I'm trying to do better with my stories so i did this. Every one wanted to know what would happen to Kate after the stampede so I made a sequel enjoy! Also make sure you read Goodbye before you read this.

It had been two days since the stampede that killed Humphrey leaving Kate devastated. Today was the day they would hold the funeral for Humphrey in the valley. It looked like today would rain but they would still try to fit in the funeral before it started.

Kate lay in her den with Humphrey's dead body as she cried. She hadn't stopped crying since the stampede and she was losing it. Her fur was a mess, her eyes were bloodshot, and she was like a skeleton from not eating at all.

"Kate we're going to hold the funeral now before it rains" said Winston as he walked in, "I'm so sorry about him everyone will miss him." "I know dad it's just that I miss him so much" she said crying into her fathers shoulder.

Hutch and Cando walked into the den and picked up Humphrey onto their back and made their way to the valley with Kate and Winston behind them.

When they arrived all of the Western and Eastern pack was there for the funeral but once they laid Humphrey's body onto the ground it began to rain.

"Everyone, we will continue the funeral tomorrow afternoon when it clears up" said Winston "Now everyone go back to their dens." On their way back Kate had finally stopped crying but she was still sniffling.

Kate laid down in the back of the den thinking about Humphrey and began to cry again at the thought of him. She cried for another half-hour before crying herself to sleep.

-2 hours later-

Humphrey woke up in extreme pain all over his body. "Man that hurt!" he said through clenched teeth as intense pain shoot through his body. He looked around to find he was laying in the middle of the valley. Something warm and sticky was dripping from his head. As he put his paw he realized it was blood dripping from a crack through his head. "Oh no" he thought, he knew he had to do something or he would die there in the valley. He howled hoping someone would hear him but he remembered that everyone was asleep. He tried to howl again but it came out quite and raspy. He breathed for a moment and howled as loud as he could.

Kate jolted awake to hear a wolf howling for help." Who could that be at this time" she said but shook the thought out of her mind and quickly woke her dad before running off through the woods to the valley. She met up with Hutch, Cando, Garth, and about three other alphas.

"Who is that howling" asked Garth sounding annoyed since he had to wake up in the middle of the night, " Why would someone be awake at this time?"

"Just shut up and let's go!" Kate yelled as she ran off. When she arrived she looked around to only see Humphrey's body. She walked up to him and started to get tears in her eyes but she looked away.

As the others arrived they were angered to see no one else here. "Is this a prank! If it is I'm going to tear their throat out!" Hutch yelled as he clawed the ground in front of him. "I don't know but let's go so I don't start-" "Please don't cry Kate" Humphrey said cutting Kate off.

Everyone turned in shock at Humphrey who was laying on the ground in pain. They were so shocked that Hutch fainted and one of the alphas got dizzy. Kate started shouting orders to everyone but Humphrey didn't hear cause he blacked out into darkness as Kate and the others carried him back.

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