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Vanessa somehow managed to find her voice and as she nervously cleared her throat, she said, "Dad?" When she noticed the hunch in the vendor's back, she gulped again and immediately let go of Johnny's hand.

"Who? Me? I'm not your father, I'm an ice cream seller," Dr. Doofenshmirtz said hurriedly. He beckoned to Perry who pulled out the menu full of ice cream selections and Perry chattered as Vanessa took it, annoyed by the way her dad was dressed up.

"Oh, which one do you want, Johnny?" Vanessa asked him.

"I dunno, what do you want?"

"She wants cherry vanilla with itty bitty black sprinkles, that's the way she had it on her fifth birthday," Doofenshmirtz answered matter-of-factly as he immediately fell to scooping.

Vanessa face-palmed.

Back in the backyard, Isabella ran over to Phineas and Ferb who were signing a paper on a clipboard.

"Phineas, the machine is malfunctioning. The flakes are going into the boxes in the size of chocolate chip cookies!" Isabella told him as she showed both the boys her clipboard. The paper on the clipboard had an arrow slowly descending, but when the arrow came to the middle of the paper, it immediately plummeted to the bottom where Isabella had drawn a little explosion.

"Hmm, okay, call back the rest of the delivery trucks, we need to fix this problem," Phineas told Isabella who nodded and opened her cellphone and dialed a number.

"Yo, Frank, we need to eighty-six the flakes do to size issues, yeah, okay, sure," Isabella quickly hung up and turned to the step-brothers. "Frank says they're a-heading back!"

Frank has just gotten off the phone with Isabella when he used his radio to come to contact with the other delivery men.

"Hey, boys, this is Ring Leader calling for HQ, we've got a recall boys, everyone back!" The other delivery men quickly answered with, "Copy that" "Roger" and "Back to home base" and with that they all did one swift U-turn back to the Flynn-Fletcher household.

Candace slid like an ice skater in a rink down the slippery floors of Pam's Club. She managed to brake by catching herself on a shelf that stuck out of an aisle. She darted down the long hall eagerly, laughing manically whilst doing so. She was surrounded by boxes of breakfast food, and she giggled evilly as she rubbed her hands together.

"Perfect," she whispered to herself and then Candace yelled as hard as she could, "MOM!"

Linda appeared from around the store and scowled at Candace.

"Candace, you don't need to yell across the store," Linda impatiently scolded.

"Mom, Mom, the boys, cereal, NOW!" Candace replied loudly as she rushed to the end of the aisle. Irving's family had just turned the corner when Candace slammed into their cart. She slid down the front of the cart and groaned. Irving darted ahead as Linda turned to the commotion and sighed.

"Candace!" Linda yelled as she guided the cart to her daughter. "Are you okay?"

Candace gave a groan and nodded miserably. Albert held out his hand and she grabbed it. The boy hoisted her up as Linda apologized to Irving's mother.

"I'm so sorry for Candace running into your cart like that, Ellen," Linda said to Irving's mom as the two women went back down the aisle.

"Oh, it's fine, is she okay?" Ellen asked, concerned. Linda turned to Candace who was going frantic as she scanned the shelves. "For the most part, yes," Linda answered.

"Wait, wait, where is it? Where is it?" Candace repeated to herself frantically. Her orange locks were ruffled up with shaking hands as she frantically examined the plastic shelving. Irving too was in despair as he wringed his fingers. Once he didn't see the boxes he was looking for, he started moving the others around to see if they were hidden.

"They're gone," he commiserated in a little horrified voice.

"No kidding," Candace answered sulkingly.

An uniformed employee noticed the distressed children and came walking over to them, saying, "Sorry kids, what are you looking for?"

"Fluffy Unique Nibblets," Irving quickly answered.

The employee sighed as he scratched the back of his head. "Well, I'm sorry to have to tell you this, but that product got recalled."

"RECALLED?" Candace and Irving immediately moaned in unison.

"Yep, sorry," he apologized as he walked away with a cart of items to be put back in their regular shelves.

"That means, MOM!" Candace shrieked loudly only to have Linda standing right next to her, as grim as a green Christmas. Candace smiled nervously and said, "Sorry. BUT!" she grabbed the cart from her mom and shouted, "We need to get back home!"

Linda rolled her eyes and went after her daughter. "About time. Bye, Ellen!"

"See ya, Linda! Now Irving," Ellen tapped her feet against the ground, "No shouting. Now come along, the both of you, we need to pick out cereal."

Irving did a nervous giggle as he said, "Um, Mom? About cereal?"

"Okay, here's a ten," Vanessa pulled out her dark red and black purse from beside her and pulled out a bill.

"Oh, no, no charge! On the house!" Doofenshmirtz said excitedly.

"What house?" the ever sarcastic teen wondered. She folded her arms with her cone poking out from between her sleeves and she gave it a lick.

"It's a trite, my dear, an old maxim," Dr. Doofenshmirtz explained. Perry sighed as he leaned against the display window and picked the lint off of his ice cream cone costume.

"Hey, 'sir', can I talk with you for a moment?" Vanessa asked. Doofenshmirtz was about to say no when she gave him a Dad! look. He nodded and they stepped out of the way a few paces. Johnny looked up from his cellphone and looked around. Seeing that Vanessa was not next to him, he turned to Perry and asked, "What just happened?" Perry sighed and shrugged.

"Okay, stop this whole charade, Dad, I know it's you," Vanessa quickly stated before he could get a word out, "and I know you were the one hiding in the bushes. Why can't you just leave me alone with Johnny?"

"He's a teenage boy, Vanessa, you can't be too careful with them," Dr. Doofenshmirtz pointed out.

Vanessa sighed and said, "Okay, you don't have to trust him, but can you at least trust me? Please?" she clasped her hands together hopefully.

"It's just that, Vanessa, I want to keep an eye on you," Doofenshmirtz murmured.

"Hey, he IS trustworthy!" Vanessa smiled confidently. Doofenshmirtz finally relented and gave a little smile. Vanessa's grin grew as she warmly wrapped her arms around her dad's waist and gave him a squeeze. He smiled as he hugged her back, and when he noticed Perry watching him, Doofenshmirtz wriggled his hand out from their embrace and gave him a thumb's up.

"And, Dad," Vanessa withdrew from the hug, "please don't freak out, but I invited Johnny over for dinner on Friday." She did a little skip on her way back to the park bench, causing Doofenshmirtz to start to go into frantic-parent-mode.

"Wait, Vanessa, wait!" he ran after her and paused at the ice cream cart where Perry was tapping his fingers on the little red umbrella sticking out of the top of the cart.

"You can go now, Perry the Platypus, I need to, go, now," he puffed as he rested against the cart. Perry shrugged and popped off the ice cream cone. With a tip of his hat, he ran off to the direction of the Flynn-Fletcher home, where Candace and Linda were headed.

"Phineas, are we going to fix the cereal?" Isabella asked the pointy headed boy.

"Yeah, when the boxes get back here," Phineas patiently explained. The sound of a car stopping in the driveway caused the two boys and their friend to head to the front yard. Frank came out of his truck, clipboard in hand, as the children approached him. Ferb, with his large set of smellers, immediately sniffed and pinched his nose, two seconds later Phineas and Isabella followed suit.

"Phineas, what's that smell?" Isabella's voice sounded congested as she wrinkled her nose from under her fingers.

"Sorry Phineas, you'll have to sign for damages," the deliveryman apologized as the small boy took the board. He signed his name and as he handed it back, he asked, "What damages?"

"We were bringing back the cereal when out of nowhere, a big flood of vinegar came rushing towards us, reeking of spices. Turns out, a big delivery truck had been delivering vinegar on the way to the pickle factory when kablooey! All the boxes are soaked and the trucks reek of vinegar and they're being taken to the car wash as we speak. Old Bessy here is lucky to have gotten out alive," he said as he patted the truck's door. He then reached into his pocket and pulled out a wet piece of cardboard.

"Here's the sweepstakes certificate, we found it in the sludge," he offered it to Phineas who gingerly took it with two fingers, using his other hand to conceal the stench from his nose.

"Okay, Ferb, it's getting late; there's no point in making more cereal. Go shut her down," Phineas said to his brother, who quickly ran out of the front yard as fast as he could. Frank shrugged and went back to his truck and drove away. At that moment Phineas' cellphone rang in his pocket, causing the young boy to groan. He offered the soaked certificate to Isabella who carefully took it without tearing it. Phineas reached in his pocket and flipped open his cellphone, "Hello?"

"Hey ya, Phineas," Irving said depressingly. He was in his mom's car; while Albert and his mom loaded the groceries, he sat in his seat and grumbled.

"Hey ya, buddy, what's up?" Phineas inquired.

"You've probably already heard, but the cereal got recalled," the voice at the end of the line said sadly. "Did anyone call about the pass?"

"Oh, no, it kinda got destroyed," Phineas laughed quietly.

"Oh. I can't believe I didn't find it, I bought nearly two hundred boxes of cereal!" Phineas and even Isabella heard a fist pounding against the window on Irving's side of the phone.

"You bought nearly two hundred boxes of cereal?" Phineas asked, a little bit horrified.


"Hey, Irving, since no one can come with a pass, wanna come over tomorrow? Ferb and I are going to build a deluxe movie theater system and we're going to watch our favorite movies, like Space Adventure" - "It's an adventure in space!" Irving and Isabella quickly recited - "Stumbleberry Finkbat, our favorite dragon movie - How To Train Your Dragon-"

"And Tangled!" Isabella eagerly demanded.

"And, sure, Tangled! Do you want to come over?" Phineas pulled the cellphone away from his ear as fanboy screaming echoed out of the electronic. "OKAY!" came Irving's voice.

"Okay, cool, see ya," Phineas carefully pushed the lid down and stuck it back into his pocket. He looked at Isabella and they both shrugged. Irving closed his cellphone and sighed contentedly. Albert sat in the back next to him do to the front being loaded down with groceries and asked, "What's wrong with you?"

"Well, see ya, Phineas," Isabella waved as she left. Phineas waved as he noticed the car coming around the curb.

"He he he he!" Candace laughed manically as she and Linda pulled into the driveway of the yellow Maple Drive house. Candace burst out of the car while Linda went around the back of the car to retrieve the groceries.

"Ahh, there you are Perry!" Phineas smiled as the monotreme trotted next to the boy and sat down. Phineas bent to pet the little guy as he noticed his brother. "Oh, there you are, Ferb!" he smiled as Ferb held up his hand in greeting. "Hi, Candace!" Phineas called at his sister's deaf ears. The teen raced into the back yard.

"So, Ferb, where's the factory?" Phineas asked his brother. Ferb patted his pocket, indicating he had somehow folded it up enough to be able to fit in his purple pocket. Phineas gave him a thumb's up as Candace shrieked from behind the gate.

"Mom, the FACTORY IS GONE!" Candace wailed as she trudged into the backyard. "The Mysterious Force strikes again!"

"Our Mysterious Force came in the form of vinegar," Phineas tried to comfort his sister with this piece of information which only coaxed out a "Huh?"

"Oh, come on, cheer up, I bought new cereal," Linda said excitedly as she gestured to a bag hanging dangerously on her arm. Phineas quickly took hold of the bag and pulled out a box.

"'Coco Choco Mocha Balls!' Nice, Mom!" Phineas smiled broadly as Ferb reached in and replied, "Oh, 'Orange Marmie Toasties,' thank you, Mother."

Phineas dug around to see if there was more and another smile popped on his face as he handed one to Candace.

"Here, Candace!" he said brightly.

Candace sighed and examined it and managed a genuine smile, "Wow, 'Super Candy Crispies,' it has my name on it!" Candace shrieked as she pulled the box close and hugged it.

"Now, is that boring cereal?" Linda arched her eyebrow in an amused way.

"No, no it isn't," the Flynn-Fletcher children replied in unison.

I made Irving's mom's name start with a vowel like Irving and Albert and their dad's name would be Orville, that is, it would be his name if he was in this stor

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