Hi, all, welcome to No Substitute, my new original story. It's an OC submission, but I will only accept OCs through the forum (link on my profile). NoSub is about a world of Humanoid-Pokemon, a species that have the body and habits and needs of a human, but the powers, needs, and instincts of a pokemon. (See forum for more details).

Here, you will meet Miyya, a snivy who had lost the ability to evolve. Because of a large twist of events, she begins competing in a godly game, the Aether Game.

Rated T for violence, mild language, blood, and suggestive themes

Genres: Action/Adventure, Comedy, Romance, Mystery, Family, Friendship, General

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon.

Claimer: The plot and concept of No Substitute belong to me, as do Miyya, Finn, Emma, Ace and those mentioned in the first part. OCs will be showing up later on and credit will be given then.

No Substitute

By Starran


?- March 7th, 2109

The room was dark, thin beams of sunlight that escape through the small slits in the window curtains light the conference room dimly. Inside rested a large, round table with seven futuristic steel spinning chairs with plush white seats and armrests. The table was steel like the chairs, icy cold to the touch, complimenting the freezing air that filled the room. As the clocks ticks past and the sun begins to set, the chairs become occupied, one by one, files being tossed onto the table, either with prestige caution and carefulness, or with carelessness or laziness. Seven faces faced each other in the round table, the room darkening with the setting of the sun.

When the final seat was filled, the meeting began.

A flash of light flickered in the middle of the table, and soon, a hologram shot up, revealing a round object filled with uneven splotches and lines: Their world. The room was too dark for faces to be seen, so all eyes rested on the hologram. One continuously drummed his fingers on the cold surface of the table, another laid back lazily in his chair with his feet improperly set upon the same table, rocking back in his chair. A girl set off a devious smirk, snickering to herself at her teammate's sheer stupidity, she thought, and another girl just sat still in her chair, unmoving with her hands on her lap and her eyes fixated onto the projection in front of her, silent.

Each of the seven members had five files splayed out in front of them, some twiddled with the ends impatiently, and some stared at them with obvious interest.

Finally, one stood.

"Good morning, if you would all like to start, I will call role." Hissed an impatient, icy voice coming from a girl on the farther end of the table, with cold puffs of breath visible with every word she spoke, her furry, snow white and blue hood hiding her pale face.

"Oi" Several eyes turned to a young man only two seats away from the cold girl. He sat with his back slunk down into his chair and his feet on the table, and his arms crossed and laid out sheepishly on his stomach. A darkly black policeman's hat tilted downwards and over his face. "Who put you in charge?" He asked with a sharp gaze, his voice was calm and unmoved, just like his deep black eyes.

"Ahahaha!" A girl's high pitched laugh rung out through the dark conference room, she looked up at the group with burning red eyes and a small fang poking out on the side of her mouth. She was bright, cheery and had a hint of a sing-song in her voice. "Let's let Vii talk! She has fun doing so, don't you think?" She told the young man, her eyes narrowing to a calmer state, but her mouth still curled up into a playful smirk.

The cold girl held up a hand to the energetic girl. "I can stand up for myself, Saa." She told her, and the other girl giggled. The girl turned to the darkly young man, her glare like frostbite. "Now, shut up, you ratty umbreon, or I'll freeze those damn flames of yours." She told him, and crossed her arms. Slowly, her ice blue tail arose from her backside, pointing to the darkly young man.

The young man looked away from her in a rude manner, sighing and in a futile attempt, brushed a few black shadow-like flames off his right shoulder. "It's not my fault they're there." He said, and faced the girl. "You bratty excuse for a useless goddess of a useless type."

"You son of a—" The girl suddenly rose her arm, and with the sharp sound of cracking ice, a large, deathly icicle shot out from her arm. Without hesitation, she shot her arm at the boy, who removed his feet from the table and sat up in his chair, raising his hand to counter.


Two hands caught both of the opponent's wrists in merciless, twisting grips. They stopped, pain sharply shooting at their wrists where the third force had grabbed them, they winced in pain and slowly calmed. The third party released them, and they both collapsed into their respective seats, glaring at the one who interrupted them.

"Come on, guys, we've just started." The young man told the two, a hint of nervous laughter in his voice. "Vii, why don't you take role already?" He told the cold girl. He seemed like the oldest, his dark hair brown and crumples of live green leaves sticking out randomly, tied back into a low, messy ponytail. He sat down, smiling to lighten the mood.

The cold girl growled, and the dark boy shot a glare at her. She stood up again, and looked around, beginning her call, starting with her seniors, not by their real names, though. "Association of Control Member Number 1: Flareon."

"Present!" The bubbly girl from earlier shot a hand up, her red hair bobbing in a fluffy ponytail behind her, she grinned happily at the sudden attention.

"Member Number 2: Jolteon."

"Here" With a grunt, a young man with spiky bright golden hair and electric blue eyes sat up in his seat, now sitting forward with his uttermost attention, grinning. He seemed bright, bold, even a little thickheaded, but to underestimate this young man would be a grave mistake, to be fooled by his idiotic grin and bright eyes.

"Rai, be courteous of your fellow teammates." A soft, angelic, yet chilling voice came from the seat to the left of him. Sea blue hair covered her left eye and bound on the end, ending just over her shoulder. Her small, narrow eyes were filled with devilish thoughts, and her small pink lips smirking slightly as if she were laughing. Her beauty was all visible, but you could tell by the tone of her voice and the pierce in her eyes that she was something much more.

"Member Number 3: Vaporeon." The cold girl glared at the blue haired girl, who let out a small giggle.

"Ah, yes, I'm here." She said, bent forward with her elbows rested delicately on the table in front of her and her fingers cunningly entwined together, tapping each other's light blue nail polish.

"Member Number 4: …Umbreon." You could hear the obvious strain in her voice as she said her rival's species.

"It should be obvious, shouldn't it?" He said rudely, giving the cold girl a sharp glare.

She grunted, clutching the sleeves of her snow blue jacket tightly, as if she was trying not to attack the boy again. With an irritated "Hmph", she carried on.

"Member Number 5: Espeon." She called out, and turned to a small, pink haired girl in the seat next to her blue haired superior.

"Here" She simply said, still unmoving, not even looking up to her underling's face. Her cherry blossom pink eyes gazed forward into nothingness, and her flurry of matching colored hair was straight cut on her forehead, but freely laid just above her shoulders, though under it, she left her hair long and tied in two large pigtails that nearly reached the floor, bound from top to bottom lazily by dark blue ribbon. She was short, and her age seemed no younger than ten, but her appearance and voice were the most mature.

"Member Number 6: Leafeon." She continued, and turned to the young man next to her, the barrier between her and her rival, and also the young man who had stopped their fight.

"Ah, well, here, as you can see." He laughed nervously. You could tell by his posture, expression, and way of speaking that he was laid back, calm, normal. The only thing that seemed abnormal about him were the leaves in his hair and the sharp, leafy tail that flickered about behind him. He turned to look at the girl that called out his name. "And lastly…"

"I know, I know, me." The cold girl said with a huff, sitting back down in her seat. "Newest Member, Number 7: Glaceon." She said, putting her chin in the palm of her hand, resting her elbow on the table.

"And that does it!" The mature young man said, clapping his hands together. "Shall we begin our meeting?"



"So we shall."


The young man nodded with a pleased smile, and picked up one of the file before him. "So, I assume you all have received your participants?"

They all nodded curtly.

He grinned again, flipping through the files. "Ah…" He picked up one, and began to search through it with interest, as the others did to all their files.

A hand rose.

"Vale brother." A small voice piped from the opposite side of the table, and the leafy young man turned, as did everyone else. The soul-seeing eyes of the young espeon girl were fixated on him, her tiny hand raised up. She kept her other hand on the files in front of her.

"Yes, Naiomi?" He responded.

"Is Arceus sure about these choices?" She asked, her hand still raised and her eyes still serious and glaring.

The young man looked down at his files, and paused for a moment, taking his time to think. After a couple moments of silence, he spoke up again. "Well has he ever been unsure about anything? Remember what kind of operation we're running." He said, looking back at the psychic girl.

She lowered her hand, but continued to stare at him.

The leafeon snorted. "Naiomi, stop that, it's rude."

"…" Naiomi stared at him for a few more moments, but then returned to her files, examining each one with interest.

For the next few moments, the air was only filled with the sound of rummaging paper and gentle breathing. Expressions and opinions were kept to themselves, until one member couldn't handle it anymore.

"…Hm…Heh…heehehe…hehehehe!" The slight laughter broke the silence, coming from the young blue haired woman next to the espeon girl.

"Ah, something funny, Calla?" The golden haired jolteon boy next to her turned to her, calmly surprised by her sudden outburst. "It's not every day something amuses you this much." He joked, and the others looked at the vaporeon woman

"Hehe…" She wiped a small tear from her eye, her blue aquatic tail flickering behind her. "…Ah, it's nothing. It's just that… the choices…" She put on an amused smirk. "…They're quite hilarious… are they not?"

"Hilarious or not, they're participants chosen by Arceus." The darkly boy said, turning over a page in one of his files.

"Yeah…" The fiery girl switched out files and continued in another. "But some are so young…"

Suddenly, there was a flash of magenta right in front of her eyes.



"Nice counter…!" The electric boy next to the redhead gave her a thumbs up awkwardly, as he had nearly been knocked out of his seat, the vaporeon keeping him steady next to him. He grinned. "…Sanaa!"

There was smoke, and it soon lifted to reveal the fiery redhead standing up from her seat, and hand raised and steaming from heat. She panted, just countering a powerful blast of psychic power. She looked over to her attacker, still seated in her seat, her arm raised as if she had just released a blow of psychic power. The espeon had just attacked the flareon girl with a large burst of Psychic, leaving the recipient no choice but to think fast and counter, her choice being a quick Fire Blast to stop it.

On the other side of the table, the leafeon man laughed. "Sanaa, why would you complain about age when you know what Naiomi can do?" He narrowed his eyes and curled up his smirk. "You've just seen an example, haven't you?"

The flareon blinked, her fire red eyes shaking, but then she grinned. "Ah! Yeah, yeah, I guess you're right. Sorry about that, Naiomi."

The espeon simply just lowered her hand and continued on with her files. The flareon laughed nervously and sat back down, rubbing her hands after just attacking.

"We'll start tomorrow, then?" The glaceon looked up at everyone, setting down her last file and folding her hands on the table.

"Why don't we go over the rules one last time?" The leafy young man piped up next to her.

"Hm…" The vaporeon across from him thought for a moment. "Yes, I think we should be reminded one last time."

"I'll start! I'll start!" The flareon squeaked, her hand shooting up and her smile wide. Without even getting an answer back, she began the line. "Aether Game Rule Number One: Hosts may not steal from or kill participants in the Aether Game!"

The flareon is burning with a fiery passion, let us call her Sanaa.

"Rule Number Two:" Said the sparky golden haired jolteon boy next to her in an ecstatic tone. "The only way to win is to destroy all of the stones for your element."

The jolteon is sparking with excitement, let us call him Rai.

"Rule Number Three:" The devilish young vaporeon to his left giggled and amused laugh. "Participants may use any method to destroy their opponent's stone."

The vaporeon is bubbling with mischief, let us call her Calla.

"Rule Number Four:" The darkly umbreon sighed lazily and tilted up his hat. "Participants are not allowed, therefore unable to destroy a stone that is not of their element."

The umbreon is shadowing upon our doubts, let us call him Eon.

"Rule Number Five:" The small sakura haired espeon piped up, not looking up from her files. "Only in the case that a participant is unable to continue health-wise, with very few exceptions, may they drop out of the Aether Game without their stone being destroyed."

The espeon is manipulating our perspective, let us call her Naiomi.

"Rule Number Six:" The calm leafeon continued the line professionally, yet light-heartedly. "In the scenario a participant is killed or has died, their stone must be destroyed immediately."

The leafeon is bustling with positive energy, let us call him Vales.

"And Rule Number Seven:" The icy cold glaceon said snidely, small puffs of visible cold air clouding up with each word she spoke, and looked around seriously. "There will only be one person per stone, and it may only go to that selected participant. The stone will only react and work for the participant selected beforehand, the participant may not choose a successor."

The glaceon is frosting our personality, let us call her Vii.

With a powerful voice, Vii shouted out the remainder of the last and final rule.

"No substitutes!"

"No exceptions!"

4 years from present time

"Miyya, come on." Footsteps creaked on the wooden surface of the floor as Emma Adama approached her only daughter's room. She knocked on the door, praying for a response. Her valley green hair waved down to her thighs, peeking out between the gaps was a long, leafy green tail like a snake's. The woman was a Serperior, but despite her family's snake heritage, she was one of the more caring, calm ones of the family. Unfortunately for her, her daughter was not like that.

"…I don't want to." A small voice whispered from the other side of the think wooden door. Behind it, a young girl huddled up on her bed, her room neat and normal like any other, as if she hadn't moved or used it in a while. Her legs were huddled to her chest, and her face buried in between her knees, covered with her arms. Her shoulder length hair matched the color of her mother's, but her tail as smaller, being that of a snivy's.

It wasn't supposed to be that way.

Miyya was at that level. She had to evolve, her brother had. She felt the level change, so she knew it would be coming.

But it didn't.

"Miyya, please" Emma knocked on the door again.

"I said I don't want to!" Miyya snapped, putting some strain in her voice. Emma flinched at the amount of authority in her eleven year old daughter's voice, stepping back from the door a bit.


Stop saying my name. Miyya shot to her mother, though not out loud. She grit her teeth, and remembered the events that had happened that fateful day, just like it had been happening for every other day that followed.

"Miyya's a freak!"

"Get out of here, you freak!"

"Miyya can't evolve!"

"Miyya's doesn't belong here!"

"Miyya should just disappear!"

"Shut up!" Miyya shrieked out loud. Not just to the voices in her head, not just to her mother, to everyone.

"Miyya!" Her mother was taken aback by her sudden outburst. Emma's worry rose, she wanted her daughter back. She clenched her teeth and reached for the doorknob, holding back her tears, but she was stopped. There was a tap on her shoulder, and she turned.

Miyya hugged her knees tighter, and her attempts to not cry were futile. She gripped the sleeves of her dark green hoodie that she always wore to school, and nearly made her lip bleed with the amount of force she used to bite it. Her jean skirt only reached her slim, childish thighs, but she saved it with black tights that reached just below her knees. She could barely see when she looked up, the blur beyond her tears made everything unidentifiable. She couldn't move, the aches in her stomach and throat wouldn't let her.

Her eyes shot open when she heard the click of the door opening. She raised her head, her expression furious, but her tears clearly visible.

"I thought I told you—" She was about to snap, expecting her mother, but she saw someone else.

With the tip of his floppy plaid hat, Finn Adama walked into his little sister's room. His white button-up messy and half-tucked and his black jeans clasped in with a belt, half-covering his tennis shoes. For a moment, Miyya was shocked to see her brother walk into the room. The complete opposite of Miyya herself, Finn was a genius on all levels, his grades nearly perfect, and his battle skill immense. Even at the tender age of sixteen, five years older than Miyya, he was already a high-level Serperior, and college student at UNU, Unova National University, the highest level college in Unova. Though he was somewhat lacking in the appearance department, hence his clothes, glasses, and lack of hat style (which with a few tweaks he could conquer that department as well), Miyya would kill to be her brother. Even so, she respected him deeply, and was her most favorite person in the world, if she would talk to her, it was Finn.

Though it might take some work.

"Whoa!" Finn shot to the side, an inch away from being the victim of a flying lamp. With a large CRASH, the lamp hit the wall behind him, and Miyya picked up a chair as her next weapon. Though nearly even Miyya's size, she rose the chair above her head with shaking arms, her eyes piercing, glaring at Finn angrily as if to shout "Go away!".

"Get out!" She snapped at him, her arms shaking even more with the weight, the window behind her was shut with the curtains closed, though the sun dimly lit through them, giving Miyya a shady look from the front.

"Hey, hey, Miyya, calm down…" Finn motioned his hands up and down, trying to calm his furious little sister down, but Mai didn't fall for it that easily.

"Stay away!" She shot at him, and shoved the chair forward.

But it stopped.

Miyya looked up, her arms unable to push the chair any further. Finn gripped the chair legs in his hands, and looked down at Miyya with a reassuring, yet obviously nervous, smile. Miyya clenched her teeth, her eyes wide with tears.

Finn chuckled nervously. "Alright? Calm down…" Slowly and carefully, Finn allowed Miyya to lower the chair. It clattered to the floor with THUD, and Miyya stood there weakly, her arms limp and tears pouring down her cheeks.

"…Big Brother…?" Her scratchy throat managed to spit out.

Finn smirked, a comforting smirk. "Atta girl" He told her, patting her on the head. More tears poured down Miyya's face, and she grit her teeth, her whole body shivering.

"…What… What are you doing… here…?" She asked, her voice barely able to allow her to speak.

Finn smiled, ruffling her hair as Miyya stared at the floor blankly. "I heard my cute little sister missed me." He laughed, half-joking.

Miyya clenched her fists, biting her lip hard. Her small hands reached up and clenched the back of her brother's neat white shirt, creating new creases in it. She hiccupped, and coughed, choking on tears. Finn hugged her tighter, feeling her body relax. Feeling the tension go away, the strength remaining in Miyya left her, and whatever was holding back her tears now vanished.


Finn clenched onto her tighter as her fingers dug into his back, trying to endure the pain, but his smile never left him. Miyya cried for an hour that night, but Finn never left her side. After some time passed, Emma stepped by her daughter's room's open door, and smiled at the sight. Finn turned around from tucking Miyya in bed, and scratched the back of his head nervously. Emma crossed her arms and gave her son a look, and Finn chuckled to himself.

"That girl only trusts you, you know." Emma told her son, who bushed the creases from his shirt and straightened up his glasses.

"Ahaha…" Finn laughed, stepping out of Miyya's room and closing the door behind him. He smirked and stuffed his hands in the pockets of his slacks, stepping down the stairs.

Emma stood at the top of the stairs, looking down at her teenage son. "You sure you aren't going to stay a little while longer? She needs you here." She told him.

Finn stopped, two steps from the bottom, placing both feet on that one step. With just the turn of his head over his shoulder, he smiled to his mother. "Miyya needs to stop relying on just me. Besides, Mizumi and Leif are waiting for me back at the university. I had to lie and say I was getting materials for a project, which reminds me…" Finn turned all the way around on the step to face his mother, and flashed an awkward smile. "Y-You don't happen to have any liquid nitrogen or apricorn powder, do you?" He asked, nervous, but pretty serious in its own way.

Emma looked at him, and then sighed, placing a hand on her forehead. "Finn, do you really think we keep liquid nitrogen in the house? I'll go get the apricorn powder, wait there." She said, and stalked back down the second floor hallway.

Finn sighed heavily, mussing up his shaggy dark green hair. He stretched his back, and turned to head down the rest of the stairs.

"Big Brother?"

Finn turned again. This time, Miyya was at the top of the stairs, covered in the comforter she tore from her mattress' clutches, wrapped around her lazily. Her eyes were red and sheepish, gazing down blankly at her brother.

Finn put on a smile quickly and turned all the way around. "What are you doing, Miyya? You should be in bed."

Miyya nodded her head to her other shoulder drowsily. "Are you leaving… already?" She asked him.

Finn looked down, and scratched the back of his head. "D-Did you hear us…?"

Miyya nodded, still sleepy, she yawned. "You'll come back soon, right?"

Finn gave her a reassuring smile. "That's right." He told her, and Miyya smiled a bit through her sleepy expression. Finn looked away, pressed his lips together, and then looked back up at Miyya with a more visibly forced smile. "H-Hey, Miyya…" He stuttered, being placed in an awkward position. "In a few months… I'm going to graduate. I'm going to Kanto, Miyya."

Mai looked down at him, being able to comprehend his words, but unable to express emotion from them due to her drowsy state. "…Why?"

Finn smiled at her, trying to lighten the mood. "I'm going somewhere far away, Miyya. I probably won't be back for a while after I move. That's why, Miyya, I need you to promise me something."

"…" Miyya cocked her head. "What's that?"

Finn locked eyes with his sister, and paused for a moment, waiting for her full attention to be on him. "Promise me that you'll be able to get stronger without me, okay?" He threw his arm up and clenched his fist, placing his other hand on his bicep and giving her a wink. "Alright?"

Mai blinked for a moment, and then her eyes brightened and her mouth shaped into a wide smile. She mimicked what her brother did, the blanket draping from her arms. She shot him an expression filled with new-found confidence. "Alright!"


Miyya turned, and saw her mother looking down at her, a plastic bottle of heavily crushed apricorn in her hands. She saw her daughter's relaxed and confident expression, and smiled. She patted her back and pushed her lightly over to her room. "Say goodnight to Finn, Miyya, it's getting late." Emma told her daughter, and Mai looked down sadly, turning back over to Finn.

"Night, Big Brother." She told him, waving goodbye to her older brother.

Emma placed a hand on her hip, and tossed the plastic container to Finn down the stairs. Finn caught in clumsily, fumbling and tossing it up and down before safely capturing it in his grips, sighing in relief. He looked up at Miyya and waved back at her. "Bye, Miyya."

Mai turned away, and Emma led her back to her bedroom. She turned, looking at the broken lamp from earlier. She looked down at Mai, who yawned drowsily. Emma thought of the bond between the two siblings, strange, but powerful.

Hmph, those two…

4 years later

Miyya swung her feet around the empty air, her head felt a little woozy from the height. She looked downwards, but the shot straight back up again.

"Hey! I thought I told you not to look down!" A voice from above her scolded her, and Mai looked up at the man with glaring golden eyes.

"Well when you're this close to being dropped a thousand feet to the ground you can't help it no matter how much you want to!" Miyya snapped back up at him.

Ace crossed his arms, his dark grey wings gliding freely through the air, sticking out of the back of his black and grey windbreaker. His eyes were dark and serious under his flyaway jet black hair and behind his clear black goggles. As a staraptor and freelance flyer, aka "cheap transportation", he would fly anyone who requests anywhere. Due to his naturally strong body he gains from usingFly, Ace straps in him and his client to a special harness and swing-like seat and flies them to anywhere they want. Being in this situation, Miyya seriously regret choosing cheap transport, some people may love the thrill, but she wasn't the type.

"A-Are we almost there? I think I'm getting nauseous." She asked Ace, holding her stomach with on hand and her backpack strap with the other.

"I've gotcha, I've gotcha, I'm pretty sure we're here. You can look down now if you want." He told her, and hesitantly, Miyya did as he suggested.

Below her was a scatter of a few houses and other small buildings, a river flowing into the southern area, guarded by a picket fence. The grass was green and smooth like hills, and just beyond the small town was an array of trees filled with splotches of barren areas filled with tall grass. Her eyes scanned the town below her as Remy descended. Her eyes locked onto a slightly larger rectangular building, the laboratory.

"There it is." She said, and before she knew it, her feet touched the ground. She quickly unhooked herself and the harness fell to the ground. She brushed off her green and yellow hoodie, pulling the hood down to reveal a high spiky ponytail she tied her dark, forest green hair into with a yellow hair tie. She kicked her light green, knee high boots on the ground and patted off the dust from her tan thigh shorts. She straightened the golden clips in her hair and clapped her green fingerless gloves together.

"Here we are." Ace stretched his wings and arms, and collected up the scrapped harness. "Pallet Town, Kanto." He noticed Miyya wasn't listening to him, but paying attention to something else. He followed where her eyes went and spoke up. "Is that a laboratory?"

"Yeah, my brother's." Miyya said, and looked around. "I think there's a woman around here that can take you in for the night if you want to rest." She said, and pointed to a small house behind the lab.

"Really? Sweet, thanks, I guess I'll see ya, Miyya." Ace waved to Miyya, holding his transportation equipment under one arm, and then ran off.

Miyya waved back, and then turned in the direction of the lab, jogging up to the door. It was wooden and brown, being only slightly new, about three to four years old. Miyya gripped her forest green backpack strap with one hand and shivered. It had been a while since she had seen Finn, she was a little nervous. Slowly, she raised a fist to the door, and knocked. She shut her eyes, and wait for the sound of footsteps.


Miyya waited.


Miyya opened her eyes.

Still nothing

"…" Miyya knocked again, harder this time. She growled to herself, scrunching her eyebrows. "What is he doing? Did he run away?" She heard footsteps; she knew that he was in there, awake, at least.

"Hey! Finn!" She called out, and pounded on the door.

Still nothing

"For the love of… he's going to regret teaching me this move." Miyya stepped back, and drew her hand back. There was a flash of light green, and Miyya lunged at the doorknob. With a loud CRACK, the handle flew off the door; leaving nothing but a large slash mark and making the door open wide from the lack of the lock. Miyya brushed her hands successfully and sighed. "Leaf Blade, handier in more ways than one, Finn really needs to reinforce the security on this place or he's really gonna… get…"

Miyya stopped, and a metallic smell erupted from the lab. She stood frozen on the doorstep, her hands together and her eyes fixed on what was inside. In there, a single being lay…

…still, lifeless.

Miyya croaked the words from her throat.

"…Big Brother?"

"Be sure to be careful there, Saniya."

"Yes, Teacher."

The silvery-white haired girl clutched edge of her chair, making eye contact with the man on the video conference screen. He smiled weakly at her, his old age beginning to show through the wrinkles in his face and made creases when he smiled. A young man with silver hair and eyes also looked back at her through the screen. He was stronger and livelier than the man next to him, being several generations younger.

"This is the first time I'm sending you out on your own, you do have the address to the young man who you're going to be working for?"

"Yes, Teacher." She clutched the small paper in between her fingertips, nodding to the man. A natural black streak ran through the left bangs of her hair, her eyes golden with no visible emotions. Her hand rested on the base of her cloudy white winter coat, furry ruffles going across her chest, neck, wrists, and thighs from the brim and collar of the coat. Her black boots tapping against the cold Center floor, her knees covered with her cargo capris. The top of her hand was crowned with a small tiara that was held for more than just appearance's sake.

The man on the other end gave her a reassuring expression. "Be sure to protect him at all costs, that is your job as a bodyguard."

On instinct, Saniya Shiroi saluted.

The man laughed, and so did the other man. Saniya glared at him, and he waved her off. "Silv."

The young man named Silverus Shiroi calmed his laughter down and spoke to her. "Oh, sorry, Sis, it's just that you're so serious all the time."

"Am I not supposed to be?"

"It's going to be hard to make friends that way, Saniya." He told her.


The older man saluted back to Saniya anyways with a happy grin on his face. "You should get going now, Saniya." He told her, and Saniya nodded, reaching for the Call End button.


Saniya stopped, and looked back up at the man, whose expression changed serious.

"...Please try to make friends."

"..." Saniya rubbed the paper between her fingers, and hesitantly, she nodded. "Alright."

And she clicked the Call End button, and the screen flashed black, and then turned white. A small happy face smiled on the screen, small words under it asking "Would you like to make a call?"

Saniya stood up and pushed in her chair, turning back to the slightly less crowded Pokemon Center. She slung her black backpack over her shoulder and she began to walk to the exit. She looked down and pushed open the paper with her thumb, looking down at the handwritten note she had written to herself, stating the name and adress of her client, whom she must protect with her life as a professional bodyguard.

Finn Adama

"..." Saniya gripped the strap of her backpack and headed out the sliding doors of the Pokemon Center.


Violet Hamilton stepped away from her sketch, and looked down at it proudly, still holding the purple colored pencil in her hand. On the pad was a female figure with a royal purple dress and heels. A black waist belt wrapped around it's waist and buckled in with a round, silver buckle. A black beanie rest on its head and a black choker with a ribbon flower around its neck.

Violet crossed her arms proudly and snickered. "This will make Meloetta Fashion covers for sure!" She laughed, and then looked down at her sloppy office worktable, glass and filled with documents and a single flatscreen computer. "If Zelda would accept it..." She thought of her boss and sighed. She pulled out another sketchbook and began to draw in another sketch.

The plaque on her door and desk read her name, and the large window to her right viewed the striking view of Saffron City, with tall buildings and electronic billboards. She sat in her twentieth floor office at Dragonesque Fashion, the walls around her framing prized works and awards.

A knock came from her door. Startled, Violet slammed the sketchpad down and her eyes shot towards the door. "Yes?"

"Violet?" The door opened, to reveal a younger girl with silvery-blonde hair that curled at the ends, wing clips on each side of her hair. Her blue halter held a large, sea blue orb in the center, and her skinny jeans and heels wrapped around her legs and ankles, all of their company's brand.

"H-Hi Miss. Dragonesque!" She stuttered, waving to her boss and looking down at her sketch. She swiftly flipped it over and shut it closed. Her eyes twitched behind her rectangular glasses, indigo purple in color. Her hair was black, streaked with violet highlights, and a black beanie rest on the side of her hair, while her long hair was tied into a neatly wrapped bun on the other. At sixteen, Violet looked slightly older for her age, but in reality, she was the same age as her genius boss.

"Do you already have the designs?" The girl in question stepped forward and took the free sheet of paper that held the design with the purple dress. She looked over it, and nodded, rolling it up and stuffing it in a specially designed tube. She placed it under her arm along with the rest of the tubes and turned to Violet. "Good work." She smiled at her.

Did you like it? Violet screamed in her head at the girl, feeling like slamming her head onto the pile of papers on her desk. Zelda Dragonesque was as sweet as candy, but she was so hard to read sometimes.

"You've been working hard, Violet." Zelda commented, turning to the young designer. "You need a vacation."

"...A vay-what?" Violet repeated her as if she had never heard the word before.

"A long break, I'm sending you out." Zelda told her, flashing a smile.

"Me-out-what?" Violet repeated again, unable to process her words.

"..." Zelda thought for a moment. "...Um...What I'm trying to say, is that you haven't stopped working since you first started here. You've done excellent work already, I think you deserve a long vacation, free of work. Go out the countryside, do some sightseeing, maybe even have a few battles, go take a break." Zelda pointed to the door.

"...Ah... AHH!" After a while, Violet finally processed her words and leapt out of her chair. "Miss. Dragonesque! I-I can't do that! I've..."

Zelda sighed and snapped her fingers. "Oh, I was afraid it had to come to this." A few moments later, a large man with dirty blonde hair and a large black tuxedo walked in through the door. His presence made Violet flinch, and he walked behind her, and grabbed Violet's waist, making Violet freak out even more.

"I've already packed your bags, you'll find everything you need in there, even some cash. Adam, take her away." Zelda shoved a purple bag into Violet's hands, and gave her a wink. "Good luck out there!"

"Ah, wait! Miss. Drag—" But before she could finish, Violet teleported away.


"OOF!" Violet collapsed onto the grassy ground, clutching her bag tightly. Angrily, she shot up to face the man who had teleported her away, but all she saw was the flat hills of the Kanto plains. She looked around, and saw a town in the distance, but still, she freaked. Damn abras.


Damian Scott saluted proudly at his customer, gripping his messenger bag and flashing a big smile.

"Thank you, young man." The man in front of him said, and closed the door. Damian turned around, fixing his blue hoodie sleeves and hood, which both were striped with a wavy purple stripe. His sleeves were oversized, but it didn't really matter, it helped when it was cold. His messenger bag was filled with packages and letters. It didn't take a lot of thought to figure out this boy was a mail carrier.

"Alright, one more stop in this town." He told himself, checking his list and stuffing it back in the bag.

With a powerful kick, he broke into a run across Cerulean City. Told by his peers he was slow by heredity, Damian became one of the fastest runners in Kanto. This helped gravely with his job, it got good reviews from the customers and his boss.

Halfway across the city, he remembered something important.

"That's right! I bet Miyya made it to Kanto already. Maybe if I'm lucky, I'll run into her!" Damian said out loud, remembering his Unovan childhood friend. They had met in Kanto, but Miyya had only been there for a short business trip.

Damian loved the thought of meeting Miyya on one of his trips, maybe fate could turn his way for once.

He pumped a fist in the air. "Alright!"


I'll make that his catchphrase.

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