin' t' be late fer yer school?"

Both Hikari and Tai looked up toward the clock and to their horror it read 7:49 A.M.

"We gotta go now, Kari!" Tai shouted as he ran toward the door while Hikari picked up her school bag and picked up a piece of toast to her mouth. Looking back she noticed her brother came back. "See ya later Davis! Meet us around 3 in the afternoon in Kari's school in the computer class we were yesterday," Tai said before quickly leaving.

"I'll see you later, Davis-kun!" Hikari said, waving at the amused Motomiya, who waved back with a charming smile.

"See ya later!" Davis said right back


When the last bell rang, Hikari and TK immediately left the classroom to meet up with Tai, Sora, and Izzy. Matt couldn't come because of band practice. Joe had his hands full on Medic school today and Mimi couldn't make it because of the time difference between America and Japan. Hikari was, at the moment, looking at TK with a confused and wary expression. The reason for this was because of a name she mentioned that early morning.


She couldn't understand why TK didn't seem to like Davis. This of course seemed to lead their first fight between them.

It's like Tai-niisan and Matt all over again.

Hikari sighed at the very thought. She just hoped TK's dislike for the cap, goggle wearing boy doesn't get out of hand like the fight between her brother and Matt four years ago.

"Oi, Kari! TK!"

Hikari looked up to see her brother, Sora, and Izzy standing in front of the same computer class she, Izzy, and TK went in yesterday. She and TK smiled toward the older DigiDestined as they sped up toward them.

"Took you both long enough," Tai smirked.

Hikari rolled her eyes affectionately at her older brother while TK merely smiled. What really caught Hikari's attention was the absence of another goggle wearing boy.

Well… he might be inside the room.

Even with that thought still had her worried for the ruby eyed boy.

The five DigiDestined walked inside the empty computer classroom. The youngest Kamiya immediately searched for Davis in case he was actually hiding, but much to her dismay, she couldn't seem to find him anywhere in the room.

"I don't see Davis-kun anywhere in the room, onii-san," Hikari said, looking at her brother with worried eyes.

Tai frowned with concerned eyes as he too looked around the empty room. "Where could he be? I did tell him to meet with us here," He said.

"Does he even know where the computer class is located?" Izzy inquired with a raised eye-brow at Hikari and Tai, whom both froze in their spots.

Both siblings sweat dropped and nervously smiled at TK, Sora, and Izzy. Upon seeing their sheepish expressions, their friends face palmed.

"Seriously?" TK looked Hikari and Tai with disbelief and amused expression.

"He must be lost somewhere in the school then," Sora said with a sigh.

Just as Hikari was about to go search for Davis, the door of the computer room slammed open which made the DigiDestined of Light, her brother and friends to jump by surprise. Hikari turned around to see Davis with the same two children from yesterday, Yolei and Cody, turning around to quickly shut the door with their backs to the door and slump their shoulders as they panted heavily as if they ran a mile in seven minutes.

When Tai looked like he was about to speak, the three arrivals immediately shushed him.

"Sh! You don't want them finding us, do you?" Yolei hissed.

"Us? Don' ya mean me," Davis muttered irritably, yet he was pale and glanced behind him at the door with a fearful gaze.

Hikari frowned and couldn't understand the uncomfortable lurch in her stomach upon seeing how close Davis was to Yolei.

"Will you two shut up! They're coming closer!" Cody hissed at the two next to him, who had his head close to the door to hear from outside the door.

This immediately had Davis and Yolei silenced.

Just what was going on? What had Davis, Yolei, and Cody scared? All of these questions kept echoing her head upon her confusion.

The answer to Hikari's questions was soon answered upon the rabid footsteps being heard from outside the room. She immediately noted the stiffen forms in Davis's, Yolei's, and Cody's nervous body language.

"Come on! He's got to be this way!"

A chorus of girls shouted at one another of getting to "him" first and that "he" was hers.

Once the sounds of the girls and their footsteps were gone, Cody immediately slightly opened the door and peaked out the classroom.

"They're gone!" Cody sighed in relief after shutting the door and slumped down.

Davis and Yolei immediately slumped down with Cody and let out a relieved sigh.

"Kami-sama, tha' was scary," Davis muttered with a shudder. "I think I've been scarred fer life toward those… well, them,"

"You got that right," Yolei and Cody agreed with pale faces.

Hikari, her brother and her other three friends looked at the frightened trio with confused and amused expressions.

"What was… that all about?" Tai asked, looking extremely amused.

When this was asked, the three of them looked at one another until Yolei and Cody pointed at a blushing Davis with dead-panned expressions.

"Those were the…" Davis shivered. "…fangirls,"

"Who were basically after Davis-san," Cody finished.

Hearing this surprised Hikari. What really surprised, not to mention confused, her was the unfamiliar pang of anger inside her, but why? Why does she suddenly feel annoyed and angry?

She decided to think about this another time, despite the fact that the unfamiliar feeling was bothering her.

"But why were you two with him?" TK asked curiously at Yolei and Cody.

"We met him in the hall ways of the school looking rather lost. He said he was looking for the computer class to meet up with you guys," Yolei answered TK.

"Which by the way," Davis turned toward the Hikari and Tai. "I can' believe ya fergot t' tell me where it was! It was uncomfortable bein' stalked by those crazy girls,"

Hikari sweat dropped and she, along with her older brother, gave Davis a sheepish grin.

"Sorry about that Davis," Tai spoke for the both of them while looking apologetic. Hikari nodded and bit her bottom lip, nervously. She felt really bad about it when Izzy inquired them earlier.

Davis stared at them with stoic ruby eyes then they were soon soften and gave them a small grin. "All righ', I forgive ya since it was a simple mistake," He said with his hands behind his head and had his grin widening with an easy going attitude.

It was then she realized that Davis was wearing his fixed, teared coat at the ends that he wore yesterday along with a new shirt that hid his bandaged chest Hikari was sure was still there. The sleeveless coat was red and had a black colored shirt underneath. He wore the same baggy dark green shorts that reached underneath his knees that he also wore yesterday. For his feet, he wore red and orange boot-like shoes. He even had light blue fingerless gloves, and of course, his capped and goggles on his head. On his left cheek was the bandaged cheek that was never off as far as she knew.

Hikari had to look away to hide her blushing cheeks that was beginning to form. When her eyes met Sora's ember ones, she could feel herself blushing harder than ever upon seeing Sora's amused expression. She could see her brother's crush raise an eye-brow at her then glanced at Davis and then back at her. She could practically hear the silent question in Sora's eyes.

"Do you like him?"

Ngh…! NO! Hikari violently shook her head toward her friend. Although… it was probably not that convincing from her heated cheeks that she was sure was showing. Sora's dubious expression answered that she wasn't convinced.

Besides… I like him, not Davis-kun!

"By the way," Yolei's voice brought Hikari out of her thoughts. "Why are you guys meeting here? Why isn't Davis in school?" She asked, looking at everyone, except for Cody, with a suspicious gaze that pierced everyone on the spot.

Hikari sweat dropped and noticed everyone was looking nervous except for Davis. To her amazement, the ruby eyed boy looked calm than nervous. In fact, he looked amused upon the nervous expressions on everyone's faces.


That… Jerk!

She could feel herself pouting toward Davis, whom merely chuckled upon noticing her expression.

Hmph! She didn't see what was so amusing about this situation. Yolei and Cody can't find about the Digital World!

"I was meeting these guys 'cause they promised t' show me around th' school so I wouldn' get lost 'f I get a different schedule than eitheh TK's or Hikari-chan's," Davis easily answered with a lie toward Yolei with his easy going grin in placed. Wait… what…? "I just moved t' Odaibo t' get away some chasers tha' want me fer some reason afteh they took me away from my parents. Unfortunately, I don' remember much abou' my parents 'r their names since I've been away from them fer a long time. So Hikari-chan an' Tai let me stay with them when they found me unconscious in th' streets,"

Hikari almost gave herself away from gaping at Davis in astonishment on how smoothly Davis lied with a convincing story, yet held some truths behind his lie.

"Oh…" Yolei gave Davis a sympathetic look as if she knew exactly how that felt. In fact, Hikari noticed Cody was also giving Davis the same expression when he glanced up at the older boy.

She wondered if they really did experience that or it was merely her imagination.

Before anyone else could say anything else to get Yolei and Cody out of the room, the computer next to Izzy, the same one that she and her friends used to get in and out of the Digital World yesterday, turned itself on. It brightened blindly as three mixed colored lights came out of the computer and headed straight toward Davis, Yolei and Cody.

Startled, the three cupped their hands and instinctively caught whatever the lights were. For Davis, the lights were red and light blue. For Yolei, they were yellow and pink. For Cody, they were white and green.

When the lights finally settled down, everyone looked at the objects in their hands. She could hear herself and everyone else in the room gasp in astonishment, more so from her and her DigiDestined brother and friends.

"Prodigious! They have Digivices!" Izzy exclaimed in wonder.

"Except they're different models than the one that we have," Sora pointed out.

It was true. All three of the Digivices were a lot different compared to her and the rest of the DigiDestined's smaller Digivices. For one, the new Digivices were a lot bigger and thicker. Instead of a small cross shape device, they were rectangular and round at the edges of the device and held a cube top that looked to be a mini flashlight. The screen was a lot bigger with buttons bellow. On the back of the Digivices held some sort of crest symbols Hikari had never seen before. Behind Davis's red and light blue Digivice was a gold and scarlet flame with light lavender colored swirls on top of it that looked like the wind. Behind Yolei's yellow and pink Digivice was an ember colored lightning bolt with a light gray cloud behind it. Behind Cody's white and green Digivice was a light blue outlined and white colored snow flake with sky blue outlined ice berg behind it.

"Oi! These look like th' one tha' he has!" Davis said, looking down at his Digivice with a shocked expression.

Just after Davis says that, Hikari felt her Digivice vibrate violently in her pocket. Confused, she brought out her small Digivice and noticed it lighting up. She wasn't the only one bringing their Digivice, she noted upon seeing her brother and friends bringing out their Digivices. Like her Digivice, all of theirs were shining brightly in their respective colored auras of their crests. When the aura lights began to brighten blindly, Hikari immediately shut her eyes.

Just what is going on? !

Taking a break after a refreshing practice with the rest of his band mates, Yamato went to the back to get his water bottle in his school bag. With a sigh, he grabbed the bottle and took a long sip then let out a relieved sigh. Looking back down at his school bag, he noticed his blue Digivice coming into view.


He, like the rest of the DigiDestined, missed his Digimon partner and frend. For the first time, Yamato wanted nothing more than ditch his band practice so that he could go see his Digimon friend, who had always been by his side. …Even when he abandoned his little brother and friends four years ago.

It wasn't long until he heard a vibration coming from his Digivice that he looked back down at it and noticed it brightening. He frowned and quickly took a hold of it. He immediately closed his eyes when the bright aura light of blue increased dramatically.

What is going on?

With a sigh, Jyou 'Joe' Kido finally relaxed in the empty hall and drank the cold cup of water he had in his hand. It had been another exhausting day of another exam. Having his left hand in his pocket pants where he kept his Digivice close to him ever since he was separated from Gomamon.

At the thought of his humored Digimon partner, Jyou couldn't help but let a sad smile appear upon his lips. He truly missed his sarcastic and joking friend just as much as his other DigiDestined friends were of their own partners. Their Digimon partners were like another part of themselves. Even though Gomamon would deny it, Jyou knew his friend well enough to know that he was lying and had missed him as much as Jyou missed him.

For the first time since he learned he would never see his Digimon friend again, Jyou didn't want to come and take the exam. When Tai had said that he was going to the Digital World to go help Davis find his sister and friend along with Kari and Izzy, Jyou wanted to ditch the exams and go with Tai, Kari, Sora, Izzy and Davis to the Digital World since he knew if he went with them… he would be reunited with Gomamon.

Sorry Gomamon. Just wait a little longer for me.

Just as he was about to get up from his seat, he suddenly felt a vibration coming from his Digivice. Getting it out, his dark blue eyes widened in shock when his Digivice began to brighten which made him quickly close his eyes.

What in the…!

Annoyance was what Mimi Tachikawa felt when she was suddenly awakened by some vibrator near her head. She let out a groan. She had been having a wonderful dream with Palmon and Koushiro-kun in it. A blush painted her cheeks at the thought of Koushiro, her new crush she had been having ever since that day when they first teamed up together. …Not that she even noticed it until much later. She had been able to see another side of Koushiro besides his smart brain that she had grown fond of.

She saw a lonely boy who didn't interact with many kids his age because of how smart he was. There was also a boy of confusion who wanted to know who he was. She saw a boy who actually wanted friendship (maybe love…?) instead of isolation that he had gone through before being a DigiDestined.

Mimi sighed when her thoughts then went back to her Digimon partner and friend. She truly missed Palmon. When Koushiro and Tai told the DigiDestined their plans to go to the Digital World to help Davis find his sister and friend since the Digital Gates were now open, Mimi found herself once again useless because of the time difference between here in America and Japan, her old home.

She found herself cursing her selfishness and stupidity from staying in America instead of back in Japan. It was because of her decision to stay was what caused her to be separated from Koushiro and her friends… and now Palmon as well.

Hearing the vibration again (annoying little…!), Mimi groaned again and went to look where the vibration was coming from. She frowned in confusion when she finally realized that the vibration was coming from her Digivice. She brought her Digivice closer to her and examined it. Her eyes widened when her Digivice began to glow a green aura.

The same color as her Crest of Sincerity.

She soon shut her eyes when the glowing aura began to light more brightly around her room.

What's happening?

When the glowing auras from their Digivices died down, he and the rest of the 'old' DigiDestined opened their eyes and looked down at their Digivice. Taichi looked down in shock to see his Digivice changed into the same models as the new DigiDestined's except for a few differences. The first was that his Digivice only had one color and didn't have the tip on the top of his Digivice like the new DigiDestined's Digivices. On the back of his 'new' Digivice was his Crest of Courage.

He then looked up from looking at his Digivice to notice that his sister's and rest of his friends' Digivices were like his than Davis's, Yolei's, and Cody's.

"What just happened? Why did our Digivices changed like Davis's Digivice?" Sora asked in shock while keeping her gaze at her new modeled Digivice.

"There has to be a logical explanation for this. Unfortunately, my mind is at a blank for any theoretical explanation for this unusual circumstance. I believe we need to get into contact with Gennai for an explanation. I'm almost certain that this is his doing in a way," Izzy said while examining his Digivice with wide excited eyes. Not surprising… Leave it to Izzy to be the logical one. Not to mention, getting excited over something like this.

Anyway… "I'm with Izzy on this. Only Gennai can explain this," Taichi agreed with his intelligent friend.

"Wait!" Huh…? Taichi turned to see Yolei up with her… frightening gaze at him and his friends. "Hold up one moment! Just what is going on? What is this… unusual device that came out of the computer?" Yolei demanded. For a moment, Taichi thought there was a sudden flash of change of color in her eyes, but it quickly vanished.

Did he imagine that? He frowned but kept a hold of his tongue.

Cody immediately stood up and quickly muttered quietly in her ear. Slowly but surely, the lavender haired girl began to calm down, much to his relief, but still glared at everyone for an explanation.

Davis sighed and glared at Yolei with an annoyed and frustrated expression. "Ask whateveh ya want from 'em Yolei-san, but at th' moment I'm not patient t' wait f'r much longer. My sister an' Enny are in trouble an' possibly close t' bein' captured if ya wait f'r an explanation! 'Cause I'm not' waitin' any longer," He said, not caring he completely uncovered his lie from earlier. He stalked his way to the computer that is on and put his Digivice in front of the computer. The screen lit up brightly and the next thing everyone knew, Davis vanished inside the computer toward the Digital World.

And everyone says I'm the reckless one.

Although, Taichi couldn't blame Davis being overly impatient if he had been in his place with Davis's sister being Kari… Yup, Taichi would've done the same.

"Wait Davis-kun! You can't go on your own!" Kari cried out and quickly followed after the ruby eyed boy. Ghk…! Wait a minute!

"Kari!" Taichi and TK called out, but their cries fell in deaf ears since she was already gone.

Turning toward Izzy, Taichi told him, "Explain everything as we go search for Davis's sister and friend. You're the only one who can explain everything better than either one of us,"

Izzy nodded while Yolei and Cody looked on with wide shocked and confused eyes upon witnessing Davis's and Kari's disappearance. Well… they better get used to that sort of thing if they were the new set of DigiDestined.

"All right then, we better hurry to catch up to those two," Taichi said before holding out his new modeled Digivice.

With a bright flash of light from the computer screen, they all vanished from the Human World and headed toward the Digital World.

"Someone's coming!" He heard his partner and friend shouted in alarm.

"What?" He shouted, looking at her in shock. "How is that possible? No one should know about him!"

"Well, that didn't prove our theory when the Dark Masters came and took him about 5 or 6 human years ago!" She said wryly.

He sweat dropped upon the truth of his friend's words. "I suppose you're right, but this may be different. You have felt that tremendous power that is starting to awaken, have you not?" He inquired.

She scoffed. "Of course I have! How couldn't I! I haven't felt that familiar presence since our Master and Mistress was still in reign," She said softly, bowing her head.

He clenched onto his staff and stiffened a nod in agreement. "If he is truly back then we must protect the seal until the Warrior of Miracles arrives to receive his other half!" He said.

"Hnhnhnhn! Not if we can help it~!"

Both turned around and stiffened upon their… "un-wanted" arrivals.

"Hnn…! You…!" His friend snarled.

"Nice to see you again… Angemon and Nefertimon!" Their enemy giggled.

To be continued…

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