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CH1 Introductions


Rosalie's on her hands and knees, trying to clean the kitchen floor. Despite all the scrubbing the tiles just don't have their original luster. Unlike everyone else in her family, she actually cleans and enjoys it. She grumbles to herself how she's the only one who does anything around here. She understands that Victoria's job hunting and her dad has started his new job. But Jacob? Well, there's no excuse for his ass while he's home. At least he's a great husband and father. .

Jacob can't help but chuckle every time he walks past her. He knows it infuriates her which is why he keeps doing it. It's so easy for him to get her mad.

Rosalie bites her tongue fighting the urge to throw the bucket of water at him. It aggravates her that he'd be happy to live out of boxes. She tries to ignore him and continue cleaning the kitchen but, it's not an easy task to accomplish. She breathes deeply and tries to focus on all the reasons she's happy to be living in Seattle. Even though it was sad to move away from her friends in New York City, a fresh start from the bad memories was needed.

Once they knew Jacob was traded, they all started looking for jobs out here. Rosalie was lucky to get a job as the English teacher for Washington Middle School. The middle school had a huge turnover, with quite a large number of positions opening up. It was pure luck she was hired for the job. Though, since she was hired late in the year, she'd missed out on the much needed orientation and setting up of her classroom. So she would have to do it all at the last moment. After teaching in New York City; anything would be a piece a cake. At least she would have a mentor to show her the ropes.

Carlisle was able to get an ER position at the local hospital. He's made many friends over the years, so it was easy for him to find a position. Heck they would have created a position just for him, he's that kind of guy that everyone just loves. He's a good man and a great father. Victoria is looking for work as a secretary or receptionist. She has an interview today with some young therapist. Rosalie hopes that she gets the job. It's not like she needs the money, but Victoria insists on working. She doesn't want to live off Jacob, though he'd would be happy no matter what she did.

Rosalie is pulled from her thoughts as she feels Jacob's eyes burn a hole into her back. She stops putting pots and pans away and looks at him. He's just standing there, rubbing his chin with his hand; a smirk plastered across his face. "I don't know if that system is going to work, maybe I should handle this."

Rosalie sighs, knowing she doesn't have time for his games so, she reaches for a pot cover and throws it at his head. Of course Jacob catches it and smirks at her. "Really, Rosalie? Did you think you could get me in the head with this?"

Rosalie takes a deep breath that calms her down, "Instead of being an ass and annoying me, why don't you finish putting JJ's clothes and toys away. He'll be up soon." Jacob looks at Rosalie with a huge grin and salutes, "Yes Ma'am." Then he marches away toward the boxes that are all labeled JJ. Rosalie grumbles about men being stupid while continuing to unpack in the kitchen. She's fighting the clock, but losing the battle.

Rosalie hears JJ screaming, the nap is over and so is her time to get things done. She tosses the rest of the kitchen items back into the box as she saunters over to look at the chart Victoria printed for JJ's food. Today's lunch is organic chicken, rice and carrots. Rosalie opens the jar and sniffs, "Damn, this is nasty." She feels bad for the little guy, she can't wait to cook him a real meal.

Jacob comes down the stairs holding the JJ in his arms. After what they'd both grown up with, he swore that he would never leave his son emotionally scarred and alone. JJ's giggling as Jacob flies him through the air making engine noises. He loves his daddy, but he's definitely all mom. Having Jacob's deep russet skin tone and loving smile, to certify the resemblance between father and son. Once JJ is in his high chair he begins to bang his hands, he want his food and he wants it now. The little guy can pack it away like his dad.

Rosalie quickly mixes the food and gets it into his hungry mouth. He smiles in return. A knock on the door startles them, since they weren't expecting anyone. She hands the food to Jacob who takes over feeding the hungry little guy. JJ giggles at his father and quickly takes the food from the spoon.

Rosalie cautiously peers out the window. Standing outside is a sharply dressed woman who appears to be in her forties. Rosalie assumes she is just a nosy neighbor, but she's pissed that this woman is going to meet her in her cleaning sweats. meaning, she doesn't really want to open the door, just dressed in an old t-shirt and jeans. Reluctantly, she opens the door knowing it would be rude not to.

Esme is eager to meet the new family, when the door opens she warmly says, "Hello. My name is Esme McCarty. I live in the house across from yours. I'm here to welcome you to our neighborhood. I brought you over two trays of freshly made meals." Esme picks them up off the outside table and holds them up.

Rosalie wants to be her usual snippy self but, something about this woman is motherly that she just can't bring herself to say anything of the sort. Instead she steps aside and makes a sweeping motion for the lady to come in, "My name is Rosalie. Please come in."Esme walks in and places the food on the kitchen counter.

Esme spots JJ and is instantly overjoyed by his cute smile. "Oh my what a handsome little man he is. How old?" JJ smiles sucking it up, knowing he's got all the attention.

"Jacob Jr. is six months old, but we call him JJ." Rosalie says as she smiles down at JJ. Esme looks at JJ and thinks about when her kids were babies. "I remember when my sons were that age, now they're all grown up, but still messy." She laughs.

Rosalie glares at Jacob, "Yeah, I know exactly what you mean."

Jacob offers his hand to Esme, "My name is Jacob." Then continues to feed JJ.

"Well you two are such a cute couple." Jacob and Rosalie burst out into laugher, causing JJ to giggle too.

Esme looks at them in confusion. Jacob feels bad for the woman, "Rosalie's my sister. My wife Victoria is out on an interview right now." Esme laughs along with them. "Oh, I am so sorry." She says and joins in with their laughter this time.

"Don't worry about it. Happens all the time." Jacob says giving her a smile. Jacob has a way of smiling that puts everyone at ease. He's a good, kind man. Sometimes it works on Rosalie but, Victoria just hands him his ass when he uses it get away with shit.

Esme still feels a little silly so she tries to change the subject, "Well I made you two fresh dinners. This top one is baked ziti and the bottom one is tuna casserole. Now I know some people are not fond of tuna, but it's not a dominate taste. It only adds to the flavor. My younger son is picky and he loves it."

Rosalie tries to be nice and listen but, inside she's getting annoyed. Just a typical nosy neighbor in the end. She's going to fish for information about them and tell the other neighbors. Rosalie can feel Jacob looking at her, giving her that 'be nice' look. She'll get him later for that.

Jacob tries to break the tension, "Esme, thank you for bringing over the dinners. We're trying to unpack and take care of JJ, so this will help us all out, a lot! Our father is out right now too, he just started as an ER doctor at North West Hospital and Medical Centre."

Esme nods at Jacob, "You're welcome. My daughter-in-law works as an ER nurse there. I will have to tell her to look out for your father. What's his name?"

"Carlisle Cullen." Jacob says and continues to feed JJ.

Esme looks between the father and son and imagines her two sons as dads one day. But then she realizes that only one may be a dad with the path Edward's taking. "Well I'm going to leave and let you finish feeding that handsome little boy and unpack. I hope to chat with you again. I'll let myself out." She walks to the door, happy that this seems to be a nice family living here.

Rosalie feels that she should try to be nice, or Jacob might give her grief. "Esme, thank you again for the food, we really appreciate it." Esme turns to look at her and smiles again. Rosalie's untrusting stance reminds her of her own son Edward. "I'm glad such a wonderful family is living here. I bought most of this land years ago and built my house and three houses for my children. This house is new. I always wondered who would buy it and move into our small neighborhood. I think you make the perfect addition to our small cul-de-sac."

After she leaves, Rosalie stares at Jacob, "Great, this is just the beginning. Her and her nosy family all live here. They're going to be coming over all the time. This better not be some type of twisted Stepford Wives neighborhood."

He just laughs at Rosalie, "I can't believe someone who is a teacher hates people so much."

Rosalie huffs at him. "I don't hate people, I just don't trust them. You of all people should understand that." She snaps and he looks at her as he continues to feed JJ with the airplane and train motions.

"Yes, I understand, but not everyone is like that. Most people are good, there's just a few rotten apples mixed in. You can't find love if you aren't open to finding it."

Rosalie gets angry now, she's had this conversation with him a million times already. "I am perfectly happy on my own. I won't be a skinny minny for a man and I don't need one to be happy. Besides you have a permanent babysitter for JJ."

Jacob stands up and rubs his sister's arms, "Rosie, I love you but you're not happy being alone. I know you too well. One day you are going to meet someone and you will realize how lonely you have been and you will change your ways. He's going to love you for you are. He'll see your beauty, inside and out."

Rosalie sighs hating when Jacob gets emotional with her. She turns around, "I need to finish cleaning up in the kitchen, let me know when JJ is done eating so I can clean up."

He sighs, "Yup." Then sits down to feed JJ who grunts for more food. Rosalie continues cleaning and organizing thinking about how all men want a skinny woman. She's not hiding behind her weight, but she's not going to change who she is.


Of all the people that could have bought that house, Esme is thankful that such a wonderful family did. Her children are close to her and for Esme that is a good sign of a loving and happy family. Jacob looks familiar to her, but she just couldn't place her finger from where. Maybe he's just one of those guys that has a familiar face. He is very charming.

Esme walks across the street back to her house now thinking about. Phil. He would have been a wonderful grandfather, she's sure of that. She smiles and looks up to the sky. She knows Phil is watching over her and their kids. He would be so proud of how they all turned out. "Phil I know you have a plan for Edward, whatever it is, do it soon. I'm afraid his heart will harden to a point where it will be impossible to reverse." She puts her hands over her heart and hopes for change in Edward. Hope is all she can do.


Emmett walks over and sees his mother talking to the sky again he smiles at her. Emmett is the oldest and the most protective of his mother and siblings. Even though he was just a little guy he felt he had to walk over his mom and younger siblings. Now has an intimidating look, but he's just a sweetheart. He prides himself on that fact that he can make anyone laugh. He puts his arm around his mother. "Talking to dad again?"

Esme nods, "I'm asking him to help Edward." She says as tears fall from her eyes.

Emmett looks down at his mother, "You know, maybe helping Edward is out of dad's control. Maybe Edward has to help himself?"

Esme looks at Emmett, puts her hand on his face. "You don't get enough credit. You are smart and soulful."

He laughs at her. "That's what I tell Alice all the time, then she hits my head."

Esme leans up and kisses his cheek, "That's because you act like a goof ball to flirt with her."

He laughs back at his mom. He can't help it. Alice makes him feel like a teenage boy.

"I met the new family, or some of them. They are very nice and have a ten month old son. He is so cute and reminds me of when you and Edward were little." Esme truly is blessed despite the tragedy they suffered all those years ago.


Victoria walks in the house and announces, "I'm home." JJ sees and hears his mommy and immediately jumps up and down in his bouncy seat. She runs over and picks him up. He clings to her burying his head in her long red curls.

Jacob watches her hold JJ. She is such a beauty. The way she looks in that brown jacket and skirt makes him want her now. He knows they'll have to wait until they're alone in their bedroom. He walks over and kisses her softly on the lips; his love for her increases every day. With Jacob's career, most women are just looking at him for money or fame. But Victoria is a salt of the earth woman. She and Rosalie felt like sisters the first time Jacob introduced Victoria to her dad and Rosalie. Jacob felt that any woman who could put up with and tell off Rosalie, was the woman for him.

Victoria looks at JJ, but speaks to everyone. "So, I got the job. I start Monday. How exciting is that?" Jacob hugs her tighter and kisses her more romantically now. Rosalie turns her head and pretends to be busy in the kitchen.

"I know JJ will benefit from day care. He'll get the socialization he desperately needs."

"We'll have to celebrate and all go out for dinner." Jacob says cheerfully as he dips her and JJ and twirls them around. Rosalie can't help but feel al little jealous. She truly wants to have their type of marriage but, she knows no man would ever want her. She shakes the thoughts out of her head, men are just stupid pigs. Who needs them?

"How about you two go out for dinner and I'll watch JJ for you." Rosalie suggests.

Both Victoria and Jacob say no simultaneously. "You need to get out of the of the house and meet people," Victoria says pointing her finger at Rosalie.

Rosalie just glares at Victoria and rolls her eyes. She's pissed that Victoria is going to start with her too. Why can't they just leave her the fuck alone?

"Oh no! You are coming out with us, even if I have to tie you up and drag you out myself. Jacob will help me." Victoria snaps at Rosalie.

"Fine, but I'm not putting on make-up." She announces and feels like a child, but has had enough of their meddling. Victoria looks at and squints her eyes.

Rosalie knows that look and slams her feet as she walks up the stairs. She hates them when they band together against her.

Jacob takes JJ in his arms and pulls Victoria closer to him. He smells her hair, "I love you Vicky."

She gently caresses his face in her hand, "I love you too, Jacob."

He loves her red hair, it matches her personality and her love of life. She keeps him on his toes and he knows she'll never let him get to big for his britches and. She'll always remind him of where he came from. She makes him want to be a better husband and father.

Victoria loves the fact that is he a good man like his father. He's calm, but can be tough man when pushed to his limits. It makes her happy to know he'll always be here to protect his family. She knows his teammates cheat on their wives, and the wives look the other way for the money. Victoria only wants his love and devotion. She doesn't care where they live or what they drive. She just wants his trust and faithfulness.

Jacob hears his sister making lots of noise up stairs and rolls his eyes. He feels bad for Rosalie as he enjoys his family in his arms. He was only four when it all happened, but it affected him differently. He used it as a place he never wanted to be again and surrounded himself with family and friends. Rosalie, held all that pain in and it's still residing in her heart. That's what keeps her from trusting anyone and stopping her from letting anybody in.

Jacob is brought out of his thoughts with a kiss from Victoria. "She can't be alone anymore. We're in a new city. It's a fresh start and she needs to get out. She needs to get laid!"

Jacob throws his free hand up. "I was okay with her getting a date but, I don't want to talk about my sister's sex life or the lack of it."

Victoria just glares at him and gives him that look, telling him that he shouldn't talk anymore. "Once she gets laid, we'll all be happier."

Jacob walks off and shakes his head. He knows she's right but, he doesn't want to know about it.

Rosalie finally comes down and helps Victoria change JJ and put him in the car seat. Jacob normally doesn't like to go out as he likes to keep a low profile, but tonight's all about celebrating. Him and Victoria get in the front, while Rosalie gets in the back with JJ.

Rosalie leaves her father a message, in case he gets home before them. "Dad, we're going out to eat, don't know where yet, but we'll let you know. We'll bring something back for you if you want. One of the nosy neighbors dropped off baked ziti and a tuna casserole." Then she hangs up.

"I think it was nice she dropped off food." Victoria says.

Jacob nods. "So do I. But Rosalie's being Rosalie."

Rosalie huffs. "She thought we were married and JJ was our son."

Victoria turns around to look at Rosalie, "So, that's not so bad. It was an honest mistake."

Rosalie sticks her tongue out and plays with JJ in the back like a child.


Edward stops by the supermarket on the way home. He needs more beer and knew his mother needed cheese. He would buy anything for his mother, just because he loves her. He gets what he needs and adds in a few Cadbury chocolate bars. He knows that they're not a guy chocolate bar, but he fucking loves them. He puts it all onto the conveyor belt and takes out his wallet ready to pay.

"Wow, that's a lot of chocolate. You must work out a lot." The young cashier says smiling at him. He knows he should be nice to her, but she's fake. She's too thin and her blond hair isn't real. He can see two inches of brown at the top. Her make-up is practically painted . Her shirt is too low showing off more than just cleavage. She is not turning him on at all. In fact, he is repulsed by her thinking how many men have fucked her.

The cashier smiles at him, "So, you new here? I work most nights here but get out at ten."

Edward just gets angrier at her. He feels that a normal person would see that he was not interested but, this typical fake woman only wants sex and money. Heck most women only want sex or money and will try to be someone else to get it.

He hands her the money and looks in her eyes. He can't help himself and sneers out. "I think you should focus on your roots. Try less make-up and more clothes before you try to get any hook up with strangers."

The girl looks at him with tears in her eyes as she hands him his bag. The older woman behind him in line hits him with her cart. He glares at both women, they always stick up for one another even when they're wrong.

He shakes his head and walks out. Edward feels bad, but she pushed him. Why do all the fake girls bother him? Why can't he find a real woman. He gets in his car, rips open a Cadbury bar and takes a huge bite. That dumb old women was probably thinking the cashier was a slut too, but of course she's her best friends because he told the truth.

He pulls his Volvo into the driveway and walks into the house. He walks up to his mother and kisses her hello then nods at Emmett and Alice.

Alice can't wait for him to sit down, she has to tell him. She's very excited about meeting new people. "We have new neighbors'."

Edward rolls his eyes, "I figured that out when I saw the moving truck the other day."

Alice gives him her don't fuck with me look. Edward knows not to mess with Alice as, she will kick his ass and Emmett will let her. Edward sits down at the table and Alice grabs his arm and hugs him. He smiles at her. "Maybe Edward will share his chocolate with us?"

Edward rolls his eyes and hands Alice a bar. She kisses his cheek, "You're the best brother-in-law ever."

He shakes his head and Emmett laughs at him. Esme sets out a plate for Edward and hopes one day she can set a place for his wife too.

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