It's fifteen minutes after midnight, and twenty after the end of the movie they'd been watching; it's Luca's first time having someone sleep over (or, well, a sleepover in general, really) and while guys don't normally do that sort of stuff, it's fine because, in Spada's words, they're "bros". And "bros hung out" all the time.

Even if a bro's idea of "hanging out" happens to be a sleep over, complete with movies, eating out the pantry, and not sleeping in the very least.

(The last part stresses Luca out for a bit but the second he's into the movie and full of sugary snacks, popcorn, and terror, it flies right out of his mind.)

They watch a horror movie; just jumpy, though, no blood or gore or anything like that. It's fine at first, though Luca leaps half the movie and ends up curled against Spada, with the latter's arm around him and rubbing comforting if stiff circles into his shoulder. His knuckles are white and he's gripping Spada's shirt tightly, reluctant to let go even as the credits begin to roll down the screen. He really doesn't want to leave the couch, either; when Spada starts to get up and stretch, he's held down by Luca, who looks up at him pitifully and -

shit, he can't really just leave him like that, can he?

(He can't, though, not when Luca looks like he's gonna just die if Spada gets up and leaves him to go piss.)

He ends up- man, it's embarrassing to admit, for the both of them, but he ends up going to the bathroom with Luca. It's awkward to piss while there's someone immediately outside the door, even if it's your best friend; it's even more awkward to have him bust in and hold onto you, quivering, while you're in the middle of pissing, just 'cause he thought he heard something. Spada plays it off, though, teases him about liking cock enough walk in while it's out and Luca burns a bright, indignant red but doesn't defend himself (hey, c'mon now, man up a little). He just turns his head away to watch the floor and bite the insides of his cheeks sullenly, embarrassed and frustrated. When they return to the safety of Luca's room, they have to share the bed (because Luca's not going to let his guest sleep on the ground, and Spada's not going to let Luca give up his damn bed for him) and they immediately take different sides.

It's hard, though, because Luca's bed is small; it's only supposed to fit one person and they're trying to fit in two, and it's an increasingly awkward tangle of legs and arms and hisses and demure whispers. Sleep is hard to come by; as soon as one of them started to doze off, the other would "accidentally" elbow them in the side, or nudge them off the bed, or kick them in the face. Impossible to come by, even, which is why neither of them get up in the morning despite Luca's mother calling them for down for breakfast, and why Luca's mother doesn't berate them about it when she sees them curled up together, Luca against Spada's chest, a late result of attempting to find a way to fit in the small bed and passing out despite the position they took.