DISCLAIMER: I do NOT own Phineas and Ferb or Perry or Isabella or Candace AND I think you get my drift. And so, yet another Phineas and Ferb story.

"Morning, boys," Linda said one morning. Candace was walking around the kitchen gurgling orange juice and the boys were getting out their bowls and the cereal. Perry was sleeping quietly on his little bed. "I've got to go run some errands today. Candace, don't call me unless it's an emergency."

Candace gulped the juice that was in her mouth before she called, "When the boys do something bust-worthy, does that count as an emergency?"

"Will it be life-threatening?" Linda arched an eyebrow at Candace.

"I don't think so," Phineas replied as he and Ferb placed their breakfast items on the table.

"Then no. Bye, Candace, bye boys," Linda smiled as she gave the boys each a kiss on the head. "I'm going now!"

Candace started to rummage through the fridge as she yelled at Phineas and Ferb, "That means don't do anything that I need to bust you for!" She pulled out an assortment of things and started assemblying a breakfast sandwich.

"What are you making?" Phineas inquired curiously as he and Ferb poured their cereal into their bowls.

"I dunno, it's olive bread with meatloaf and leftover fried rice," Candace managed to say as she started to stuff her face. "All the cereals in the pantry are getting old and stale."

"That's because nobody's eating them. Ferb and I are finishing off the last of the good cereal," Phineas explained. Candace grabbed the box and said sarcastically, "Your definition of 'good cereal' is Health Nuts?"

"It's got nuts in it!" Phineas sighed. "I know, why does Mom always pick out the boring cereal?" The boy's eyes lit up as he grabbed Ferb's shoulders and shook them in excitement. Ferb had been eating his cereal when Phineas did this, causing the little squares in his spoon to shake violently. "Ferb! I know what we're going to do today! We're making the best cereal ever!"

While the children of Perry's host home were complaining about breakfast, he pushed a little red button that was hidden by a little door under the pillow that was tucked into the corner of his bed. The floor of the bed fell down, and it went right back up. Perry zoomed down the long transparent tube and gave a flip onto the floor in a battle stance as a fedora fell on his head. He gave the hat a pat as he sat in his seat and pressed a button. Major Monogram's head appeared on the screen.

"Good morning, Agent P. Our sources tell us that Doof has gone and bought a pair of binoculars. We need to catch him before he uses it to try to capture the Tri-State area!" Major Monogram nodded. Perry tipped his hat and zoomed out of the room on his hovercraft.

Isabella pleasantly hummed as she pushed the door to the Flynn-Fletcher's yard open and called, "Whatcha doin'?"

"Oh, hi, Isabella," Phineas greeted her. "Today Ferb and I are making our own brand of cereal. We call it," he held out a promotional poster-

Isabella grabbed the poster and read, "'Fluffy Unique Nibblets?'"

"Also called F.U.N. It has everything kids want in cereal, like chocolate, marshmallows and fruity thingies, but it also has vitamins, minerals, and it has low fat for all the adults who are concerned," Phineas explained. "It's an everything cereal!"

"'Fluffy Unique Nibblets? It's an everything cereal?' Stacy, the boys are making their own brand of cereal!" Candace yelled into her cellphone as she watched the boys work on their cereal factory. Buford, Baljeet, the Fireside Girls and that nerd Irving had joined the two in their little project along with, of course, Isabella.

"'Fluffy Unique Nibblets?' That sounds better than Candace-O's, when are they going out to market?" Stacy asked excitedly on the other end of the line.

"Stacy! No one disses Candace-O's!" Candace said sternly. She was about to start ranting again when she stopped and blinked.

"Candace?" Stacy asked nervously. "Are you still there?"

"The market! That's it! Bye, Stacy!" she yelled into her cellphone. She shoved it into her pocket as she ran out of her room, slamming the door and laughing maniacally.

"And so we should have all the supermarkets in Danville stocked with Fluffy Unique Nibblets within minutes!" Phineas exclaimed to Ferb.

"Wait, wait, wait, Phineas? I have a great idea!" Irving squealed as he hopped up and down in excitement.

"What is it, Irving?"

"You should have a sweepstakes like all the other cereals!" Irving squealed again.

Phineas stroked his chin and nodded. "Yes! But what should the prize be?"

Irving could barely contain himself as he said as slowly as he could muster, "Since it's your cereal, the prize should be that the lucky kid who get the pass in the cereal should get to be a visitor at your house for one whole DAY!"

"Um, I guess so. Ferb, we need to make a pass!" Phineas exclaimed as he thrust his hand high in the air. He lowered his hand in surprise when Irving reached out into thin air and grinned as he flashed a index card. "I already made one!" He handed to Ferb as Phineas looked over Ferb's shoulder.

"'This certificat certifys that the following person 'blank' has full access to the Flynn-Fletcher household when being accompanied by Phineas and Ferb.' Hey, Irving, why is your name in the blank?" Phineas asked curiously.

"Um, geez, um," Irving fumbled. He grabbed the pass and ran across the yard. "I'll go make another one!"

Doofenshmirtz Evil Illegal Parking Space! Perry parked his hovercraft in a legal parking space as he tipped a hat to the tow trucker who was trucking away a protesting Norm.

"Norm! Wait, come back!" yelled the doctor. He ran after the tow-truck until it crossed the street and out of sight.

"Drat," he muttered as he turned to Perry the Platypus. "Hiya, Perry. Come on, evil scheme time." He threw a rope at Perry instantly tying him up, and Perry waddled behind him. Heinz crutched down behind some bushes and motioned Perry to do the same.

"Okay, Perry the Platypus. What do you see?" Perry carefully gazed through the lenses. He saw on the other side of the park two young people in black sitting on a park bench. He shrugged and turned to the doctor.

"What do you see? I see my daughter with her boyfriend Johnny on a date, if you even want to call it that," Dr. Doofenshmirtz explained. Perry's eyes widened as he realized what Doof was doing. Perry gave him a look to which Doof said, "What? I'm an evil scientist but I'm also a father. I need to keep an eye on my baby girl." Perry rolled his eyes as the two watched the couple. They were just sitting and talking to each other, doing nothing exciting at all.

"Well, yeah," Dr. Doofenshmirtz sighed. They sat in silence for a moment when Doof spoke up. "Want to go get some ice cream? Yeah, let's go do that," and with that, Dr. Doofenshmirtz untied Perry and they marched off to the ice cream vendor's.

"Alright, Ferb, give me a box," Phineas said as he squeezed his eyes tight. Ferb held out a random box and Phineas let go of the pass. It floated gently down as it landed on the top of the cereal. Ferb lined it up with the rest of the cereal boxes and it zoomed off to be sealed.

"Well, we did it, Ferb," Phineas smiled as he stretched his arms. The two boys walked out of the factory and waved goodbye as the trucks full of breakfast food drove out of sight to all of Danville's supermarkets.