No Substitute

Chapter 4
Rex the Scout

March 20, 2113

Lore's POV

It's nearly been a week since we've started travelling up north. The freezing winds get stronger the higher you hike up the mountains, but I don't think the kid minds, it's like he's immune. Luckily, the snowfall had grown light after a while, and the winds began to die down. We had found our way out of the forest, and to a high cliff overlooking a flat frosty valley. Unlike up on the cliffs, the valley stood out like a sore thumb, with no snow, leaving icey plain of grass. I checked the time: two in the afternoon. I then sighed, putting the pokegear away and watched as puffs of my own breath became visible through the cold.

I stood just a few feet from the edge, looking over the scenery. Snow-capped trees surrounded us, and traveled down to the valley below. I looked over at Mikey, who had found a rock to sit on and was going out on that laptop of his.

"Aren't you freezing on that thing?" I asked Mikey, who looked up at me with his usual, wide emerald eyes.

"Nope, I'm perfectly fine." Mikey reassured me, not even looking up from his laptop.

"...You're a strange kid." I told him, and walked over to him, looking down at the computer screen. I seriously doubted he was able to get any internet access way up here, so I was a little curious about what he was up to. "What's that?" I asked.

"Statistics." Mikey told me. "I want to keep a record of all of your vitals and health information. I feel as if it would be a convenient asset in battle." He said, turning back to me, and dug into his pocket, pulling out something that looked heavily similar to a wristwatch. "Here, put this on. Press the left side button to turn it on."

I gave him a look, but took the watch anyways, strapping it to my wrist. I pressed the button, and it lit up, showing a variety of green bars. In small letters, my first name lit up at the top. "I'm guessing this is supposed to be my health?" I asked Mikey, looking down at him.

"Ahaha, that's right!" Mikey nodded, feeling a bit triumphant. "Those are specifically yours. Press the right button and you can switch to your experience points and current level. I might develop some more to it, but it takes a while." He told me, then pulled out something else from his pocket. "Now put this in your ear."

I took what he held out to me, a small, black earpiece, and did as he said. "You know I'm only doing this because I trust you, right?" I said. I really wasn't the type to do stuff like this on command, but this Mikey had some pretty useful stuff up his sleeve, and I learned that three fourths of the time, it would be a pretty good idea to take what he gave to me.

"Much appreciation, Mr. Castreal." Mikey said with a childish grin and a small laugh. He took off his backpack, and rummaged through the contents, eventually pulling out a headset and placing them over his head and ears, lowering the microphone over his mouth. He clicked the Enter key on his keyboard, and I suddenly hear a sharp noise pierce through my ear.

"AGH!" I snapped, pulling the earpiece from my ear. "What the..." I said, looking down at it.

"Oh, whoops! Sorry about that." He apologized quickly, and vigorously clicked a key on his laptop. He looked up at the earpiece in my hand, and nodded. "Ah... I think it should be okay now. Try it."

"You'd better not be trying to kill me, kid." I told my partner.

"Ahaha..." Mikey laughed nervously, and I put the earpiece back in.

Mikey cleared his throat, and held the microphone on his headset close to his mouth. "Can you hear me?"

"Can you hear me?"

"Loud and clear, kid." I nodded, adjusting the earpiece in my ear. "Works like a charm, good job."

"Awesome!" Mikey cheered, and closed up his laptop, inserting it back into his backpack, and slinging the bag back over his shoulders. He hopped off the rock, his feet sinking into the snow under him, and he looked up at me. "Maybe next time I can modify your glasses to—"

"Stay away from my sunglasses, kid." I told him in a warning tone, pushing my shades up the bridge of my nose as I glared down at the boy.

"Aw..." Mikey said dejectedly.

I pat his shoulder, and beckoned him along. "Come on, we've still got a mountain to explore." I told him, and continued down around the cliff.

Mikey grinned again. "Sure thing!" He cheered, and bound after me.

Our location was just north of Kanto, which was lined with mountains going from Mt. Silver and cutting off Cerulean city. It wasn't a very popular place, there wasn't really any point in going here anyways. But I did have a reason.

As a Private Investigator, I take client calls. It was just a few days ago. Back at my office, I received a call. Mikey was working on some little project of his, as usual, and I had wanted to take the day off. But unfortunately, the world didn't know that. I picked up that phone, and was about to send the caller away, but was cut off.

"Are you PI Castreal?"

"Yes, but right now—"

"I want you investigate a murder."

"What? ...Listen, I would, but—"

"Finn Adama."

Huh? That name sounded strangely familiar...

"What about him?"

"I want you to solve his murder."

"He was killed? So, who is he?"

"...A professor, down in Pallet."


"Stop saying that."

"Sorry. Can I ask who this is?"

"...A friend of his."

"That was quite the hesitation."

"I'm a friend of his, and he's very important to me. Please, just do this."

I sighed.

"Alright. I'll look into it. If it's nothing, then I'm dropping it."


And then the call ended.

When I explained the case to Mikey, I was a little surprised on his knowledge of the man.

"Y'know, I've heard of Professor Adama." Mikey said to me, just a little after I had received the call, looking up from his spot on the couch he regularly lounged on when we were in my office.

"Really, now?" I responded, turning my chair slightly to face the boy.

"Yep." Mikey nodded, and continued on. "Professor Finn Adama is well known for his research on DNA modification. He entered the Unova National University at a young age for his works in science."

"Weirdo." I commented with a sigh, and laid back in my desk chair, propping my feet up onto my desk. "What kind of person researches how to screw with your DNA?"

"Oh, he's not weird at all. ...Okay, so maybe he is a little, but not to the world of science." Mikey said with an approving nod, crossing his arms proudly. "He, Professor Harudo, and Professor Vales were known as the University Science Team. They have a lab down in Kanto." Mikey then sighed, looking a little downcasted. "But I saw on the news yesterday that he died, right in his own lab, too. That's what that person wanted you to investigate, right?"

"That's right." I said, nodding, thinking about what he had just said. I remembered the phone call I had just received. From a "friend" of his. With what Mikey had just told me, I had two leads onto what he meant. I turned back to the kid, pushing my glasses to the top of my head. "Hey, what are their full names?"

"Hm? Whose?" Mikey asked, looking up again from his little project.

"Those other two professors, his partners."

"Oh, Mizumi Harudo and Kai Vales. They're all very well known, especially at the University. I guess it's because all three of them entered at a young age, they must have found each other that way." Mikey told me with a nod, and turned his laptop around, showing me a picture with three people on it, all who couldn't be above two years older than me. I took a good look at it, and remembered the call again.

The voice on the other end was defiantly a young woman's voice, there was no mistaking that. So that made me close in on my mystery caller.

"Mizumi Harudo... It's possible she's the one who just called me." I said. I didn't have any conclusive evidence at the moment, so I couldn't be jumping to conclusions just yet.

"I wouldn't be surprised. The team was very close." Mikey said, turning his laptop back around again and returning to his project. "Professor Harudo wasn't a chemist, but a geologist, though. But she still joined the team. She usually collects samples from nature to assist the team, and works with them as well, but still works on her rock projects."

"Then Kai Vales..." I said, keeping the name in mind. It sounded familiar for some reason... But how...?


"Hey, Mr. Castreal." Mikey called out to me, making me look up. He had stopped what he was doing and was tapping his chin in thought. "I just remembered now, you know that government project you're working on? I mean, on the government, not for." He asked.

"What about it?" I responded. I was looking into them, but nothing really seemed very urgent about them at the moment, so I set it aside for a little while.

"Didn't the name "Vales" come up in there, too?" Mikey asked, closing his laptop and placing it beside him on the couch.

"...Wait..." I said, and stopped. I kicked my feet off my desk and pushed myself out of my chair. I then walked over to my files cabinet, taking the second drawer and opening it. I looked over the titled folders, and pulled out a slightly thin one, tossing it onto my desk and closing the drawer.

I walked back over to my desk and opened the file, and Mikey slid off the couch and strolled over to join me. There wasn't much in the folder, I could barely find anything about these guys. That's what made me so interested about them so much in the first place.

"There." I said, pointing at a certain spot on the paper. "Right there in the list of names that I could find."

It wasn't much, no more than five, and non of them were full names.


C. Draya



P. Vales

Five names, and only five names. It's not like I was a terrible detective. I was actually pretty good, if I do say so myself. But no matter how hard I looked, researched, inspected, anything, these were the only four names I could find.

"That's it, "Vales"." Mikey said, looking at the last name.

"But it's not even the same first initial." I said. "You said Adama's teammate's name was "Kai". Though it's possible he's a relative."

I thought about it for a moment, lamenting on the information I had gathered so far. The name "Vales" appeared in both the Adama murder case and in the government case I was looking into right now, but they weren't the same person, or at least, the name was different. Even so, a lead was a lead.

"I think it's about time we knocked two birds out with one stone." I said, closing up the folder, and turned to Mikey. "Kid, pack your bags, investigation starts tomorrow."

"But what about break?" Mikey asked, staring up at me with surprised eyes.

"..." I stopped. I nearly forgot about break, but now that I had gotten so much info on the case, I couldn't back away now.

I groaned.

"Right after this case, we're taking a month off." I said, and returned the file to it's place.

"Alright!" Mikey cheered, pumping his fists into the air.

"Go get some sleep, kid." I told him, and he nodded, scampering out the office and taking his laptop with him.

With the information I had gathered over the coming couple of days, I found another lead towards the government that lead to these mountains. With that, we gathered out winter equipment and headed north, and that's were we were now.

"Mr. Castreal?"

I looked down at the kid, who looked up at me with pleading eyes. "What is it?" I asked him.

"What exactly is it we're supposed to be looking for again?" Mikey asked, giving a confused look, and shifted he gaze around the area around him.

"Evidence of battle." I said, looking over at one of the nearby trees and walking towards it, running a hand against the frosty bark. "Unusual battle markings. Ones that don't look like any kind of "normal" attack. You'll recognize it when you see it. Take a note of the environment as well. This place isn't very well visited, so don't suspect it would be some regular passer-byer."

"Hm..." Mikey said, following me towards the forest that edged around us. "Like unusual plant growth and melted snow?"

"Possibly. Anything that looks suspicious would be good to look into, but we don't want to look into things that don't matter for a long time. It would just be a waste of time." I told him, and sank a little bit further into the forest.

Mikey followed me, checking around areas I wasn't inspecting. This was the area I was looking for, but the recent snowfall would have covered up any tracks from yesterday, but even so, recent was good if there was nothing better.

We continued down the forest, keeping a watch for anything suspicious. Mikey was just a few meters ahead of me, so I could keep an eye on him. He wasn't helpless, but if my suspicions were correct, there was something going on up in these highlands. I needed to find the clues, and my investigation would head forward with even just the slightest piece of evidence. But I had to make sure if it was the right evidence.

"Hm?" I stopped, my head turned to a frozen tree next to me. I examined it, but it was obvious what had caught my eye. A dark, crystal-like ice protruded out of the trunk, reach up to about my neck. I reached a hand up to it, and tapped it, but immediately whipped it back.

"Agh!" I cried, and took a look at my glove. I rubbed my fingers together, warming up the icy feeling that had stung through the leather. I took another glance at the ice, and narrowed my eyes.


This is just what I was looking for.

I looked up at Mikey, and opened my mouth to call out at him, wanting his assistance. He was the Academy kid, he would be useful in stuff like this.

But then I stopped, and my eyes widened.

"Kid, look out!" I shouted, and shot forward.

"Huh?" Mikey said, looking up to me, but before he could say anything more, I tackled him out of the way, throwing him behind me and swerving around.



"Detect!" I cried out, immediately sitting up and snapped my fingers. Mikey threw his hands over his head, and I braced for impact.



There was a black flash, and the light around me disappeared for that instant. The force was great, but I could just hold it with this defensive move. Soon, the light returned, and my shield disappeared. Mikey looked up from behind me, and his eyes moved past me. I looked up at the assailant.

It was a young man, even younger than me, as far as I could tell from his face. He wore a back scarf around his neck, going with the rest of his dark theme. His eyes were sharp and keen, and his raven black hair was kept under a old-fashioned policeman's hat. He was on his knees, in a shooting position. Strangely, the ground around his was clear of snow, creating a near perfect circle of grassy, frozen ground. Accompanying him was a shotgun, propped up and aimed towards us with both of his gloved hands.

"Put it down." I warned him, cracking my knuckles.

"You're fast." He commented, looking up at me, and lowering his shotgun.

"You like to shoot at kids." I retorted with a growl on the edge of my voice.

"I was saving him, and I'm saving you too by telling you to lay low and stay out of the snow." He told me in a warning tone, pointing at my demandingly.

"Oh, and please tell me how shooting at a kid saving him?" I said with a little sarcasm in my voice.

"I'll tell you once you get out sight and get out of the snow!" He snapped in a low tone, as if he didn't want his voice to get too high.

"It's not that easy, you know." I told him, looking around at the snow-blanketed ground. I really wasn't pleased with this guy anyways. I was pretty protective of this kid myself, he was like a little brother to me. Shooting at him will get you nowhere close to getting on my good side.

The boy clenched his teeth, and with a sharp CRACK, his shotgun disappeared from his hands. He then slammed his hand onto the ground, and glared straight in out direction, narrowing his eyes.

That's when it happened.

Underneath the shade of the forest around us, a circle of snow disappeared beneath our feet. It wasn't like any other psychic transportation move, but it disappeared as if it had just sunk into the ground below it, leaving us in a circle of frozen grass, surrounded by snow, but none of it touching us.

"There, you're welcome." The black haired boy told me with an irritated edge in his voice, and another sharp CRACK, his shotgun appeared in his hands again. "Now stay low, behind the trees and out of sight."

"That was so cool!" Mikey suddenly cheered from behind me, shooting up to his feet. "I've never seen anything like it! What was that?"

"Hey, you're praising the guy that just shot at you." I told the kid, backing him up with me behind the trees.

Despite my comment, the black haired boy shifted his shoulders proudly, and flashed a grin. "Just something special I can do."

"You're saying you've never head of a move like that?" I asked the kid. Neither have I...

"Nope, there's nothing that can make you do something like that. Well, other than whatever he just did. I know a lot of moves, but nothing like that." He said a little excitably, and became jittery with his burning passion. "Ooooh, man, I've got to get this down!" He cried, and reached into his backpack, pulling out his notepad and pencil and jotting down everything that he could think of.

The black haired boy looked up at us, and fixed his hat. "You two researching up here?"

"Something like that." I responded, still a little irked at the guy, but following what he said and his behind the tree in the circle he made around us.

"Well then you're idiots. There's a reason I chose this place, you know." The boy scolded us, and my opinion of his dropped even further.

"Thanks." I said sarcastically, rolling my eyes. "Can we start off with who exactly are you?"

The boy thought for a moment, tapping his chin and his eyes drifting off in thought. He then looked back at me and answered. "Why don't you just call me Eon?"

"...Fine." I sighed. "E..."


I froze, remembering again about my files.


C. Draya



P. Vales

"Eon?" I repeated, the name echoing in my head, and my eyes shot forward at the boy.


"Yes, that's me." He said with the tip of his hat. "And you are?"

"...Lore." I answered, still staring at him. I then snapped out of my trance, and cleared my throat, standing up straight. "Lore Castreal, and this kid's Mikey." I introduced, tapping the twelve year old on the head, making him look up.

Mikey flashed a grin and saluted quickly. "Pleasure t'meetcha, sir!" He greeted and nodded. He then looked up at me, the same grin still plastered on his face. "Eon, isn't it?"

"You don't seem so surprised." I mentioned.

"I have complete confidence in your investigation abilities, Mr. Castreal." Mikey told me optimistically with a nod.

"I thought you two said you were researching." Eon told us, looking back up at us.

"Look, just tell us why you're so paranoid and shooting everything." I said quickly.

Eon groaned, running a hand through his hair, and then pointed a certain tree in between us, right next to where Mikey was standing before. "You see that?" He asked, and my eyes followed to where he was pointing.

And then I saw it.

"That ice..." I said, and stared at it. It looked nearly exactly like the ice I had seen on the tree before. Except for this time, the ice was sharper, more recent, and created a shape that seemed to explode off the tree and freeze. It was the same, unusually dark color and the ice as before.

"That's black ice, if he had been hit by that... it wouldn't have been pretty. That stuff freezes to the core. If it had hit your arm, and you broke the ice, it would have taken your arm clean off." He explained, and groaned. "It's annoying, you don't even know how cold that stuff is." He sighed.

I remembered when I had touched the ice earlier. I barely event tapped it and it had stung straight through my gloves, which was something considering the ice-resistant ones I was wearing specifically for this exposition. "I've got a pretty good idea." I told him, and rubbed my fingers together as I remembered.

"I shot a warning shot, I wasn't trying to kill him." Eon told me, clutching his shotgun. "I wanted him to back off from the range of the shot."

"You know, I felt that shot, I'm not too sure it would have just "warned" the kid." I said. The power of that shot was pretty vast, even for me. It would have harmed Mikey in some way if it had hit.

"Ah, well, I'm using a lot of my power right now. I didn't really have time to "adjust" myself when I saw him. At least you came in a blocked it off. I'm impressed, by the way." Eon told me with a nod and a smirk, though that really didn't assure me. I still thought of what could have happened if I wasn't there.

"...I'll do something about your recklessness later, now just tell me what's going on around here... Eon." I told him. I really wanted to get a grip on what was going on if I wanted to survive and protect the kid at the same time.

Plus, I now knew that this place had to do with my case.

If this guy was who he said he was, I have just found the biggest lead that has come to me since I ever even started this investigation.

"...Very well." Eon said with a nod, and looked behind the tree he had been hiding behind, and I did the same, following his gaze. "Look over on the other cliffs, across the rift." He told me, and my gaze trailed off to the protruding cliffs on the other end of the gap.

It looked nearly the same as the cliffs on this end, but there was no forest, just the steep slope of the mountain a little further ahead. For a split second, I swore that I saw a flash, and a small sign of movement.

"...Looks like the rat got impatient." Eon commented, and readied his shotgun with a loud CLACK.

"Rat?" I asked.

"There's a rat up in these mountains, I just have to take it down." Eon told me and fixed his hat so he could see better.

"I'm assuming you're not talking about a rattata." I said, a little sarcastically.

"No, a different kind of rat. This one's crafty." He told me, and aimed his shotgun across the mountain, and then sneered. "Ugh, damn unfair advantages. I can't shoot long distance." He growled, and lowered his gun, sinking back behind the tree. "I have to use my own."

Eon then turned to me, and something flashed in his eyes. He looked at me, and then behind me at Mikey. He thought for a moment, and then asked.

"Hey, would you mind helping me out?"

Miyya's POV

"WHOO HOO! Civilization!" I cried, and thrust my fists into the air as I took a breath of the fresh, ocean air of Cerulean City. It wasn't a major city like Safferon, which held large businesses and companies, but a smaller city, but not too small to be a town.

"That was quite the adventure, sir." Saniya told me, catching up to me from behind, her winter coat stored in her bag, leaving her with only her black sleeveless shirt. I had taken my jacket off too, and wrapped it around my waist, as well. Her figure kind of irritated me. She was taller, curvier, and... wait.

Alright, Miyya, get a hold of yourself, no more of that.


Alright, focus now. No more reliving the past, can't think about that past. Anything about the past.


I sighed.

I missed Finn.


A sharp accent snapped me out of my thoughts, and I looked up at Violet, who stared down at me with her sharp, violet eyes.

"Something wrong?" She asked, a little curious and a little worried at the same time.

"What?" I said, and shook my head. "No, I'm fine. Completely fine." I reassured her, and put my hands up as if to stop her. I really hated showing off feelings like that, it made me feel weak. I never wanted to feel that way again.

"Hm... If you says so." Violet said with a shrug, and then she smirked. "Safferon's just down the next route. Looks like we're going to make it in time."

"Yeah... Damn." I sighed. I kind of wanted to have some sort of excuse for not going, but looks like I couldn't make one of those anymore.

"Sir." Saniya said, and I looked up at her. "I wish to go find the nearest Mart." She told me.

"Huh? Why?" I asked her, a little confused. "Shouldn't we head over to the center first?" I suggested, turning to her as we all stood on the brick road of the Cerulean streets.

"Because, sir." Saniya said, and took off her backpack. She rummaged through it for a couple moments, and then proceeded to pull out a neat stack of three-inch ticket-like pieces of paper. "I wish to spend my coupons." She told me, hand held them out.


Violet and I looked down at the pieces of paper, and read them off.

"Miruru special edition keychain collection, 25% off..." Violet read off the first, blinking and squinting hard to read through her fake glasses.

"Capicana Star earring set, 10% off..." I read off the next, my suspicion at it peaks.

"Miru-Magic top and skirt set by Drag... Hey! I made this! They're putting my stuff on sale?" Violet suddenly yelled, and yanked the coupon from Saniya's hand, gazing at it with such murderous intent I though the paper would have burst into flames just by her glaring at it.

"Bastards..." She growled, her hands trembling with the forces she was clutching the ends.

"Hamilton." Saniya said, making Violet look up. She held out her hand, and beckoned her for the coupon. "Return."

"What? You're going to spend LESS money on my precious designs! I thought I raised your better than that, Saniya!" Violet gasped, and stuffed the coupon into her pocket, and grabbed my wrist. "Now if you excuse me, you can meet us up at the center. There is a phonecall that I have make." She said, her voice sharp as she began to drag me along frustratingly.

"What? Whoa! Wait!" I cried, stumbling along as Violet dragged me. "Hey! I can't keep balance! Arceus, your grip is hard... VIOLET!"

"Do not harm Ms. Adama!" Saniya shouted at Violet one last time, and then ran off down the streets towards where she could see the blue roof of the Mart.


"You're acting like being with me is a bad thing!" Violet said, loosening her grip and puffing out her cheeks.

"That's not it, really." I told her, and sighed, following her along.

Because I know exactly who you're going to call and I really don't want to be there when you call her, that's why.

"Well come on! You wanted to go to the Center anyways!" Violet told me, and then started to run, dragging me again.

"No! Not anymore!"

But then we were off.



Transmission Start—
—A new perspective has been added.—

I exited the Mart, a full bag of accessories and cute ornaments filling to nearly the top. I clutched it with both arms, feeling the soft Miru-chan blanket I had purchased along with everything. It was a lot, but I was sending most of it home to my collection anyways. I had to stay here and protect Ms. Adama, it was my job, and that's what Teacher taught me. I couldn't carry everything around all the time. Besides, it might get broken or ruined.

I couldn't let that happen.

I walked down a little further down the streets of Cerulean, and looked around. I fixed the new Miruru clip I had gotten from the center, as it held back my bangs that usually fell over my eye. I blinked, feeling the magic of the clip affect me. The Center didn't look very close to here, I don't think I would be seen by anyone I knew...

I looked down at the large, paper Mart bag that held all of my goods. It made my heart warm up with pride, and my eyes wide with pleasure.

I then started to chuckle.

"Hm... Hmhmhm...Hehe..." I said, a sharp grin forming on my face. I shivered with excitement. This feelings... it was so... so...


"Miru-chan's so CUUUTTEE!" I burst out, holding out the bag in front of me and then hugging it with intense joy and happiness.

"Ahahaha!" I squeaked, and let go of the bag before I crushed anything inside, looking at it with adoring eyes. "Ooooh, my precious Miru-chan. So keep to save the world with your magic! With such power and grace!"

I clenched a fist and flashed a confident smile, hugging the bag close to me with my other arm.

"Don't worry Miru-chan! I'll work hard. I'll be someone only a Mirurite can!" I cheered, feeling the swell of determination within me.

Oooooh, do I love Miruru.

I've always loved Miru-chan, ever since I was a little girl. For from the highest of heavens to the depths of the world, Miruru shall protect all worlds! She's been my inspiration, my source of determination and strength through even the toughest of Teacher's trials! I always carried around an accessory or three of her's, like the wings on my backpack.

I actually wanted to become a Magi like Miru-chan, but in the Shiroi family, or magic level is a little low on that level. I stuck with Knight so I would do better at my job. After all, no matter who you are, you will always be someone special!

Quote Season 10: Episode 33.

"Miru-chan is the beeesssttt." I cooed, hugging my bag again.

I didn't do stuff like this around Ms. Adama or Hamilton, I don't think I would be as highly respected as I should. I have to become a proper bodyguard and fighter for my job, which meant I had to be strong and serious. I can be really strong with Miru-chan, but seriousness just escapes me at that point.

"Alright, Miruru, it's time for our adventure to continue!" I said, clenching my fist tightly once again with courage. I was gaining a lot of stares, but that's what you needed to do. That's what fandom did. That's the power of Miruru! Spread your joy among the nation, the world! I marched forward, clutching the bag close as I headed forward.

"It's time to find streangth in out own wa!"


Before I knew it, I felt a strong force crash into me from the side, making me fall over and the bag fly out of my hands. I fell to the ground, the palms of my hands slamming against the brick road. I sat up slowly, rubbing my side.

"Ow..." I groaned, and ran a hand through my hair, fixing the tiara on my head. A rare, non-Miru accessory for me. Used to boost my accuracy. Teacher gave it to me, I wouldn't want it to get broken. I also fixed the clip I had gotten earlier, a wing clip, a sign of Miruru.


I looked up, and saw someone in front of me. A boy, with firey red hair sitting up. He must have been the one who had crashed into me.

"Oh, gosh, I'm sorry." He apologized quickly before he could even look up. I was about to respond, but he spoke again. "Ahaha... I wasn't looking, I got really distracted. I tend to do that aHey, is this Miruru?" He suddenly said, and picked up a keychain with a tiny figurine on it.

"...Huh?" I repeated, and looked around.

Oh, no, my bag broke.

"Ah! Miru!" I cried, and frantically began gathering everything that had flown to the ground and placing them in a careful, neat pile. I wanted to make sure I had gotten everything without any damage. I swear, if he made me...

"Oh, man, you sure have a lot!" He said, helping out and following along putting everything back together. "I remember I used like Puriru as a kid..."

"Hmph, you..."


Wait, what?

I swerved around to him with a threatening glare on my face, and he snapped up to my sudden actions. I grabbed his hoodie collar and glared down at him with furious eyes.

"Enemy!" Shouted down at him, a sharp growl in my voice.

"What?" He asked, surprised, and looked up at me.

"Have you no honor? How dare you say tha... in front... of me..."

He looked up at me, blinking his wide, red eyes. My hands clutched at the hood of his navy blue hoodie, and then they began to tremble. His shaggy red hair was smooth and tousled. I wanted to run my hands through it, it was just so perfect. His eyes were the color of the brightest of fires, and his face was just so cute and...

I froze.

And realized what I was doing.

"Huh?" The boy said, realizing I was staring at him at the same moment I did, and soon enough, my face flushed a bright, deep reddish color.

"NO!" I cried, and shot away from him, leaping to my feet and stepping away from him, putting my hands up in defense as he stood up. "I will not be fooled!" I shouted, but my face continued to burn like no tomorrow.

"I'm sorry, but look at the bright side! I don't think you didn't burn anything down." He said cheerfully and optimistically.

"What?" I questioned, giving off a confused look. "Burn?"

"Please don't ask." He said. "It's a problem."

"THAT'S NOT THE PROBLEM YOU HAVE!" I snapped at him quickly, pointing at him and making him flinch. "You should be ashamed of yourself! Going as far as to tell your adoration of Puriru to an Mirurite! Don't you know the Puri-Miru law? A true citizen of Donnern Town would know that law! Think about what you're saying! Everything comes together with the string of fate tying it together!"

"Oh, Donnern Town? You're talking about the town in the show righ—"

"And the first thing you should have learned is the rights and wrongs about Puri-Miru fan law! PUNISHMENT SHALL BE UPON YOU! I will be sure of it! I shall never accept such foolhardy actions of a Puriru fan! Mark my words, I shall NEVER hear you speak her name again!"


"Especially from you! I shall never give into your charms! You must be an evil mastermind from the Purirites to convert me! Oh, I see how it is, but I will never fall, NEVER! I am a Mirurite, proud and forever! I have been all my life and I will not fall into the hands of you all, not now or ever! Beware, for as long as I am here, the Mirurite fandom shall live on! And not even to you, I shall fall! I will resist your power, and rule on in the world of Miruru! B-But I'm not saying you have any! It is a foolish thing to be thought and a foolish thing to hold within the Purirites!"

"...I'm sorry, could you repea—"

"No more shall I be defied by you all! I will be strong, I will be powerful! For I have the magic of Miruru on my side and now nothing can stop me! For this world I shall protect with Miru-chan so that everything in it shall be safe and protected and I LIKE YOUR FACE!"

With lightning speed, I quickly snatched up all of my belongings, carrying them in the blanket I had bought, and without even looking back, I sprinted off down the brick road once again.

The boy scratched his head as I left, a dumbfounded look on his face.

"What just happened...?"

He then looked down and remembered, picking up his skateboard and turning it over with a CLACK. He hopped on, and rolled through the streets skillfully. He lamented on what had just happened, but couldn't come up with anything.

What are girls...?

We just don't know.

Miyya's POV

"I thought you said we were going to the Center." I said, now walking with a confused Violet as her eyes wandered around the town. We were now on the opposite end of the town, the bridge was. I was 100% sure that the Center was nowhere near around here from what I remember. Unless they changed it after a couple years. That would be a problem.

I looked up at Violet. "You should really consider getting some real glasses."

"I am perfectly fine!" Violet assured, crossing her arms confidently. "I am a designer, I do this as a profession!"

"Reading glasses?" I asked.

"Yeah..." She sighed, her confidence disappearing and her shoulder slouching.

I sighed, and looked around. Saniya was supposed to meet us at the Center. I was a little afraid of what would happen if she couldn't find us.

"We've got to find that center." I said, looking around again, but I still couldn't find it.

"Hell yeah, I've got to work business with my boss. She BETTER have not lowered those prices a SINGLE cent while I was gone!" Violet growled passionately, a dark, deathly aura emitting from her. I looked at her, and the took one large step to the side away from her.

"...Right... So—"


Suddenly, there was a large force slamming into me from behind. I fell forward, my body slamming into the dirt road in front of the bridge. Another body fell next to me, landing with a painful grunt.

I rolled over, my back was killing me, and I could barely sit up for the moment. I looked up, and Violet was looking down at me casually with the sun behind her, which blinded me, making me squint.

"You okay?"

"No." I said flatly.

"Sorry..." A voice next to me said.

Violet and I turned, and a boy with red hair and a navy blue hoodie laid sprawled out on the ground next to me. He groaned, rolling onto his back and looking up at the sky.

"At least you didn't burn anything down..." He said with a nervous laugh.

"What?" I asked, my ears perking.

"Please don't ask." He said. "It's a problem."

"Alright, up you go." Violet said conclusively, and held out her hand for me to take. I took it, and she helped me up. I groaned, and cracked my back, nearly falling over from leaning back so far, but balanced myself out.

I took a sigh of relief. I felt better, but I still had to deal with this guy.

I turned around to the boy in question. He was older than me, but not by much. He kicked his legs out, and shot upright, looking up at me apologetically. He then pushed himself up, and took something that he had lost: his skateboard.

"Sorry. Got distracted, I tend to do tha— Hey, green hair." He suddenly perked, and looked down at me, examining me.

I backed up quickly, bumping into Violet, but then moved out of the way and shuffled my way around her to hide behind her. I looked around her, and stared at the weird guy. "Are you making fun of my hair?"

"Hey, I'm not a human shield!" Violet told me, looking down at me.

"Huh? Oh, no, I'm not!" He said and waved a hand reassuringly, but I still narrowed my eyes at him suspiciously. "You just reminded me of that guy!" He said, and tapped his chin in thought as he began to pace around his spot.

"...What guy?" I asked the boy, stepping from behind Violet and looking over at him.

"That guy in Mizi's pictures! The guy with the glasses!" He said, pointing out the detail. "She talked about him a lot up until recently."

"Wait... "Mizi"?" I repeated, putting air quotes around the name.

"What kind of name is "Mizi"?" Violet said, scrunching her eyebrows as she made a face at Rex. "I would have gone for something much cuter." She said, crossing her arms proudly.

"Mizi's a friend of mine, I help her out sometimes. Her lab's right across the bridge! That's where I was headed, but I got distracte— Hey! Do you know her? What's your name?" The boy suddenly burst out excitably.

"...Miyya. Miyya Adama." I responded, staring at his weird behavior for a moment before doing so.

"Violet!" Violet cheered, and made a peaces sign over her eyes. "Violet Hamilton!"

"Hey, I do recognize that name!" Rex said, pounding a fist into his hand as if he had just figured something out. "Both, actually." He turned to Violet. "Did you work on the Summer line for last year for Dragonesque?" He asked her.

"Huh?" Violet said, blinking with surprise. "...Yes, actually... how do you know that?"

"Oh, Mizi wears your guy's stuff! She sent me out to buy it one time and she told me specifically what she wanted! Your name was in the magazine she gave me!" He told her. "Your stuff's not bad!"

"Thanks!" Violet said, puffing her chest out with pride and pointing to herself. "I got Employee of the Month for that!" She said with a chuckle.

"I'm not all into fashion like Mizi is, but really, your stuff is—"

"Excuse me?" I interrupted the boy, catching his attention. "Did you need something?"

"Oh! That's right!" He said, stopping. "I've heard of your name! Mi— Oh yeah! My name's Rex, by the way! Rex Pyre!"

"Wow, you do get distracted." I commented, giving him a look.

"What?" Rex said, looking down at me, and then realizing what I had said. "Oh yeah! Sorry. Miyya Adama, right? I've heard Mizi talk about you!"

"Can I know who Mizi is now?" I said. I had heard her name over and over again but I never really did get to knowing who she was exactly. Though her name kind of sounded like...

"Oh, I can take you to her right now!" Rex said, and pointed down the golden bridge that connected Cerulean City and Route 24. "Her lab's right up there!"

Wait a minute...

If there was one chick whose name sounded like "Mizi" and lived on Route 24 then it was—

"Come on, now!" Rex called out to us, and threw his skateboard down on the bridge, hopping onto it and skating away across the bridge and down Route 24.

"H-Hey, wait! I wanna meet "Mizi"!" I called out to him, and bolted after the boy, picking up my pace to keep up with his speed.

"Miyya, wait! We never went to the Center!" Violet called out, and ran after me. "I still haven't discussed losing income with my boss yet!"

Saniya's POV

"Sir!" I cried, and thrust open the door of the lab. With a loud CRACK, I summoned my sword, flashing the black edges defensively to the people inside.

"AAAHH! SANIYA!" Ms. Adama cried at the sight, and jumped from her spot in the room.

"Don't worry, sir, I've got this." I reassured her, and turned to a certain person in the room.

The building I had entered was small, like an appartment, but big enough for work purposes for a single person. When I entered, I immediately entered a white-walled, white-floored laboratory, complete with microscopes and other forensic equipment fit for a pro. Even so, this is where I had ended up, so I had to be cautious.

"Why are you so worked up?" Ms. Adama questioned me with shocked eyes, staring at me from across the room.

"Screw that, I'm more interested on how you found out where we were!" Hamilton said, and stepped forward. "Explain in detail." She beckoned, leaning forward as if she were listening very hard.

I looked back at Ms. Adama. "When I couldn't find Ms. Adama, I tracked back to where we had split up. From there, I followed witness testimony and familiar track and traces left by you two and followed them to the bridge. That's when I found more familiar traces."

I swerved around and my eyes hooked onto a certain handsome someone's face once again.

"YOUR'S!" I shouted, and pointed to the redheaded boy in question.

"...Oh, hey, it's you!" The boy said, looking up at me with happy red eyes. "I couldn't really pay attention to what you were saying before! Sorry about that, I got dist— Hey! Your sword is black! Mizi said that was rare! Lemme see!" He said, and walked up to me.

I held up my sword defensively, making him flinch, and I glared at the boy. "Distaction Boy!"

"What?" He responded, looking up at me with his hands in the air as if he was being held up.

"That's who you are! Because you distract me, yourself, and everyone else! You take advantage of that just because I like your face!" I snapped, lowering my sword slightly to point at him accusingly, but held it back up, holding my ground firmly and not keeping my eyes off of him. My cheeks heated up a bright red again, but I couldn't control it. "I knew I should have never have trusted you! You took my client and even dragged the luggage along—"

"Hey!" Hamilton cried defensively, taking a step forward.

"—And all the work of a Puririte! It just goes to show that none of you star-wearing, golden-clad people can be trusted!" I said, and took another threatening step forward. "I will end you."

I glared at the boy and grit my teeth.

Damn, his face.

"Hey, that kind of sounds like a hero name!" He suddenly burst.

Behind me, Ms. Adama did a facepalm.

"Y'know, but I would have gone for something more heroic, like something with the word Striker or Shooter in it..."

"ENEMY!" I cried, and pointed to him again, making him look up.

"I feel awkward." Ms. Adama said from behind me, looking up at us with sharp, golden eyes.

"I'm more weirded out by the fact that this is the most worked-up and talkative I've ever seen Saniya. Could you repeat the last part of how you found us again? I didn't quite catch that!" Violet called out to Saniya, looking up from writing on her arm.

"Alright, everyone, hold your horses!"

I looked up, and swerved around. Over at the door leading to what appeared to be a kitchen, a young woman with dark blue hair stepped out. Her hair was pulled up into a ponytail, with a orange streak running down it neatly. A red bandana was tied around her head, and her bangs fell just on top of her round, orange-rimmed glasses. She appeared to be the worker here, judging from the just-used gloves on her hands. She fixed her glasses, and looked over at the boy and I.

"Hey, hey." She called out to me, and waved a hand for me to lower my weapon. "Don't go pointing stuff like that at my lackeys."

"What?" The redheaded boy called out at the comment.

I shot him one more glare, and then with a loud CRACK, my weapon disappeared in my hands, and I stood up in a more relaxed position. I shuffled a little closer to Ms. Adama and Hamilton, and turned over to the blue-haired woman. She looked about 20 from what I could tell.

"I'm taking this is your other friend, Miyya?" She said, turning to Ms. Adama.

"Uh huh." She replied with a nod. "I was actually afraid that we had lost her." She said, looking over at me.

"I'm truly sorry for my behavior, sir." I said, and fell to my knees in an apologetic bow.

"Uh... no, that's a good thing." She told me, looking down at me and scratcing the back of her head. "I was afraid you wouldn't have found us."

I stood back up, and saluted to her. "I should have not left you in the first place, sir. But..." I looked up to the heavens, and placed a hand on my heart. "It was for the name of Miru-chan."

"...O-Okay?" Ms. Adama said, staring at me with a strange look on her face.

"I should be taking a video of this." Hamilton chuckled, and stared at me as if she were recording every single one of my actions in her head.

"Hey, Miru-chan? That's who you were talking about earl—"

"YOU SHALL NOT SPEAK OF HER NAME, DISTRACTION BOY!" I snapped, and pointed at him threateningly.

"Actually, my name is Rex..."

"Alright! Alright! Everybody settle down!"

I turned over to the blue-haired woman, and then to Ms. Adama.

"Who is she, sir?" I asked, looking over at my client.

Ms. Adama looked over at me, and then stopped. "Oh, right, you don't know about her yet." She said, and waved a hand to the girl in question. "This is Mizumi Harudo. She was one of the scientist on my brother's team at the university."

I saw Ms. Adma bite her lip, and her eyes drift away slightly. I knew already that I shouldn't press her on the subject. She was prone to be a little sensitive about it, though she didn't show it.

"That's right." Harudo said, and grinned. "UST and proud, a great team it was indeed!"

She walked over to the desk in the center of the room, and looked down at a medium-sized framed picture. She looked at the picture with a small smile, and behind her glasses, I could see a flash of longing in her eyes.

"Proud... and everlasting." Harudo said. She slid onto her desk, sitting on it. Her hand pressed against the thin but messy spread of papers on the desk, and she leaned against her shoulder.

"Guys." Miyya called out to us.

"Yes, sir?" I called out.

Ms. Adama pointed at Harudo, but didn't say anything. She then proceeded to make what looked like to be the shape of a heart with her fingers in the air. Then she mouthed a few words that I didn't quite catch.

"Wait, wait, do that again."

I jumped, and shot around Hamilton and pushed her between me and the Distaction Boy who had suddenly appeared beside me. I glared at him, and growled.

"I'm not a human shield! I said this before!" Hamilton snapped at me in a low whisper.

"Did I do something wrong?" Distraction Boy said awkwardly, and I narrowed my eyes at his face.

"Anyways, Miyya, like he said, could you do that again? I just want to make sure." Hamilton asked Ms. Adama, and I turned to her as well.

Ms. Adama sighed, and repeated the process, pointing to Harudo.

"Mizumi..." Hamilton said in a whisper.

"Mizi..." Distaction Boy said with a nod.

Then she drew a heart with her fingers in the air.

"...Hearts?" Distaction Boy said indefinably.

"Loves..." Hamilton corrected him, and then turned back to Ms. Adama.

And then she mouthed the words.

"My... my... other." Hamilton tried to catch.

"Oh, my brother!" Distaction Boy whispered excitably.

"Oh, Mizumi loved your brother!" Hamilton completed the sentence in a low tone triumphantly as she crossed her arms.



Harudo what?

Hamilton then stopped, and froze in place, her eyes widening.

"Wait... Mizi what?" Distraction Boy said.

"What are you four talking about?" Harudo called out to us, looking over her shoulder from the picture she had been gazing at.

Ms. Adama looked over to her, and then back to us, and nodded.

"...OH." Hamilton said, and looked over at Harudo.

"Oh." Distraction Boy said, finally collecting his thoughts.


Lore's POV


Our assailant fell onto the grass, and I grabbed his hands from behind so he couldn't escape again. He struggled against my grip, having a great amount of strength, but I kept him down. He growled at me a low growl. Next to me in the frozen ground, were we had finally caught him, his sniper rifle disappeared with a CRACK.

Eon walked up from the front, holding his shotgun in hand, and I looked up at him.

"This guy looks a lot more than a rat to me." I said, looking down at him.

He wore light blue winter clothing, and professionally worn, too. It was heavy, but not thick, perfect for hunting in weather like this. Snow goggles covered his eyes, and a white scarf over his mouth. His dark blue winter boots shuffled in the snow as he struggled. As Eon approached, his glare shot up to him.

"Screw you." He snapped at him.

"Love to." Eon said with a smirk, and kneeled down to eye level with him. He moved the assailant's goggles from his eyes and looked at him, though I couldn't really see from my position. "Looks like I win this round, ya little sneak." He told him.

"That was an unfair advantage, you used one of your proxies!" The boy growled at Eon.

"He's not one of my proxies, but I found him. We can use anything we find, remember? He's not even a dark type." Eon told the boy as if the answer was obvious.

"Wait..." He said, stopping his struggling to think for a moment."Lucario aren't dark types?"

"Dear Arceus, why does everyone think that?" I groaned, and nearly wanted to facepalm, but I had to keep my hands on his wrists. "We're steel and fighting types. We aren't and never have been dark types! We're just capable of learning the moves!" I told him.

"Seriously?" The boy asked me with a doubtful tone, trying to turn to me, but unable to from his position.

"Yes." I stressed, tightening my grip.

"You still cheated, how did you read my movements? There was no way you could have done that with whatever powers YOU guys had! I stayed out of the shadows!" He snapped, looking at us demandingly.

"Oh, you caught him!"

"Oh, you caught him!"

Eon, the boy, and I turned to see the short stature of Mikey walk up to us, his headset still covering his ears like earmuffs, and the microphone set in front of his mouth. He smiled an innocent smile, fixing the bag on his back

"You can turn the mic off now, kid." I said to him, and nodded in approval. "Good job, looks like your stuff helped out once again." I said, and held the guy's wrists with one hand for a moment to fix the earpiece that Mikey had given me in my ear.

"You got a scanner? What the hell Eon?" The boy cried, turning over to the black-clad dark type.

"Oh, him? He came with the set." Eon said with a approving nod.

"And you." The boy said, turning to me. "How are you so fast? You're almost at Saana's level!"

"Some things I'll reveal a later date." I said with a shrug.

Eon chuckled, and turned back over to the boy. "That's five to three. I win."

"Oh, shut it!" The boy said, and lunged forward at Eon, but I held him back. Arceus, this kid had some strength for being so scrawny. I swear, his wrist were so tiny underneath this coat of his.


"Wait, this was a game?" I cried.

"A game?" Eon echoed, and thought for a moment. "Hm... You could put it that way, but then I would mix it up with the Game game..."

"You mean you used me to catch this guy for a game?" I said again, and glared at Eon.

"Hey, I helped you out, too, right? Research comes through experience." He said, and chuckled. I couldn't help but realize that he was right. I did learn a LOT from battling on this field with these people, and I even tested out Mikey's stuff. It was a win-win situation, I just didn't like the fact that he didn't tell me about this before hand...

"Alright, you can let go of my girlfriend now." Eon said, and waved a hand at me.

"Listen, I really think..."


Wait, what?

"Huh?" Mikey said, and my grip loosened on the wrists I was holding, making the person in front of me whip their hands away.

"Finally..." The person's voice said, and their hoodie fell off, and their scarf loosened. I finally was able to catch what this person's face looked like. Boyshort, snow blue hair, piercing icy blue eyes, and a light blue tail whipped from the person's side. Pink tinted the person's cheeks at the statement, and I stared at what I had just seen in shock.

"Y... Stop just saying it like that E—MPH!"

And that's when he grabbed her free wrist, yanked her up and kissed the girl.

I knelt there, looking up at the couple pressing each other's lips against one another's. Eon's arms wrapped around the girl's waist, and she trembled with her face growing redder, and kissed back. Mikey stood next to me, and couldn't take his eyes off the sight, unable to.

"...Whoa." He said, and blinked several times.

What's going on?

Eon broke the kiss, and pulled the girl in closer, holding his arms around her waist, and looking down at use from over her shoulder. The snowy-haired girl finally hugged him back, burying her face into his shoulder. He smirked at us, and I stood up slowly, not taking my questioning eyes off of him.

"Guys, this is my girlfriend," He introduced the girl in his arms. "Vii Kirsi."


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