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Fresh food, if there was one thing in the entire world that he missed, it was fresh food. It had been easy to come by when he had been younger, much easier. But these days, it had become a rare delicacy to find fresh food. Quite frankly, it had become rare to find food at all, or even other humans, let alone anything fresh. Yet Jason Carter did everything he could to find anything edible, to survive. For ten years, that had worked, he's survived, he was still alive and well. Though he had lost much in his life, from his Father in the initial attacks, to his Mother and Sister to illness, he still lived. Why God had ever allowed him to live, he didn't know, he didn't try to understand.

The ten year old trudged along the city streets with a labored pace. His hand on his small knife that he kept on his belt calmly, blue eyes slowly surveying his surroundings. If any Decepticon decided to jump out, and take him by surprise, he was ready for them. That's what he told himself. He was ready to take on any one of them that challenged him. Yet he knew, or at least, the smart half of him knew, that they would just take him. So many humans had been abducted since the war had finally taken its toll on Earth, and he knew, as dismaying as it was, he'd be no different if they caught him.

His eyes moved towards a shattered window, which belonged to a Wall Mart. Shifting his body through it slowly, he knew at once it was a bad idea. Yet, none-the-less, he didn't turn around, he didn't leave. He simply let his stomach growl quietly, and took it to be his body telling him he needed to eat something, lest he starve. He searched every aisle, some had been emptied, but no matter how hard he looked, he could see that the food had already been cleaned out. By what or who, he didn't know, but he did know that he couldn't go on without food for much longer.

Yet nothing could be worse then what came next. The sound of light footsteps caught Jason's ears at once. The child tensed up, and put his hand carefully to the knife on his belt before taking hold of it. He stood slowly, but weakly, his energy low due to the emptiness of his stomach, and lack of food. His eyes closed, and he slowly inched back, but even as the footsteps came closer, he felt no harm come to himself. He opened his eyes slowly, and pushed away the bangs of his dark brown hair. The owner of the footsteps was a mech, there was no surprise there, at least not to him.

The mech was tall, but not the biggest that Jason had even seen from a distance. The robot was white in color, with red and blue stripes going down the length of his chest, a visor over his optics, and a black helm, his metal lips were curved into a smile, a friendly one. Jazz stared the boy down slowly before he carefully lowered himself into a crouch, as not to scare the frightened child off. "Hey there lil guy." Jazz cooed, noting the knife that the boy clutched in his hand "Oh kid, you don't need that, I'm not going to hurt ye." He noted.

Jason stared Jazz down, half-expecting him to strike at any moment. When Jazz didn't so much as move, however, he slowly set the knife back onto his belt. Yet he still didn't speak to Jazz, his fear clear by the look of confusion in his eyes. "You look hungry." Jazz noted, reaching into his subspace calmly, he pulled out a small can of soup, which only served to further Jason's confusion "I don't have anything to heat it up. But.. I carry it around, just in case." He slowly set the can down.

"How do I know I can trust you?" Jason finally spoke, he stared at Jazz in fear.

Jazz knew exactly what the boy was saying, after what had happened to the world, Primus knew the child was probably terrified of his own shadow. "Because if I intended to hurt you, I'd have gone and snatched you from where you stand. Rather then offered ye something to eat." Jazz was careful, taking a small blade, he carefully opened the can, popping the top, he stared at Jason calmly "Come on kid, I can't just leave ye to starve. Slurp it down, I hear it's really good." He noted.

Jason stared at Jazz, then at the can, and carefully stood to his feet. He walked toward it, and for a moment, stared at the can. Slowly, he picked the can up, and began to slurp the tomato soup down. It wasn't the most filling thing in the world. But the taste of food certainly quenched much of Jason's hunger. His eyes lifted to Jazz, and he noticed with a sigh of relief, that he bore the Autobot symbol. The Autobots, being the only of the robots that weren't killing or abducting humans, certainly had his trust, at least to some extent. "Are you alone l'il man? Where are your parents?" Jazz questioned.

As Jason finished the soup and set the can down, he shifted slightly, and tugged at his tattered clothing. "Dead. It's just me." Jason said flatly.

Jazz frowned a bit at this, uncertain of what to do. If it had been a family in the shop, he would have simply showed them to the nearest shelter. But this boy was an orphan, something one saw few of, considering they usually were the most easily kidnapped. It was why children were experimented on by Decepticons the most. "Come on." Jazz carefully scooped Jason up before the boy even knew what was happening "I have plenty of food to get by on where I'm taking you." He told him.

"I'm not going anywhere!" Jason spat, terrified.

"Easy, li'l man, I'm not going to hurt you. But I'm not leaving you to fend for yourself either." Jazz stated with a calm, quiet voice, he was gentle as he stroked the boy's back "I'm going to take you back to base with me. We've got enough food to keep you alive and stable for the remainder of your life. We can get you something nicer to wear too, even a good bath." Jason seemed to relax, he had to admit, that didn't sound bad at all "What's your name, kiddo? I'm Jazz." He noted.

"J-Jason, my name's Jason Carter."

Jazz smiled, Jason, he liked that name, probably just as much as he already liked the kid. He had impressive survival instincts for one so young, between his reaction to his appearance, and how long he had most likely been on his own. But he wouldn't be on his own anymore, he told himself, Jazz would take care of him, or if not him, there were plenty of Autobots on base that could take care of him. "Well, Jason, do you trust me enough not to run if I set you down for a moment?" Jazz questioned, he got a nod in response, and set the human boy onto his feet "It'll be much faster, and easier, to drive." He noted.

Jazz transformed down into his Porsche 935 Turbo alternate mode, and opened up his door. Jason stared for a moment, and looked around, still frightened. Yet somehow, Jazz didn't seem to be as dangerous as other robots he had encountered, he felt as though, for some reason, he could be trusted. Carefully, he climbed into the waiting form of Jazz, and allowed himself to be driven from the shop, from the town, and away from the hell he had somehow managed to survive all these years through.


Jason was sound asleep when Jazz reached the Autobot Base, requiring the use of his solidified hologram to lift him out. Jazz carried the boy in the palm of his hand now, carefully, protectively, making sure that none of his superiors saw him, at least not until he talked to Optimus Prime. When he entered the office, the red and blue mech took notice of the sleeping child in Jazz's hands almost immediately. "Jazz." The baritone voice of Optimus Prime spoke quietly "Explain yourself." He added.

"I found him in a torn down Wall Mart." Jazz replied, quietly enough that the young child could not hear "He was starving, Prime. And alone. He told me he was an orphan... And... I just, couldn't leave him there." Jazz stroked the boy's spine as he slept, causing a reflexive snuggle "He won't take up much room, Prime. CJ is already looking after Oliver, isn't he? Sure, he's grown up. But we still looked after Oliver. And Prowl raised Amy on the Eastern base." He noted.

Oliver had been the first human the Autobots had found. Cliffjumper had found him cornered by Ravage, and barely managed to save his life. The boy had been fifteen, and given six years had passed, Oliver was already in his twenties. He fought on the front lines with the Autobots, working as a strategist alongside Cliffjumper, whom had adopted him after finding him. Amy had been found by them too, when Prowl had been visiting the western base. Prowl adopted her after finding her near beaten to death on the side of a road. She too, had grown up into an adult, having recently turned eighteen.

"He's... Much younger then either of them were, Jazz." Optimus began, his optics falling upon the sleeping form of the child "It's dangerous to just bring every orphan we encounter onto base Jazz, he'd need a caretaker." Jazz simply pointed to himself, to which Optimus sighed "Should have seen that coming." Optimus noted, his optics turned to the window of the main base, and stared out of his office "Are you certain he is an orphan, and is not a spy?" He questioned.

"Going by his description. His Father was in the third regent shot down six years ago." Optimus nodded, he remembered the massacre well, though he wished he hadn't "He had a Mother, Sister, and an older brother. His Mother and Sister fell ill this winter, and died of unknown causes." Jazz took a deep breath, he looked off a bit "At first, he denied any other family, but he tells me his older brother disappeared without a trace two months ago." He noted "He describes a large 'Hawk' taking him away." He noted, Optimus turned his head "I can only assume, he was taken by the animal Decepticons, and either devoured, or collected. But knowing their instincts, he was collected." He noted.

Optimus's own spark nearly broke for the young boy that Jazz had in his hands. He'd been through a whole lot, not unlike Oliver had, having watched his entire family massacred, or collected by Decepticon hunters. Optimus breathed a deep breath inward, and looked Jazz in the visor. "Get him cleaned, get him dressed, and take him to Oliver. I permit only him to watch the boy while you set your room up for him." Optimus took a deep breath, and allowed Jazz to leave.

Now, Jazz just had to figure out how he was going to handle a ten year old.