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Maka hunched her shoulders, looking down at the floor sullenly as she made her way for the door. Popcorn kernels and other various kinds of trash littered the floor, wherever Tsubaki was, she must be going crazy with trying to keep the party down a few notches. Because she obviously wasn't succeeding. Any other time and the thought would have made Maka giggle. But right now, all she felt like doing was going home and watching television.

The music got fainter as Maka came outside onto the porch. She was about to take her first step of many for her walk home, but she froze as a loud crack of thunder made her jump back, eyes wide. Craning her neck, Maka deadpanned as rain started to pour down from the sky, turning the ground to thick mud before the girl could even blink.

Things never seemed to go her way, did they?

Heaving a sigh, Maka glanced over her shoulder. She sure wasn't going back into the party. Now that Kidd had given up on her and Tsubaki was off doing who-knows-what, Maka didn't have anybody that was there to talk to. Unless she wanted to be the third wheel around Keiko and Soul again.

No- she'd just go home wet. It was better than staying here and being bored all night.

Blowing out her cheeks, the meister hopped off of the porch, feeling wet raindrops splash onto her head immediately. Wet bangs sticking to her forehead, she made a disgruntled noise, starting forward and walking down the brick path from Black Star's house. Her flats weren't exactly made to be in the mud, making her slip and slide when she tried to walk. And she didn't know whether or not her cast was waterproof. But she was grateful that she didn't put on any make-up in coming here. Then she'd look like a person off of a scary movie or something.

"Maka!" The girl started at the sound of her name being called. Turning around, she blinked rapidly with surprise as she saw Soul running through the rain to her, mud and muck splashing up whenever he walked. What was he doing here? Where was Keiko?

The meister looked at her weapon curiously as he skidded to a stop in front of her, panting as she flashed her a smile. Maka blinked, not knowing what to say other than: "You're getting all wet."

"Nah." Soul said humorously. "I run in between the raindrops."

Maka smiled softly, blinking through the rain to get a better look at him. "Well, that takes some skill." She went along. "No wonder Keiko is so taken with you." It almost surprised her the way the words came so easily to her. Maybe since she told Keiko she would stop fighting with her, it would only get easier and easier for her. Which was a good thing.

But Soul's smile faded at her words, surprising Maka slightly. The scythe raised his red eyes to meet her green ones, and forest met fire, making Maka's spine tingle. "I know." Soul said bluntly. "About what happened at the Christmas Party. With you and me."

Maka's cheeks blushed fiery red. "Oh." She mumbled, breaking their eye contact and looking down at the muddy ground. "Well, it's fine." She said, her voice cracking slightly. "You weren't right when you did that, and I wont hold you against it. Actually, I sort of forgot about it until now, when you brought it up." Lies…

"No." Soul said firmly.

Maka blinked, looking up, confused. "Excuse me?" She asked.

"I said no." Soul repeated, narrowing his eyes slightly where he stood. "I mean- I was out of it. I'll admit that." Maka quirked an eyebrow, crossing her arms as Soul went on. "But…I didn't want to be."

Maka froze as he said those words, eyes widening. Soul went on still, looking at her with an intense expression that she had never seen before. "Maka, I don't know what I was thinking when I asked Keiko out, if I was even thinking at all. She's not for me, and I should have seen that. She's just like one of the girls on that stupid show we watch all the time and make fun of, and I was just like that stupid guy."

Maka would have liked to say something scathing right now, but couldn't find her voice.

"And you had every right to be mad at me." Soul said quietly. "But you weren't. You didn't even try and bring up the night at the party, not even when I put Keiko first instead of you. And that's something that both amazes and throws me off." He paused, blinking. "Why didn't you?"

For a moment, Maka just stared at him, not saying anything. But finally, she opened her mouth, her voice slow and quiet amid the small sounds of raindrops plopping on to the ground. "Because I saw you were happy with her. And I thought…if you were happy, I should be too. I didn't want you to figure out that I actually thought that kiss meant something." The words were out before she could stop them.

Soul hesitated before speaking. "Keiko doesn't make me happy. There's somebody else who does that already. Somebody that I could never think to replace." He raised his eyes to meet her's slowly. "Somebody brave, and funny, and loyal, and somebody who knows me for me. Who doesn't take advantage of me, and always chops people viciously in the head whenever they do something like that."

Maka looked down at the ground, trying to hide her smile. "Is she pretty?" She asked.

"She's SO much prettier than Keiko." Soul said, smiling with his pointed teeth.

"And you don't forget smart." Maka said.

"And smart, yes. She lets me cheat off of her homework everyday so I wont drop out and become a bum on the streets." Soul was pacing closer to her now.

Maka giggled to herself. "She sounds nice." She said, raising her eyes ever-so-slightly to his.

"She's more than nice." Soul said, stopping right in front of her. He was inches away from her now, red eyes boring into her's. Maka was shivering, whether it was from the rain, or something else, she couldn't tell. She really couldn't tell anything now, all she could see was Soul right in front of her. And he was conscious of what he was doing this time.

"She's my meister." Soul finished, blinking. "I love you, Maka."

"You have no idea how much I've wanted to hear you say that." She breathed.

"Then you'd better brace yourself, because I'll be saying that a lot more from now on." Soul said, leaning forward and pressing his lips to her's. Maka's eyes widened, but slowly, she closed them, getting up on her toes and wrapping her arms around Soul's neck tightly. It wasn't like their last kiss they had shared. The last one was urgent and clumsy.

This was one was gentle and loving, and warmed Maka from the icy rain around them. It was pure heaven, and she never wanted it to end, never wanted it to stop. She could have just stayed in that one spot for the rest of her life and be perfectly okay with it.

"WHAT THE HECK, SOUL!" Keiko screamed from the front porch. Soul ignored her rudely, not even breaking his kiss with Maka to look back at her. The girl staggered, making a move to get off the porch when she first noticed the rain. "When this rain stops and I'm able to go out there, you're DEAD!" She shouted, stomping her foot down on to the wood and crossing her arms stubbornly.

"Why, will you melt?" Keiko turned and jumped to see Kidd leaning against the house, staring at her with one eyebrow raised. The reaper smirked, "I can see that. You are a witch after all."

"Who are YOU?" Keiko snapped.

"I," Kidd said, lifting up a plastic cup full of punch. "am your worst nightmare." Without loosing a beat, the reaper tilted the cup and swung it forward, splashing the red liquid all over Keiko. "That just never gets old. I wonder why." Kidd laughed.

"OH MY GOD!" Keiko screamed, tears running down her face, mascara going with it. "YOU RUINED MY DRESS!" Turning around, she fled into the house, sobbing loudly like the world was about to explode on the dot. Kidd looked after her with a bemused look before turning back to Soul and Maka. He smiled, coming out more of a grimace as he did so.

"So." Kidd jumped a he heard Liz beside him. The pistol looked down at him, a pained look on her face. "What are you going to do now?" She asked.

Kidd smiled, looking down at the ground. "I don't know. Maybe she wasn't the one for me anyway. Her and Soul were made for each other. I couldn't have even dreamed of getting in the way for them."

"Yep." Liz agreed. "Fate gets in the way of things, right? It mixes it all up and makes it all the more hard for everyone."

Kidd blinked, looking as Soul and Maka broke apart, holding hands tightly and turning to walk back home together. "Not in all cases." He said thoughtfully. "Not in all cases."

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