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Raven's POV

Beast Boy had been acting strange lately. Not the "Beast" kind of strange, but strange nonetheless. He was much more distant from us now, yes he still made stupid jokes and still happened to make a fool of himself, but when ever someone wanted to do something he'd make some excuse not to. And we all know that Beast Boy cannot make good excuses. It wasn't the "Terra" kind of strange either, he didn't seem depressed, just, preoccupied, like something was wrong. And today was no better.

We were all in the common room, except Beast Boy, it was WAY too early for him. Starfire was in the kitchen cooking I don't even want to know what, Robin and Cyborg were yelling at each other while playing another of their idiotic videogames, while I was sitting with my back against the wall reading one of my many books. When Robin lost yet another game he decided to call it quits, and that's when Beast Boy came strolling into the door with that absent-minded look on his face again.

"Yo BB your just in time! Robin just left after I kicked his butt so many times, so you wanna play?"

"Uh, no thanks dude, I have to go... do something, so, uh, maybe later", Beast Boy answered. He quickly got some tofu before he headed back to his room. The rest of us had confused looks on their faces.

"Friends why does Friend Beast Boy not want to play the videogames with Friend Cyborg?" Starfire asked.

"I don't know, but I'm about to go figure out" Robin answered with a determined look on his face.

"How man? It's not like Beast Boy's going to tell you, if he was he would've by now" Cyborg stated.

"I didn't say I was going to ask him" Robin replied.

"Robin you're not seriously thinking of searching his room are you? It would take weeks to go through all of his junk" I responded in my usual monotone.

"What else are we going to do? Like Cyborg said he's not going to tell us, and this might be the only way to figure out what's wrong with him" Robin reasoned.

"But Friend Robin shouldn't we trust Friend Beast Boy and see if he goes back to the normal?" wondered Starfire.

"He's been like this for three weeks Starfire, how long is it going to take?" Robin asked.

"Sigh, whatever man. If your seriously going to go threw his stuff I'll help, but if we get caught it will be on your head" Cyborg said.

"Fine I'll help, but you'll owe me for this" Raven sighed.

"Are you certain that we should do this Friend Robin?"

"Yes Star, I'm sure"

"Sigh, very well. I will assist"

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