Yeah, I don't own anything. Just a quick drabble for fun.

"You're a little bit older than the ones I usually go after, but I still sense a lot of potential in you."

Kagome glanced at the small, white, cat-like creature that sat beside her on her bed. Its unblinking red eyes were fixed on her own gray ones, and she couldn't help but to feel unnerved.

"You have a wish, don't you? I can grant it. Any wish at all. I can make miracles happen!"

Kagome drew her knees to her chest, her mind treacherously lingering on the moments of the past. There was something she wanted, something very badly that she doubted that she'd ever be able to get under her own power. But those memories also reminded her that nothing was ever free, much less wishes.

"There's always a catch with these kind of deals. The last time something tempted me with a wish, I nearly got trapped into an eternal prison as a result. I don't suppose something like that will happen to me again, will it?" Kagome remarked casually enough, now leveling her gaze with the cat's. The cat's expression didn't so much as twitch as its tail swished from side to side.

"You're a very strange girl, Higurashi Kagome."